20 Cozy Rustic Winter Bedroom Decor Ideas

Rustic bedrooms have design elements that range from wooden furniture, stone clads, to softly colored patterns. For your master bedroom, rustic winter bedroom decor would make a perfect retreat during winter days. The style has become even more popular lately. Looking for inspiration? Here are some ideas to style your rustic bedroom to welcome winter.

1. Start with The Bedding

When it comes to winter bedroom, the first and foremost element you’ve got to pay attention to is the bedding. That’s our main focus here. You’d want your bed to be cozy and warm to snuggle, but with a touch of rustic winter decor. For this, you can either opt for upholstered or wooden bed frames. Either of these offers comfort and warmth.

While iron and other metal bedframes also exude rustic vibe, remember that winter nights can be freezing and metals will be ice cold.

The wooden bed in this winter bedroom decor creates the perfect rustic feel. Don’t forget to complete a neutral color scheme to make your room more attractive and warm when winter arrives. Wooden Bed Frame from @laurie3.lh

A great idea to complement your bedroom decor in a rustic famhouse style with a touch of dark wood bed frames offers a unique look for you to try. Don’t forget to add some other rustic winter ornaments to complete your bedroom look. Farmhouse Rustic Bedding Set from @farmhouserooms

2. Pair Wood and Stones

Even a boring bedroom can be upgraded to a welcoming space with rustic elements. the keys are wood and stones. Infuse warmth into your rustic winter bedroom decor by adding wood paneling to your walls. A stone-clad fireplace will create a warm ambiance and brings a romantic mood into your bedroom. To maintain the theme, wooden furniture or reclaimed wood for the wall would also be brilliant.

These beautiful stone walls and wood ceiling complete the log cabin style in this winter bedroom. A natural stone pile wall will exude a rustic flair throughout your space. Stone Wall Decor from @cotswoldinterior

The warmth of the stones brings a bit of timelessness to this cozy winter bedroom. You can use natural stone walls for interesting results. Wooden floors are complemented by large rugs under the beds for a warm and cozy space. Stone Fireplace from @pienoviproperties

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3. Cozy up with Winter Layers

Keep yourself warm through the cold nights with layers of coziness. Try a flannel duvet cover, faux-fur blanket, or wool blanket for extra warmth. If you have wooden flooring, lay out a textured rug and furry cushions in natural shades to help with the cozy atmosphere.

A vintage country style bedroom using patchwork pillows and blankets will produce a comfortable and warm decoration. Using several layers and several piles of pillows, this successfully decorates the perfect winter bedroom. Patchwork Pillow and Blanket from @drivewaytodreams_crystal

To give extra warmth to this rustic winter bedroom design, you can apply ruffle blankets and pillows for a comfortable look. Having these striking patterns and colors can also be the perfect center of attention for a room. Ruffle Layered Blanket from @vhc_brands

The combination of red and white duvet colors in this bedding set will make your room more attractive and comfortable. This layered blanket is able to make your room decoration comfortable when winter arrives and is able to provide the perfect room decoration. Red and White Blanket from @jenniferlopesdorsey

The quilted blankets in this bedding set provide extra warmth throughout your bedroom. Opting for this chunky blanket is the best idea for you to try on this year’s winter bedroom decor. This pile of pillows will also give the impression of a comfortable and warm room to welcome this year’s winter. Chunky Blanket from @warm.by.the.fire

Choose some pillows for extra warmth during the cold season. For this reason, using a thick layered blanket can also protect your body from this year’s cold season. Using this wooden bed frame will dampen the cold and give it a different look. Several Pillow from @decorsteals

Layered blankets on this bedroom bedding set give the impression of a warm and comfortable room when winter arrives. In addition, the addition of several pillows also provides comfort when relaxing. Layered Blanket from @antiquefarmhouse

Applying a layered yellow blanket over the bedding set gives warmth to the room, making it comfortable to use. Throw in some soft textured pillows to give yourself extra comfort at night. Yellow Layered Blanket from @honey.hill.farm

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4. Don’t forget the Accessories

When it comes to rustic winter bedroom accessories, you can go with anything natural or handmade. Antlers and carved wood are just some examples. To stick with the winter theme, you can hang a nice wreath made of dried twigs or place a bouquet of dried flowers on your vase. Just remember to not put too many accessories, because a bedroom filled with clutter will feel smaller.

This rustic wreath is one of your favorite ornaments for decorating your country room. In addition, this ornament also gives a beautiful and beautiful vintage impression. Adding a tobbaco basket will also give a rustic touch to your home bedroom decoration. Rustic Winter Wreath from @downiehomestead

Applying this bedside Christmas tree will make your rustic bedroom decoration more stylish and will steal the attention of many people. Complementing the look with string lights and some other ornaments will make the room more interesting. Large Christmas Tree from @wildrevivalco

Some green plants are decorative items that give your bedroom a rustic feel. Add string lights around your greenery to give the room a warm feel. Evergreen and Light garland from @visitnumber7

Adding snowy pineconegarland and candle sticks on this bed will make your bedroom decor more attractive and will catch the attention of many people. This pinecone touch will welcome winter in a warm embrace. Pinecone Garland and Candle from @ourcozylittlemnhome

Placing a small pine tree in this pot will give a cool, natural touch to the room decor. This white color scheme and white wrought-iron bed give it a spacious and airy space. This small pine tree will be the perfect room focal point and give your rustic room a natural feel. Small Snowy Pine tree from @mistymorning_

Adding a large Christmas tree in the middle of this bed makes for an attractive home decoration that can be the center of everyone’s attention. Complete with golden ball ornaments can make interesting home decorations and different designs. Large Christmas Tree from @christmaslove365

This evergreen garland makes for an attractive home decor with a natural touch to any room. Apart from garlands, you can apply evergreen wreaths and pine trees for the perfect winter design. Garland Evergreen from @joyhouseinteriors

The white faux Christmas tree that is placed on top of this bedding set is able to steal the eye and is able to provide the perfect focal point of the room. The Christmas tree above this nightstand will also produce a charming room decoration. Faux Christmas Tree from @ourgreeneacres

To decorate a winter bedroom this year, you can complete it with a star-shaped stirng lamp that will provide a perfect home decoration. Instead of a string light star, you can complete it with a stuffed gnome hanging above the headboard for a unique look. Star String Light from @mytimeisyoursco

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Well, there you have some rustic winter bedroom decor ideas. Have fun decorating your bedroom to welcome winter in warm snuggles!


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