24 Home Office Decor Ideas to Cheer Up Your Working Days

Whether you love crafting, writing, or work from home, your home office should be a place that inspires you to get creative and productive. To do that, the room should be neat and bright with lots of inspiration from books or arts. But that’s usually not the case. People usually neglect it because the boss isn’t in the house.

A messy environment is not for inspiration. But a couch, a neat desk, and some dabs of colors are. So now I would share some home office decor updates and ideas to get you more productive.

1. Add Some Greeneries

Some plants are created to absorb radiation. Their green colors produce oxygen that your brain needs for sources of inspiration. You definitely need them to help you live healthier and work longer. I won’t deny that some pops of colors trigger inspiration. Choose one or several plants that are small and don’t need so much light and treatments.

If you have a home office decor with a darker feel, then it’s a good idea to apply an indoor palm tree to give it a natural bright color. In addition, this palm tree can also be a focal point of the room because it has a different color from the others. In addition, this plant can also be obtained in the backyard garden without having to buy it. Indoor palm tree as home office decoration from balconygardenweb.

Palm trees are one of the green plants that can be placed indoors, including in your home office decoration. Because the size is quite large and lush, you can put it in the corner of your office. In addition, the indoor use of palm trees also gives a tropical vibe that instantly refreshes the room. Indoor palm tree in the corner of the home office from balconygardenweb.

The combination of palm trees with monstera plants is the perfect combination to try in your home office decor. You can put it in two different corners of the room so as not to limit your space when you are in this room. The home office atmosphere, which is dominated by white, makes this indoor greenery look clearer and more contrasting. Combination of palm trees with monstera plants from balconygardenweb.

Take advantage of the floating shelf in front of your work desk to put some green plants that are used as room decorations that can provide an instant fresh atmosphere. You can provide fertilizer as well as watering regularly for more fertile plant results and according to your expectations. Prune this plant when it is too thick so as not to interfere with your space when you are around it. Floating shelf with indoor greenery from balconygardenweb.

Several types of indoor green plants that are applied through several containers or pots that have different materials are a healthy way to decorate your home office this year. You can choose low-maintenance plants so that they are not too complicated and keep you focused on work. Place one green plant that is larger in size on the floor for a striking decoration of the room. Indoor low maintenance green plants from balconygardenweb.

If you have a home office decor with limited space, then you can put indoor green plants on the windowsill neatly. This layout on the windowsill is the right choice because with this indoor plants will get enough sunlight so that they are more fertile and can develop well. You just need to water it regularly with water. Indoor plants as windowsill decorations from balconygardenweb.

The more indoor plants that are placed in your home office decoration, the greener and more natural the atmosphere in it will be. You can use a variety of different types of plants but still choose those that are low maintenance, place and apply these green plants freely but still neatly and of course don’t disturb your space while in this room. Various types of green plants from balconygardenweb.

Snake plants are one of the choices of indoor plants that are quite resistant to all changes in temperature in the room so they are highly recommended for decorating your modern home office. Try applying this plant to a pot area made of sturdy pebble structure and not easily damaged when used for a long time. Faux fur green plants that are placed on the table also provide a fresh color and don’t make you complicated to do maintenance. Snake plants with pebble arrangement pots from balconygardenweb.

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2. Get Neat and Cozy

Neat and cozy are not excuses to create a place for napping. It’s a place for you to work longer in comfort. Thus, choose a wooden desk with neutral colors. Wide enough for you to work but small enough to place unnecessary things. For this home office decor, you can add a cushion, pillow, or blanket to keep warm during winter. Sometimes, neat and cozy mean simple.

Try to keep your home office decor clean and tidy for the convenience you can get when you do tasks in this area. One of the conveniences that you can do is tidy up the work desk area with the use of just enough equipment so that you can move freely. The faux fur rug lining adds a warm feel to your footwear the first time you step on it. Keep the desk tidy from renoguide.

This modern minimalist desk design is made of glass so it looks cleaner and shiny. You can combine it with a transparent glass chair which is equipped with pillows and blankets so that it can accompany your work when the room temperature feels colder. Another touch of warmth that can be easily obtained is the use of faux fur rugs that have a color that matches the feel of your current room. Transparent glass chair equipped with pillows and blankets from renoguide.

If you have a home office decoration with limited space, then you should also use only the main furniture so that it leaves a lot of floor space that can make your movement more free. Wooden desk, ergonomic chairs and storage dresser are enough to be furniture that can be placed in this room. The transparent glass walls provide an outdoor view that can be enjoyed anytime when you are bored with your work. Just use the main home office furniture from renoguide.

Room comfort can be obtained through the use of appropriate and appropriate furniture, now you can use a wooden desk with a white ceramic surface which of course has a smoother and softer surface. When you use a plastic or iron chair, you can cover the surface of the sitting area with a faux fur blanket to get warmth as well as a soft and comfortable sitting area. Wooden desk with ceramic surface from renoguide.

You can use part of your living room as a simple home office idea that is equipped with a rectangle wooden desk equipped with chairs and lights that can be adjusted so that you can use it at night comfortably and really help your work. This table is spacious enough to be used so you can also put some small items on this table without overdoing it. Rectangle wooden desk from renoguide.

The faux fur blanket that is placed on the chair becomes a warm accent that is easy to apply to get maximum warmth and comfort. Another interior that you can do for the comfort of this home office is to coat the wooden floor with a leather carpet that has a neutral color. You can put things on the surface of the desk without overdoing it. Combination of faux fur blanket with leather carpet from renoguide.

If your wooden desk wants to be free from storage of pencil cases or other decorative items, then you can choose and use a desk design that is equipped with a built-in floating rack that can be used as much as possible. This built-in shelf has two levels that can be used as needed without overdoing it to create a comfortable room tidiness when used for work. Wooden desk with built-in storage rack from goodhousekeeping.

There’s nothing wrong with applying some floating shelves right in front of the wooden desk as a storage idea that doesn’t take up floor space at all. Another convenience that you can try in this home office decoration is the use of thick blankets that will accompany your days when the room temperature feels colder, but you can fold this blanket and place it on the back of the chair when not needed. Blanket over the back of the chair from goodhousekeeping.

Choose and use a wooden desk complete with built-in storage drawers underneath. This desk design idea can make your room look neater because all storage tools or small items can be placed in a drawer. You can also add a minimalist floating shelf right in front of you sitting as an additional storage area that can be used to place your canvas paintings and gadgets. Wooden desk with built-in drawer from goodhousekeeping.

Arrange the layout of the furniture and small items in this modern minimalist home office decor for maximum comfort when used for office tasks. You can just put some important equipment on the desk. Blooming flowers are one of the decorations that make the room more beautiful, while the use of table lamps really helps your work at night. Minimalist desk home office from goodhousekeeping.

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3. Hang an Art Gallery

If you work in art or design, an art gallery is a massive source of inspiration. Your inspiration will flow with those colors and designs. So why not arrange an art gallery right on the wall you face every day.

Start with some prints that hold your favorite color and pictures. Opt for some simple frames to get an effortless and elegant look. Then use removable wall strips to hold those arts. This allows you to change the look whenever you want.

Don’t let your pastel walls appear plain and boring, hang some painting frames with different themes and frames to give a higher artistic value. Not only painting frames, but you can also add a small indoor plant that can be placed on a work desk without disturbing your space while in this room. Painting frame with pastel wall background from digsdigs.

An easy way to bring a masculine vibe into your home office decor is to use some dark interiors. Now you can apply it to the area of wall paint and painting with a variety of different themes. This painting also has a combination of black and white so that it can blend perfectly when hung in this room. Glass windows bring sunlight into the room freely. B/W wall painting from digsdigs.

This wall gallery framed with a gold frame is the best choice to fill an empty wall area. You can hang this gallery wall at a distance that is not too far away so that it can be used as the focal point of a beautiful room. In addition, the gold frame is also very suitable when applied to a modern home office decoration that has a neutral white feel. Gallery wall framed with gold frame from digsdigs.

This part of the wall that has been repainted with white color can be decorated with three art galleries that have a size large enough so that they can fill the wall area to the maximum. You can also choose this art gallery with different themes and color splashes to add texture and color to the room that is not boring and certainly gives a more contemporary appearance. Three large art galleries from digsdigs.

Adjust the use of wall paintings or gallery walls with your home office style so that they can blend in perfectly. When you use a mid-century home office style, you can fill this wall area with painting frames that have a touch of gold so that it looks more classic and vintage. Chairs and desks made of wood are the perfect combination. Vintage and classic gallery wall from digsdigs.

Choose and use wall paintings and sign frames with splashes of black and white to enhance your modern home office decor today. When this room is also dominated by black and white, the monochromatic vibe is also very easy to get. Two types of green plants become natural decorations that are easy to care for. Monochromatic painting style and sign frame from digsdigs.

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You won’t find one home office decor ideas that feel as homey and cozy as the above. Which one does seem right for you? Comment down below!


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