25  DIY Farmhouse Ornaments for Your Christmas Decoration

Ornaments will be one of the most exciting parts of the Christmas decoration. For that reason, instead of purchasing store-bought ornaments, making them yourself will bring more fun. In this section then, we have come up with these amazing DIY farmhouse ornaments. Sure, these ideas guaranteed to help you create beautiful Christmas ornaments with a nice earthy touch.

DIY Wood Slice Christmas Ornament

Add a farmhouse style to your Christmas ornament by using wood slices. You can just set your hand-lettering art on it, or maybe, try stamping the wood slices with pictures of your choice. Yes, it’s that simple!

So that the surface of the DIY slice can be clearly seen when given writing or drawing, then the right solution you can do is to paint it with white as the base. This DIY idea will make your Christmas decorations more stylish and will steal the attention of many people. You can make your own to increase creativity and satisfying ornament results. DIY wooden slice from shelterness.

This Christmas ornament will give a stylish room design and steal the attention of many people. Making your own by painting and styling this handwritten art will enhance your home’s creativity. Adding these strings and ribbons will make it easier for you to hang them on your Christmas tree. Christmas ornament from shelterness.

Adding a farmhouse style to this Christmas ornament gives a unique room decoration and steals the attention of many people. You can make your own to increase your creativity. This DIY idea will create a unique room decor. Christmas farmhouse ornament from shelterness.

Cut a few pieces of wood for eco-friendly Christmas farmhouse decorations, then write or draw your artwork on the top surface using permanent marker. Hanging on this Christmas tree will make the room decoration unique and steal the attention of many people. Eco-friendly Christmas decor from shelterness.

You can add photos to this Christmas ornament of wood wedges for stunning results. In addition, this decoration will help you to remember past memories with your family. Hanging on this Christmas tree will give a unique look and steal the attention of many people. DIY Christmas ornament from shelterness.

DIY Twine Ball Ornament

Do you want to create a farmhouse effect on your Christmas decorations? Hanging ornaments made from twines would be a brilliant choice. Twine is rustic, artistically-pleasing, and of course, can present a more natural sense into your holiday decoration.

This Christmas craft hanging on the Christmas tree presents a unique room decoration and steals the attention of many people. This rustic and artistic-fun yarn offers the perfect room decor. This red painting will give a striking room decor. Add gold glitter for an elegant and luxurious look. DIY Christmas craft from onelittleproject.

Enhance the look of DIY yarn ball ornaments with bells and pine cones for a natural farmhouse feel. These yarns have a rustic feel to your Christmas decorations and can bring a more natural feel to your holiday decor. Hanging on this pine tree also offers a unique look. DIY yarn ball ornaments from busycreatingmemories.

Make your own Christmas ball decorations from yarn and paste. You can wrap a string around the balloon and soak the whole thing in this glue. Adding this yellow and silver color will give it an elegant and luxurious look. The ribbon on the top of this ball will create the perfect look. Gold twine ball from firstpalette.

Give your Christmas decorations a different look with this DIY yarn ball ornament covered in red ribbon. Ribbons give the impression of cute and funny. Making it yourself will be a perfect room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. Hanging on this Christmas tree will attract the attention of many people. DIY twine ball from busycreatingmemories.

Choosing hanging ornaments made of yarn would be a brilliant choice. You can make it yourself for a stylish room result and steal the attention of many people. This design can certainly bring a more natural feel to your holiday decorations. Hanging on this Christmas tree will give it an attractive look. DIY ball ornament from hgtv.

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DIY Burlap Ornament

Well, it can be declared that burlap is the epitome of farmhouse spirit. What’s more, you can present this kind of Christmas ornament in many various shapes. For instance, you can make a burlap ball ornament or create a small wreath with it. In addition, a burlap doll ornament is also a great alternative to opt for. 

This burlap wreath with plaid ribbon and gold makes your door decor look more elegant and eye-catching. Don’t forget pinecones, berries and spruce for a lively Christmas door. Hanging on the door of this house will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling. Burlap and ribbon wreath from digsdigs.

This burlap wreath with monograms, red and fir ribbons and pine cones gives a chic look to your farmhouse décor. Hanging at the entrance will also welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling. Choosing materials from burlap is easy for you to find with a cheaper budget. Farmhouse burlap wreath from digsdigs.

Complementing this farmhouse-style Christmas decoration you can make a wreath of burlap for interesting results. Making it yourself won’t cost much and will result in a patio decor with a touch of natural materials. Adding this plaid ribbon will also give it a stylish look. Wreath burlap from digsdigs.

Make DIY burlap decorations according to the shape you like. The shape of a small Christmas tree complete with star and seed accents provides creative ideas that you can imitate for your Christmas decorations. Hanging it on this Christmas tree decoration will create a unique look and will become the focal point of the room. DIY burlap Christmas tree from digsdigs.

Burlap can be used to decorate your Christmas decorations so that it will make the room decor perfect and look more different. Making DIY stockings from this burlap will make the room design stylish and steal the attention of many people. You can hang it where you want to hang it. DIY stockings burlap from digsdigs.

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DIY Cinnamon Christmas Ornament

This is also one of the most popular DIY farmhouse ornaments you’ll adore. It is absolutely crafty and provides a whimsical scene of farmhouse design. Above all, the material used to make this ornament is very simple, such as twine, faux garland, and cinnamon sticks. 

Ribbons tied to cinnamon Christmas ornaments can beautify your appearance. Use green and blue ribbons to make them prettier. At the top of this cinnamon you can add a star symbol accent for a unique and amazing room decor. Hanging on Christmas tree decorations will create the perfect look. Cinnamon and ribbons tied from craftymorning.

Cinnamon Christmas decorations are suitable for those of you who want to save money, because when making these decorations you don’t need a lot of materials. You can use the material from Cinamon in the form of a Christmas tree, this will give a unique look and steal the attention of many people. In addition to the shape of the Christmas tree, you can add cinnamon in the shape of a reindeer’s head for a stunning result. Cinnamon Christmas decorations from craftymorning.

This Christmas ornament with cinnamon provides an attractive room decoration and steals the attention of many people. Forming a star on this Cinamon provides some interesting decorations for you to try. Adding small bells and ribbons will complete the decor of your room. Star shaped cinnamon from aprettylifeinthesuburbs.

Farmhouse decor at Christmas You can decorate this look with cinnamon and orange garland for a sophisticated look. Complementing the look with this string light will also make your room decor look more stylish. Cinnamon and orange garland from homesthetics.

This garland of greenery and cinnamon provides a unique farmhouse décor and attracts crowds. In addition to cinnamon you can add ball ornaments and pine cones for stunning results. Hanging on this entryway will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling. Garland cinnamon from homesthetics.

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DIY Farmhouse Wood Sign Ornament

Guaranteed, it will be another fun way of inserting a farmhouse touch into your Christmas decoration. For this cute embellishment, then you will just need some wood strips, a brush, acrylic paints, and twine. Finally, the next step is to adorn the wood with your hand-lettering.

Mix a bit of vintage with a modern twist when you hang this wooden plank in your home for Christmas. The classic black and white color combination is perfect for your modern home. Complementing the décor with black and white plaid stockings hung under this sign makes the room decor unique and welcomes your guests with a cheerful Christmas spirit. Wooden plank sign from homebnc.

Farmhouse decorators will enjoy this cool gray barn wood-inspired sign that coordinates perfectly with your modern farmhouse style. White letters and a small green wreath add a homemade touch. Placing this on top of the TV would be the perfect focal point of the room and grab the attention of a lot of people. Wooden sign in from homebnc.

Adding a black wooden sign above this fireplace is the perfect room decor for this farmhouse. Complementing the décor with greenery in this galvanized pot gives a rustic feel to the entire room. Hang some stockings on this fireplace to brighten up your Christmas day. Black wooden sign from farmfoodfamily.

To complete the look of your Christmas decorations, wooden house sign ornaments are the best solution you can try. Give the writing on the outer surface according to the design of your home. Applying this farmhouse entrance will present a unique room decoration to welcome your guests. You can also add some small Christmas trees in galvanized pots this will give it a better look. Wooden sign ornaments from farmfoodfamily.

Give the art of writing your wooden house sign ornaments according to the color of the wood strips to get a harmony that looks simple but still beautiful. Placing this sign on this entryway table will present a unique room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Combine with some other vintage ornaments for maximum results. Christmas wooden sign from farmfoodfamily.

These DIY farmhouse ornaments are definitely within your reach. So, make them to personalize your Christmas decorations this year!


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