25 Looking for a Great Lighting for Your Living Room? Check This Out!

The living room is a space where everyone gathers around. Guests and family love cuddling up in the room. It is a great place to watch TV and start a friendly conversation among families. Thus, making sure that the place provides a comfortable and relaxing vibe is a must.

A carefully designed living room lighting can create a pleasant atmosphere that everyone loves. It includes chandeliers, table lamps, or floor lamps. We have saved you some inspiration to start with.

Sculptural Light

Previously, all chandeliers were all about elegance and something classic. Now, when people embrace modernity and minimalism, those ideas are embodied in all elements of design. Chandeliers are one of those that receive modernism; overhead lights replace them. Place the LED lights in the center of the ceiling. You can also combine it with chandelier to illuminate every corner of the space.

This hanging sculpted LED overhead light will give this open concept dining area a unique look. Choosing this lamp will give a modern impression on the decor of this room. This white color scheme and white leather sofa complete the look of your modern living room decor. Sculpted LED from thespruce.

This statue chandelier offers dramatic lighting throughout your space. This chandelier is one of the modernist styles that you can try in your living room. Combined nicely with this wall gallery, it will be the perfect focal point of the room. This beige wall scheme will make the room warm and calm. Sculptural chandelier living room from impressiveinteriordesign.

The living room apartment combines natural textures and warm colors to form a cozy space. This white sculptural chandelier has a contemporary shape and provides visual appeal. This wooden wall panel and concrete floor will be a unique and stylish room decoration. White sculptural chandelier from home-designing.

This sensational living room with this statue chandelier will make a unique and perfect decoration of the room. This design will make the perfect focal point of the room. Place this chandelier above your coffee table to provide perfect lighting throughout the room. Statue chandelier from decoist.

Hang your figurine lamp in the center of the living room ceiling so it can be highlighted evenly. This lamp can be the main light in your living room. Choosing this flower-shaped statue chandelier makes the perfect room decoration with the right lighting. Combined with this French style will give a harmonious look. Floral chandelier from elledecor.

In addition to lighting up your living room, this chandelier will also be a decorative item because it has a unique shape and is different from the others. You can combine it with other furniture to create the perfect look and steal the attention of many people. Sculpture lighting from hgtv.

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Moroccan Lantern

Modern and classic chandeliers have been around for quite some time. All houses where it resides need a new touch of lighting, like a Moroccan lantern. But you don’t have to design the living room into a Moroccan style. Its magical shadows act as decorative elements in the space. Thus, it blends well with any design.

Adding this beautiful perforated metal Moroccan lantern to your living room is the perfect decor decoration for you to try in this room. This decor adds a touch of whimsy to the eclectic décor and casts a magical shadow when lit in the center of the room. This white sofa and mirrored coffee table create a stylish and attractive room design. Metal Moroccan lantern from thespruce.

Some of these Moroccan-style lamps present a unique room décor and the right lighting. Thus, it fits perfectly into the Moroccan design in your living room. Choosing lanterns of various shapes and sizes can be the perfect focal point of a room. Lanterns Moroccan design from decoist.

This traditional Moroccan style is complemented by perfect lighting. Choosing this Moroccan lantern will be a perfect room decoration. Placing it on the coffee table would reflect the perfect lighting for this decor. This yellow and blue color scheme will create the impression of a warm and fresh room. Traditional Moroccan light form decoist.

This Moroccan-style chandelier beside the sofa provides an attractive room design with perfect lighting. Its magical shadow acts as a decorative element in the space. The white color scheme and comfortable seating set make the room décor attractive. Moroccan-style chandelier from decoist.

These Moroccan-style chandeliers and scones mostly light up your living room and give a bright feel to the whole room. Present lighting with Moroccan lanterns in a classic style to make it look more elegant. This design will make a perfect room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Moroccan-style chandeliers and scones from decoist.

You can choose different Moroccan shapes with one color type. Hang it next to the sofa to help your activities at night in this room. This Moroccan style wall decoration and coffee table will also give a unique room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Moroccan light from decoist.

Besides having a unique and varied shape, Moroccan lanterns are also suitable to be placed in the living room with any theme. These lanterns give off an interesting Moroccan style. Complete with a Moroccan-style seating set complete with orange curtains will present a unique room decor and steal the attention of many people. Moroccan lanterns from decoist.

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Built-In LED

LED lamps are now happening, especially along with the hype of contemporary design. Built-in LED lamps can highlight a coffered ceiling while illuminating the surrounding. This scheme can create a dim living room to ease the sight. If you have open shelving that needs highlighting, install some LED there. Be sure to introduce some interesting fixtures to blend the whole look as well.

To add warmth to a contemporary space, built-in LED strip lights can be used to accentuate the coffered ceiling. This idea will light up the bottom of the console to give it an open effect. Be sure to incorporate an interesting fixture or two to keep the room feeling cozy and add a warm feel to the rest of the room. Built-in LED strip lights from thespruce.

This LED ceiling light has a purple glow that will give a calm impression to the entire living room. You can also add LED lights behind the TV for a stylish room decor. Combined with this white color scheme, it also gives the effect of a bright and airy room. Purple LED ceiling from ofdesign.

Applying built-in LEDs to the exposed ceiling will highlight this modern living room. With this lighting your room will feel dimmer. With this lighting you can light up your dark corners to create interesting results for you to try. Paired with a beige color scheme, this décor will provide extra warmth and comfort. Built-in LEDs from ofdesign.

Another advantage of this type of ceiling lighting is the stunning 3D effect on smooth surfaces. Having this yellow light will give a dramatic impression to the entire modern living room. This lighting is suitable for use during the day that does not require too much lighting. Ceiling lighting from ofdesign.

These built-in LEDs add modern style to your living room design. Placing this on the ceiling will give it an interesting look for you to try. This lighting will illuminate every corner of your room for maximum results. Plus, adding this recessed light also provides the perfect additional lighting. LED ceiling from ofdesign.

Just above this seating area, you can add a built-in LED light for the perfect lighting idea. Having this warm white light also gives a touch of warmth and drama to your living room. Adding this floor lamp will also help you in decorating this living room lighting. Built-in LED and floor lamp from ofdesign.

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Candlelight usually comes the last when talking about space illumination. People will think about standing lamps and chandeliers. But those choices are already mainstream. Opt for candlelight when your lighting scheme needs enforcement. Place it on the table below the chandelier or the side table.

Having a dim light from this candle chandelier will give a dramatic impression to your entire room. In addition, you can also add a candle holder above your coffee table to give an intimate feel to this rustic living room. This chandelier directly above the table also provides the perfect focal point of the room. Candle chandelier from homedesignlover.

A rustic design is something you can love because it has natural room décor and dramatic lighting. Opting for this candle chandelier really mimics the rustic space that people love to hang out in. Having a dramatic atmosphere will also make the room warm and inviting. This kaui ceiling accent and stone fireplace give it a warm look. Candle light ideas from homedesignlover.

This vintage looking candle chandelier in the living room is very attractive. These decorations look really awesome to look at and something not everyone wants. The black and round chandelier makes it more stylish and steals the attention of many people. Candle chandelier from homedesignlover.

This rustic-style living room has candle light that will make the living room design dim and make it easier for your eyes to see. You can apply this candle lighting to a chandelier for a dramatic lighting idea throughout the room. The exposed beams in this living room make it a more attractive and natural space. Candle light living room from homedesignlover.

Candle light can be additional lighting in your living room to give a warm feel when gathering with family. This room will be the most comfortable room in your home. Adding glass to unite these candles is a brilliant idea for you to try in your living room decor. Place it on the table for a warm and inviting room decor. Candle lantern from homebnc.

Make sure there is a candle light in your living room for lighting a room that looks simple but gives an extraordinary feel and effect. Place it on your coffee table and add a sweater and silver candle holder for a stylish and eye-catching result. Candle light from homebnc.

When you found that your living room lacks something, it could be the illumination scheme. Try these lighting ideas to set up the mood.


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