23 Best Ways to Style a Coffee Table for a Pretty Living Room

A coffee table is a prominent interior in every living room. It acts as both a decorative and functional element of the space. It can also serve as a station for your handcrafting hobby where you store all stuff in it or decorate it like an art object. But you have to make sure in one thing: keep it simple to avoid it disrupting anyone’s eyes.

Below are some ways to style your table in any living space design.

Keep Everything Balanced

A long table suits any couch. But, problems appear when it comes to styling it. You want to keep it simple but not empty. Adding one vase leaves it empty. But adding one or two extra décor items of the same color seem too much.

If you opt for one color story, adding another same color is overwhelming. Thus, you should add a vase and two other decorations of different colors. Yes, three is a magical number you should believe. Arrange colorful flowers in a vase between small piles of books. Ensure those books are neat and in the same size.

This is a coffee table that is perfect for your feminine living room style. You can complete the look with blooming flowers in vases, cakes and candle holders for an eye-catching result. Choosing this long coffee table also gives a unique look for you to try in your living room. Long coffee table from homebnc.

Decorate your wooden coffee table with organic elements such as rock crystals and houseplants for an earthy atmosphere. Choosing colorful blooms in this glass vase will give you an interesting look for you to try. Plus, you can add stacks of books for an eye-catching result. Wooden coffee table from apartmenttherapy.

This long coffee table with a rustic touch provides a sophisticated living room decor. Adding flower vases, statues and rattan trays gives a unique room design for you to try. Pair it with a large L-shaped sofa complete with several pillows, giving it a comfortable look. Rustic coffee table from apartmenttherapy.

This ottoman coffee table is decorated with tulips in a vase and stacks of books to give a unique table decoration and steal the attention of many. Make sure the books are neat to make interesting table decorations. Pair it with an L-shaped sofa complete with several pillows to give a comfortable impression. Ottoman coffee table from hgtv.

Adding a vase and two other decorations with different shapes will make the table decoration unique and interesting. This pillar candle also gives the room a warm design and dim lighting. Choosing a coffee table made of wood and metal gives this coastal living room an industrial feel. Rectangle coffee table from hgtv.

Applying maximalism with this nesting coffee table arrangement, complete with flowers in a vase and some interesting ornaments. This will be the center of attention of every guest who comes. Complete the decor with a sofa to give this living room a comfortable feel. Nesting coffee table from renoguide.

This glass coffee table has a sleek, minimalist and classy design. The designs will go beyond design trends and styles. Complete with red flowers in a vase and books on the bottom shelf of this table, it gives an attractive look. Square table design with thick glass and side panels, top and bottom shelves and chrome legs for a trendy look. Long glass coffee table from renoguide.

This beautiful and sleek coffee table has direct edges on both sides giving it a unique and beautiful natural charm. Complete with potted succulents and stacks of books this makes the perfect center of attention. This modern design features black steel legs and a beautiful wooden table. It is suitable for a modern minimalist living room. Sleek coffee table from renoguide.

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Make the Most of a Tray

Some coffee tables are not made to be stiff and strong. There are some that are made to be pretty but still functional, like this one. If you prefer a coffee table made of soft materials, using a tray to place any decorative items are a great alternative. The stiff tray can sit still on the soft surface while holding the vase and others. Select a wide one to save some space to treat your guests.

Try the tray. Whether you want to display knick-knacks or just need space for a TV remote. A tray will make whatever you put on the table look neat and tidy. This decoration is suitable for you to try to give a clean and tidy living room design. Black tray from homedit.

This black cottage-chic accent tray is often used to minimize clutter on your coffee table and is a great example. Aromatherapy candles, stacks of books and flowers in this small vase add structure but let you focus on this coffee table. Its sleek design will give it an attractive appearance. Tray coffee table from homedit.

If your living room is plagued by a sea of ornamentation, you need a coffee table with storage. You just need a simple blue tray and ornamental accents and books to bring it all together. This brass jar also gives a unique look for you to try on your coffee table decoration.Coffee table with tray from from homedit.

You can not only create a harmonious look but also give you extra storage for a tidy coffee table. This wooden coffee table blends into a rattan tray as well. You can complete the look with some rustic ornaments that will attract the attention of every guest who comes. This design will save space to entertain your guests. Rattan tray from homebnc.

Wooden tray on coffee table This round wooden table has the best design of all. This tray is perfect for creating a neat coffee table with decorative accessories. You can add vintage flower vases, rustic ornaments and baby photos to give a unique look and steal the attention of many people. Wooden tray on coffee table from homebnc.

Choose a coffee table complete with a metal tray on it. Complementing the décor with aromatherapy lilies, pillar candles and flowers in this small vase make for the perfect décor. It offers ample space to show off your accessories. You can also add candles complete with hand crochet handles for dramatic lighting. Metal tray from homebnc.

The big coffee table doesn’t feel so big when you put it on the tray. This can minimize the items on your coffee table. Choosing this rattan wicker tray also adds a natural touch to this decor. Plus, you can put any decoration on the tray to play with. This coffee table is also equipped with several storage drawers to make it easier for you to store various ornaments easily. Rattan wicker tray from homebnc.

If you are working with a small table, you can add trays to minimize items on your coffee table. This wood base also adds a natural touch to the modern coffee table design. All you need is a mini flower vase on a tray, aromatherapy candles and some other ornaments for the perfect room decor. Wooden trays from homebnc.

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Add a Focal Point

If your living space lacks a focal point, adding one neither hurt the color story nor the design. Unlike a big vase commonly placed in the empty corner, your focal point for the table shouldn’t have to be large. A small one with obvious uniqueness will suffice. Opt for colorful flowers for the grey color story or greeneries for white ones.

This blue flower vase complete with various blooming flowers can add to the focal point of decoration on the coffee table. This lion statue and ball ornament is a perfect room decoration and steals the attention of many people. The unique and simple design creates a minimalist decor. Blue flower vase from homebnc.

Show collections for focal points. If you enjoy collecting items, such as ceramic decorative items, display your favorite items on the coffee table. This is a great way to showcase your design aesthetic and add character to your table setting. In addition, you can also add flowers that are blooming in the vase to give a fresh and natural impression to the entire living room. Ceramic decorative from homebnc.

Make your favorite object the focal point of the room by displaying it alone in the center of the table. With a candlestick complete with a brass holder and a stack of pink books, it gives an elegant impression to your coffee table decoration. Choosing a coffee table made of glass and brass also gives a unique and luxurious look. Candlestick from homebnc.

This elegant solid wood roof table with a vase of tulips and moss balls makes the perfect focal point. This beautiful wooden table also has three storage areas at the bottom to make it easier for you to hide the mess on this coffee table. Its simple design brings a natural touch to the entire room. Vase of tulips and moss balls from homebnc.

This modern style table with geometric shapes is equipped with several decorative items on the top. Like a vintage glass vase complete with flowers, a ball ornament and a few candle pillars, this is the perfect focal point of the room. This design is all you need for this modern living room decor. Vintage glass vase from homebnc.

Natural driftwood votive holder on recycled dark blue table. Driftwood is a great way to create a focal point. A few small candles in this glass vase make for the perfect design. As a result, it is the perfect light and natural setting for a coastal home. Driftwood centrepieces from homebnc.

Simple, but so chic. All you need is a small flower vase to add color and keep your space from being too flashy. Complete the décor with stacks of books and aromatherapy candles. It can also be a focal point, obviously. The monochrome style of this coffee table gives it a sophisticated and inviting look. Flower vase and stacks books from homebnc.

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Styling a coffee table is about making everything tasteful. So, get creative!


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