45 Ethnic Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Talking about ethnic home decoration will always be interesting. It will talk about the decoration that is not only about presenting the antiques but also about the colors that are used to characterize a certain ethnic culture. This kind of decoration concept will be great for you who love culture and art. You can apply much artistic stuff there that will be really awesome. Well, there might be will be too festive for some of you but it will ok! if you can arrange the decoration well. Make sure that you do the mix and match the decoration in the right way where everything could be seen as harmonious.

Applying the ethnic decoration could be in so many ways. Not only for the furniture, but you can also have it for your ornament, ceiling, floor, or walls. When you want to concern about interior things like walls, ceilings, and floors, you can do it with the material choices. In this case, bringing natural material is recommended like wood, rattan, sisal, and more. Also, don’t forget with your home accessories like the rug, curtain, mat, and more. You can choose the patterned one in a certain design or the colorful one. Check them out below!

Ethnic Rug from Deavita

Patterned Basket Wall Art from Boredart

White Painted Brick Wall from Boredart

Old Wooden Coffee Table from Boredart

Animal Skin Carpet from Boredart

Old Wooden Console Table from Boredart

Carving Mirror from Boredart

White Wooden Floor from Boredart

Rattan Chair from Boredart

Colorful Wicker Basket Wall Art from Boredart

Wooden Furniture from Boredart

Solid Wooden Coffee Table from Boredart

Ethnic Wooden Coffee Table from Boredart

Mahogany Wooden Coffee Table from Boredart

Carving Wooden Dresser from Boredart

Log Side Table from Boredart

White Painted Table from Boredart

Glass and Wooden Coffee Table from Designtrends

Zebra Ottoman from Designtrends

Concrete Floor from Designtrends

Wooden Cabinet from Designtrends

Ethnic Wall Galleries from Designtrends

Natural Wooden Ceiling from Designtrends

Wooden Floor from Designtrends

Natural Wooden Dresser from Architectureartdesigns

Iron Chair from Architectureartdesigns

Animal Figure from Architectureartdesigns

Dark Wooden Bench from Architectureartdesigns

Old Wooden Accent from Architectureartdesigns

Ethnic Wall Art from Architectureartdesigns

Rattan and Wooden Furniture from Home-designing

Wooden Vanity from Home-designing

Rattan Chair from Home-designing

Woven Basket Lamps from Digsdigs

Warm Color Palette from Digsdigs

Carvings of Wood Furniture from Digsdigs

Faux Zebra Rug from Digsdigs

Beige Ethnic Rug from Digsdigs

Dark Woven Bed from Digsdigs

Woven Seat and Ethnic Pillows from Digsdigs

Zebra-Printed Ottoman from Digsdigs

Masks Wall Galleries from Digsdigs

Namibian Statuettes from Digsdigs

Kuba Textile from Digsdigs

Cowhide Rug from Digsdigs

Old Weapons on the Wall from Digsdigs

Jarrah Wood Furniture from Digsdigs

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