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10 Magical Winter Lighting Ideas

Lighting is one of the important decoration parts that should be considered when you want to apply …

Lighting is one of the important decoration parts that should be considered when you want to apply any decoration concepts to your home. The lighting itself could be applied indoor and outdoor. During winter where the snow will be here and there outside, you can install festive or magical lighting. You don’t need to feel like the lighting will make your outdoor decoration be seen as too much because the outdoor space will be always proper with the festive lighting. Here, we have magical lighting ideas for your winter indoor and outdoor decoration ideas.

Outdoor Fairy Lights Display

The two Christmas trees placed on both sides of the entrance can be framed and completed with colorful fairy lights that really shine when it gets dark outside. Not only lighting Christmas tree ornaments that can be placed in the front area of ​​this house, but you can also add other interesting Christmas decorations such as a snowman, a hanging wreath, and some Christmas gift ornaments. All these ornaments are coated with fairy lights so that apart from being used as decorations, they can also be used as lighting as well as an initial welcome for your guests who come to the house.

Colorful fairy lighting from homebnc

Recycle Lighting Ideas

Do you have a used wine bottle that is no longer in use? If so, then you can reuse it as a winter-themed outdoor lighting idea. Apply this lighted wine bottle every step of the way to your home. This winter lighting idea is easier to make and certainly doesn’t cost a lot of money. The glow of the candlelight on this wine bottle makes your outdoor decoration feel more dramatic because it has very dim lighting, you can try it with your family on the weekend.

Wine bottle lighting from hgtv

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Mixed Light Source

Use several sources of outdoor lighting to create a winter porch that is brighter, warmer and of course suitable for use as a relaxing area at night with your family. Now you can combine mason jar chandeliers with fairy lights that frame your doors and windows. You can also try this fairy light on the trees around the porch to make it look more radiant at night. The nuance of the porch color, which is dominated by red and white, fits perfectly with the winter theme this year.

Mason jar chandeliers with fairy light from hgtv

Candle Holders

The galvanized candle holder is one of the suitable winter lightings to be applied to your porch decoration. Place this candle holder along your wooden staircase to create a bright path and of course a light for your guests when they go to the front door. Complete the outside appearance of this galvanized candle holder with cutouts that form a snowflake pattern with a size that is quite large.

Galvanized candle holders from hgtv

Candy Cane Pathways Lighting

To complete the winter outdoor decoration this year, you can choose festive and cute lighting options, for example, candy cane lights along the pathways. This lighting has a detailed red and white color giving it a more unique outdoor detail. You can get this lighting candy cane at a price that is not too expensive, now you can get it online. Not only does it look beautiful, but this lamp is also designed to be very durable and resistant to all changes in outdoor weather.

Candy cane pathways light from housebeautiful

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LED Lighting

It’s time for you to change the appearance of the front of the house during winter with the use of unique lights that are applied to several Christmas trees and your fence, LED meteor lights are an option that you can try. This LED light has the shape of a shooting star flowing downwards, creating a magical winter decoration this year. Combine this meteor LED with string light coils on some outdoor exteriors for an added splash of cool purple or blue light.

LED meteor lights from housebeautiful

Colorful String Light

To add dramatic light to the outdoor atmosphere in winter, using a rainbow bulb string light is a clever idea that makes the perfect centerpiece for directing your guests to winter celebrations. This bulb string light has several different colors, such as yellow, green, blue, and multicolored. To offer a maximum festive, you can add winter ornaments such as wooden deer and wreath light that is applied to your glass window.

Bulb string light from housebeautiful

Laser Light Projector

It’s a good idea to use a laser light projector for winter outdoor lighting ideas that are able to give red and green spots so that they can be used as very festive snow ornaments. These laser lights are able to illuminate the front yard in different shades of color and will certainly do a better job of allowing this outdoor décor to appear more festive.

Outdoor laser light projector from housebeautiful

Snowman Ornament Light

If you are looking for a fun and elegant way to create a trail, then this illuminated snowman light is the perfect choice for you to try. This outdoor solar light will automatically turn on when it gets dark. Each snowman light is also equipped with an iron pole so that it has a higher position and of course it is not easily porous when used throughout this winter.

Triple snowman light from housebeautiful

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Classic Lantern

The lantern light that is hung on the walls of both sides of the entrance is a lighting idea that can give a warm impression in winter. Not only lantern lights but you can also combine them with candle lanterns and string lights that are wrapped around the Christmas tree ornaments under the lantern light of the same size. Furthermore, the Merry Christmas garland becomes an additional ornament that matches your current winter theme.

Hanging lantern light from thespruce

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