20 Magical Winter Lighting Ideas

Lighting is one of the important decoration parts that should be considered when you want to apply any decoration concepts to your home. The lighting itself could be applied indoor and outdoor. During winter where the snow will be here and there outside, you can install festive or magical lighting. You don’t need to feel like the lighting will make your outdoor decoration be seen as too much because the outdoor space will be always proper with the festive lighting. Here, we have magical lighting ideas for your winter indoor and outdoor decoration ideas.

Outdoor Fairy Lights Display

The string lights that are hung on the terrace of the house this winter will look prettier and livelier. Choosing a yellow lighting color will also give the room a dramatic illusion. String Light Outdoor from @lights4fun.us

Decorating a patio with these Christmas tree-shaped string lights can’t go wrong. You can make it yourself for amazing results. Christmas Tree String Light from @zendi.home

Recycle Lighting Ideas

Using used bottles as a winter lighting idea looks interesting. Using scrap materials and filling them with fairy lights won’t cost much. Wine Bottle with Light from @atelier.boho.gh

Mixed Light Source

You can also try these fairy lights and lanterns on your winter patio decor. Installing banisters and each of these steps is a brilliant idea for you to try. String Light and Lantern from @homesinsweden

Let your terrace look festive winter. Choosing string lights and scones with yellow lighting gives the terrace a peaceful and inviting design. String light and Scone from @thecozyclubx

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Candle Holders

The natural look of this candle holder offers a dramatic patio décor. Choosing a bamboo candle holder is a brilliant idea for you to try. Natural Candle Holder from @domek_na_polanie

The rustic chandelier is one of the most beautiful lights for winter that you can add to your patio decor. Made of this jar will bring a beautiful decoration for you to try. Rustic Candle Holder from @whimsygirldesign

Candy Cane Pathways Lighting

Looks lively on the front porch of this house decorated with candy cane lights that will enliven winter this year. Having this red and white lighting makes the terrace more perfect. Festive Candy Cane Light from @magaxwonderland

The candy cane lights that are placed on the path of this house look lively and steal the eye. Having a red and white light will give your design an interesting look to look at. Candy Cane Pathway from @wilson_in_the_works_

LED Lighting

It’s time for you to change the front view of your house in winter by using unique lights that are applied to some of your home’s exterior decorations. Besides your house, you can also add a sidewalk in front of this house. Winter LED LIght from @lightsoveratlanta

Colorful String Light

The colorful string lights that are placed on the front porch look attractive. Don’t forget to add statues of polar bears and deer to complete this year’s winter. Colorful Light Ornament from @davidboakesmj

To add a dramatic glow to an outdoor setting in winter, using rainbow light bulb string lights is a smart idea. Placing this small tree would be perfect for this year’s winter. DIY Colorful Light from @grantak

The colorful fairy lights wrapped around the big tree in front of the house will look festive. You can make this idea yourself for maximum results. Colorful Fairy Light Tree from @carolynmurray229

The colorful string lights that are applied to the terrace of this house will give a festive and colorful winter look. Even though it looks festive, this winter terrace design is not boring. Colorful Light WInter Outdoor from @bryan_waldron

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Snowman Ornament Light

This snowman ornament equipped with lights is able to catch the attention of everyone who comes. This accent lamp will provide the perfect lighting for your garden. DIY Snowaman Light fom @lovelivinglife_

This lighted snowman light is a great choice for you to try on your garden paths. This outdoor solar light will turn on automatically when it gets dark. Snowman Light Pathway from @importbarangchina.id

Classic Lantern

A lantern placed beside the patio door is a lighting idea that can give a warm impression in winter. Choosing red will also make everyone attractive. Red WInter Lantern from @mrs.stokes04

These red lanterns and ribbons will be the center of attention of every guest who comes. Complete with pillar candles in it will also produce a dramatic lighting decoration. Lantern with Ribbon from @citrineliving

These red lanterns filled with pillar candles provide the perfect lighting for your home décor. Placed by the door will also provide dramatic lighting. Red Lantern from @holidayswithamber

The classic look of this winter lantern is complemented by a ribbon that enhances the look. Don’t forget to add pillar candles in it for perfect lighting. Winter Classic Lantern from @jenniferdimplesandtangles

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