How to Choose the Best Staircase Design

It can’t be doubted that the staircase has its own value for home decoration. Also, it is really possible to be decorated as unique and aesthetic as possible. In this case, you can adjust the design based on the home decoration style that you adapted. Well, there will be surely so many ways and designs of the staircase that you can apply. Here, we will show you how to choose the best staircase design for your home. We will divide it into three parts which are for the modern home, rustic and farmhouse home, and for artistic home. From the simple one to the complicated design that you might think will be impossible. Here are the references for you.

Modern Home

For the modern home, you should choose the simple one. Or, you can have the one with a futuristic design. Since modern design is also considered with the color choice, then it is better for you to choose the black color, white color, beige, grey, or white. Not to make it looks boring with its simplicity, then you can add some touches to the stair, such as lighting, a bit of texture, or simple accessories.

Black Marble Elegance from Renoguide

Suspended Steel Staircase from Renoguide

Steel and Concrete Staircase from Renoguide

Floating Glass Treads from Renoguide

Floating Wooden Staircase from Renoguide

Black and White Staircase from Renoguide

Lighted Marble Staircase from Renoguide

White and Marble Staircase from Home-designing

Lighted Modern Staircase from Homedesignlover

Crisscrossed Black Railings from Renoguide

Chic Black and Glass Staircase from Renoguide

Glass and Wood from Renoguide

Sleek Steel Treads from Renoguide

Modern Spiral Staircase from Renoguide

Square Landings Staircase from Renoguide

Aluminum Treads Staircase from Hongkiat

Illuminated Floating Staircase from Hongkiat

White Steel Spiral Staircase from Hongkiat

White and Wooden Staircase from Hongkiat

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Rustic or Farmhouse Home

For a rustic or farmhouse home, then it will mostly be dominated by the wood stair material. However, there is a difference between those two styles that you can consider. For the rustic style, commonly it is not furnished well and has the obsolete look that can increase the aesthetic value of the design. In otherwise, for the farmhouse style, commonly the wood is furnished well and be seen as more smooth. You can see the following references for more complete examples.

Old Wooden Staircase from Renoguide

Wooden and White Staircase from Architectureartdesigns

Black Wooden Staircase from Architectureartdesigns

Natural Wooden Staircase from Architectureartdesigns

Painted Wooden Stair from Architectureartdesigns

Spiral Wooden Staircase from Architectureartdesigns

Stone and Wooden Staircase from Farmihomie

Farmhouse Style Staircase from Farmihomie

Ladder Style Stair Design from Farmihomie

Painting Wooden Staircase from Farmihomie

Rope Railing from Farmihomie

Rugged And Rustic Staircase from Farmihomie

Natural Stone Staircase from Architectureartdesigns

Pinewood Staircase from Architectureartdesigns

Wooden Log Staircase from Architectureartdesigns

Teak Wood Staircase from Architectureartdesigns

Metal and Dark Wooden Staircase from Architectureartdesigns

Natural Wooden Staircase from Architectureartdesigns

Spiral Rustic Staircase from Architectureartdesigns

Dark Wooden Staircase from Architectureartdesigns

Artistic Home

For you, the artistic person who has the artistic home decoration, having the artistic staircase is also a must. Well, yes! There are so many staircase designs that you can apply to your home. Commonly, it will have the curve, texture, shape, and varied materials that are based on the theme will be carried. The following images will show you the designs from the most unique to the simpler ones.

Sensualscaping Stairs from Boredpanda

Timber Stripes Staircase from Boredpanda

Unique Wooden Staircase from Ofdesign

Copper Spiral Staircase from Home-designing

Red Staircase from Home-designing

Curved Staircase from Home-designing

Unique Marble Staircase from Ofdesign

Steel Rods Entangled from Ofdesign

White Railings from Ofdesign

Wooden Staircase from Home-designing

Stone and Wire Staircase from Home-designing

Geometric Patterned from Hongkiat

Sculptural Wooden Staircase from Homedesignlover

Wave Staircase from Mymodernmet

Decorative Spiral Staircase from Digsdigs

Elegant White Staircase from Renoguide

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