45 Cozy Winter Terrace Designs

Although during winter the weather will be cold, there is still a possibility for you to spend your time outdoors enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Well, of course, it should be a space with a roof to keep you safe. Here, we do recommend you to use your terrace since it has a roof and also becomes one part of the house. Anyway, you should make sure that you provide the things that are needed to support your outdoor winter activity on your terrace. Those things are related to the coziness during winter to keep you warm. The kinds of stuff that you should provide will be depended on your own needs that could be a different one from another.

You should know well how to provide warmth to your terrace. The easiest way is by providing the warm throw blanket there that will be paired with the cushions. Then, you can also provide a warm furry rug or chair pad. If it is possible, it will be great if you can provide the firepit there. However, make sure that the firepit could be safe enough to be used under the roof. You should choose the right material and the proper installment for the firepit. Then, it is also important to create a warm ambiance that can be made by using the lighting illusion. That is why here, you can also play with the lighting installment. The following images will show you the best references.

Mini Fire Pit from Shelterness

Throw Blanket and Pillow from Shelterness

Rustic Bench Pad with Throw Blanket from Shelterness

Furry Chair Pad from Shelterness

Throw Fur Blanket from Shelterness

Thick Bench Pad from Shelterness

Adding Furry Accent from Shelterness

Hanging Fire Pit from Digsdigs

Furry Blanket from Digsdigs

Throw Thick Blanket from Digsdigs

Perfect Lighting from Digsdigs

Thick Sofa Pad from Digsdigs

Swing with Thick Pad from Homemydesign

Throw Chunky Blanket from Homemydesign

Pillow and Blanket from Homemydesign

Throw Grey Blanket from Homemydesign

Furry Bench Cover from Homemydesign

Plaid Chair Pad from Homemydesign

White Furry Blanket from Homemydesign

Adding Pillow and Blanket from Mydesiredhome

Throw Grey Blanket from Mydesiredhome

Throw Pillow and Furry Blanket from Digsdigs

Blown and Black Furry Bench Cover from Digsdigs

Throw Furry Blanket from Digsdigs

White Furry Chair Cover from Digsdigs

Furry Pillow and Blanket from Digsdigs

Black and White Throw Blanket from Digsdigs

White Throw Blanket from Digsdigs

Throw Furry Blanket from Tatler

White Furry Blanket from Tatler

Throw Pillow and Blanket from Idealhome

Metal Fire Pit from Idealhome

Thick Throw Blanket from Countryandtownhouse

Furry Accessories from Digsdigs

Layered Blanket from Digsdigs

Throw Blanket and Pillow from Digsdigs

Double Firepit from Digsdigs

Thick Bench Pad from Digsdigs

Grey Pillow and Blanket from Homestoriesatoz

Patterned Throw Pillow from Homesandgardens

Bench with Pillow and Blanket from Homesandgardens

Knit Blanket and White Pillow from Thespruce

Thick Sofa Pad from Thespruce

Thick Sofa Pad and Pillow from Glaminati

White Knit Blanket and Snowflake Pillow from Glaminati

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