How to Give Winter Touches to Your Window Decoration

As the space to see the outside, the window is such an interesting thing to be decorated. Every day, we see the scenery from our window. Even more, it is like a routine for us. Talking about this winter, it will be great if you decorate your window with winter touches. It will be really possible for us to decorate the window where there will be varied choices too. It won’t be only about the hanging ornament like wreath or garland, but also the sticker or lighting that you can install to your window. You will be amazed at the following references that we have below. Check them out!

Evergreen Wreath

This outdoor window is decorated with evergreen wreath to make it look more beautiful and festive. In the middle of this evergreen wreath there is a reindeer head so that it will make it look more perfect. Evergreen Wreath with Reindeer from @beauandro.

This wreath is made using evergeen material which manages to present a refreshing winter look. You can hang it in the kitchen window so that it will make your kitchen decoration look more attractive and can improve mood. Round Evergreen Wreath from @thesoutherncellar.

This glass window looks beautiful decorated with wreath. This wreath is made using evergreens and a little pinecone accent, making it perfect for a winter theme. The creator decorated it with a gold bow so it will look extraordinary. Window Wreath with Bow from @makemineaspritzer.

This Evergreen wreath has a circle design that makes it simpler but manages to give freshness and is suitable for a winter theme. You can hang this wreath in the living room window so that it will present a more lively appearance. Living Room Window Wreath from @prairiefarmhouseliving.

Pom Pom Snowball Chain

Take a look at the window decoration above. Decorated with a pompom snowball chain will make it look livelier. The window owner also added string lights to present a lighted appearance so it would look very festive. Lighted Pom Pom Snowball Chain from @designkline.

Extraordinary ! These winter windows are decorated with white pom pom chains which will give a snowball-like effect. You can also add snowflake accents there to make it look more festive. The light effect that hits this window will make your decoration very beautiful. White Pompom Chain from @the_craft_shack_.

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Paper Snowflake Chain

Perfect ! This window decoration is decorated with snowflake accents to make it look perfect in winter. This snowflake chain made using paper works perfectly as a window treatment in winter. Paper Snowflake Chain from @art.aurelia.

Evergreen Garland

You can use this garland made using evergeen for winter decoration ideas in your home so that it will present a refreshing look. Having a size that is long enough will make it more suitable for hanging. Outsider Window Garland from @athomewithkatelyn.

The white kitchen window which is decorated with evergeen garland makes it look more beautiful and not boring. You can simply display it on the window frame so it will make it look extraordinary. Kitchen Window Garland from @cortinthefort.

This DIY evergeen garland was made with a DIY project and is perfect for a winter decoration idea. The creators equipped it with string lights so it will create a lighted look that is quite festive and perfect in winter. Lighted Garland from @jodipetitpas.

You can decorate this kitchen window with an evergeen garland so it doesn’t look boring. This garland is also decorated with citrus slices so that it will give a special charm to your home. Evergreen Garland with Citrus from @thecleverhomesteader.

Candy Cane Ornament

This winter glass window decoration is decorated with candy cane ornaments so it will look more festive. Here you can use candy cane balloons to make it simpler but still perfect. Balloon Candy Cane from @afternooncrumbs.

This DIY candy cane displayed in the window will make your window look very festive in winter. The owner also used string lights to decorate this window so that it will make it look more beautiful and lively. DIY Candy Cane Ornament Display from @4floorsofnumber11.

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Snowflake Sticker

This glass window is decorated with a white snowflake sticker to bring a touch of winter. This decorating idea using snowflake stickers is so easy and can never fail for winter. White Snowflake Sticker from @mountdessertbakery.

Look at this glass window. Snowflake stickers that decorate this glass window will present a perfect winter look. Lighted snowflakes hanging in the middle of this window will make it look more alive. Full Snowflake Sticker from @thepaperplace.

Simple and attractive in winter. This glass window is decorated with white snowflake stickers which will make it look more attractive in winter. It’s quite easy, here you only need to put some sticker on this glass window so it will look more alive. Window Snowflake Sticker from @debpeterson8788.

Snowy Wreath

Extraordinary ! This window decoration is completed with snowy wreath so it is perfect in winter. Made using evergreen and red bow, this wreath looks more festive. The creator sprinkled white powder to give this window wreath a snowy effect. Snowy Evergreen Wreath from @corincook.

Pine Cone Ornament

Pine cones that are displayed on the windowsill will present an attractive and not boring appearance. Leaving it without paint, makes it look more aesthetic and manages to steal the show. Pinecone Display from @the_risky_biscuit.

Pinecones that are assembled into a chain will present a unique and attractive appearance. Hang this pinecone chain on the window so it will present an attractive rustic look and manage to steal the show. Pinecone Chain from @millerthriller.

This window looks festive in winter. This pine cone wall hanging is diverted for a glass window decoration idea so it will look more festive. Equipped with a fairy light so that it will make your winter decorations look very festive. Snowy Pinecone Ornament from @la_soffitta_incantata.

This window is decorated with a pinecone garland which will make it look festive and inspiring. This garland is left unpainted so it will make it look natural and manage to steal the show. Pine Cone Garland from @balanceandbeautymb.

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Gingerbread Ornament

This candy cane ornament strung into a garland will be a beautiful window decoration in winter. Here you can simply hang it on a glass window so that it can be exposed from both indoor and outdoor angles. Gingerbread Garland from @r_n3gr0n.

This Gingerbread ornament made using cardboard will present an interesting winter look. You can display this ornament gingerbread in a glass window so that it will make your decoration look more perfect. Gingerbread Display from @ophilya_handmade.

Star Shaped Lighting

This star-shaped table lamp looks beautiful and is perfect for decorating a winter window in your home. Place a table lamp on the windowsill so it will provide a beautiful and stunning light. Star Shape Table Lamp from @frukvile.

This star lantern is made using paper material so it looks attractive at an affordable cost. It has a large enough size, you can hang it on a glass window and it will be exposed perfectly. Hanging Star Lantern from @anci_k_93.


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