How to Create Winter Tray Decorations

Giving the decoration to your home can be from the ornament. Related to the winter decoration, you can have it by using the tray. Well, the tray is not only functions to serve the food or fruit, but it can also be used to make the winter ornament. In this case, you can have it by arranging the winter ornament to the tray. Let’s say that you can have the evergreen foliage, pinecone, snowflake, snowman, and other winter ornaments available. Also, it will be great if you have the stages tray so that it could be the more impressive winter tray decoration. However, if you want the simple one, of course, you can still have the simple one-stage tray for sure. Here are the design references that you can have.

When you have a large enough tray, you can fill it with several wooden ornaments that you can make yourself according to your abilities. For example, you can change wood as snowflake ornaments and skating shoes with a large enough size so that they can be used as the focal point of the room in your home. There is no need to repaint these wooden ornaments for a more natural and eco-friendly look. Don’t forget to complete the look with some mason jar candles that have a variety of different sizes for a warmer look and perfect for a winter theme too. The tray that is used is also made of woven rattan which looks natural too, you can place it on a table that is often used at home. DIY Snowflake and Skating Shoes Display from @rusticnglamdup

Reclaimed wood materials that are around your home can be reused as rustic tray designs that can be placed on the dining table that is often used with your family. You can make it in two different sizes and can be designed vertically using an iron pole that is quite sturdy. Optional ornaments that you can use are Christmas tree bottle brushes and other mini ornaments such as sleds. Additional evergreens can also be added to this surface for additional natural color, get these evergreens in your backyard garden for free. You can try it right now easily. Reclaimed Wood Winter Tray from @madison.home_

Select and use a triangle tray with three arrangements to serve as an area to place some of the winter ornaments that you have at home. All surfaces of this tray can be filled with some of the ornaments you already have, snow cups and a small winter terrarium that looks very cute and eye-catching. When you are going to place it on the surface of the console table in the entryway decoration, two DIY snowman ornaments that are placed symmetrically are a smart idea that you can do. Wood is the best choice that you can choose from this tray design. No need to repaint, just let it look more natural so it can blend more perfectly with the nuances of the room which is dominated by plain white. Triangle Wooden Winter Tray Design from @flutter_bloom

Blue and white are a combination of two colors that are perfect when applied to your winter decorations. For now you can try it in the winter tray that is currently in use. When you use a wooden tray, it’s a good idea to coat the surface with a plain white neutral color to make it look more elegant and modern. The blue color itself can be tried on using a snowflake accent, winter sign and a 3D wooden mitten that can be placed close together so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. The dominance of the snowman theme brings a touch of winter to be more assertive. Tiered trays provide a wider space so you can use more ornaments. Blue and White Themed Color Winter Tray from @trisha.anns

To fill in the empty part of the kitchen island centerpiece decoration is to place a DIY wooden tray which is equipped with several white villages that have a variety of different sizes. Just put all these village ornaments in a pretty neat arrangement. The wooden tray material used gives a more natural appearance because it doesn’t repaint the outer surface. In this way, your winter kitchen will have a textured decoration that you can do yourself according to the budget you have. Just use a large enough amount so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. DIY White Village Display on the Countertop from @mycozyhomeandcoffee

Wood and iron are two combinations of materials that you can combine together in the winter tray design that you currently have. Both of these materials bring an industrial touch instantly. What you can do right now is to emphasize the winter theme, so adding a snowball garland is a smart idea that you can do. You can choose this Snowball accent by using plain white pom-poms. You can also apply additional green plants at this time evenly, just get them in your backyard garden in quite a lot. Winter tray centerpiece will provide a different view on your dining table. Industrial Look Winter Tray Design from @mollyschirmer78

If you have a large number of winter ornaments, you can use a tiered tray design with a selection of materials that are quite sturdy and hard. This iron basket tray, which is arranged vertically into two parts, can be used properly and optimally. Just fill in all the blank surfaces with snowman ornaments, snowflakes, snowy green plants, white beads, pinecones and a plain white village. You can buy all of these ornaments online or you can make them yourself by picking green plants and pinecones in the backyard. As for village ornaments and beads, you can make them yourself. Tiered Winter Tray Centerpiece from @bigbarnettfamily

The winter tray design, which is perfected with a handle on top, will make it easier for you to move it to any part of the room according to the room’s decoration needs. But it looks like the kitchen countertop is a place you can try. Furthermore, to emphasize the winter theme, you can fill it with some green ornaments such as mini wreaths and a mini Christmas tree bottle brush. Snowflake ornaments can also be added to this part of the tray and of course with a neat and orderly arrangement. Add a YUM sign next to the winter tray for a perfect final look. Winter Tray with Handle Design from @thisvictorianfarmhouse

The easiest way you can do to fill the winter tray this year is to fill it with some DIY villages that have been repainted in plain white. Here you can combine it with some perfect Christmas trees with snowy accents. Both will work together well and perfectly. Repainting the village ornament is intended to have a more elegant appearance. This winter single tray can be placed in any room and is also suitable as a centerpiece decoration or coffee table decoration in your living room. Village Ornament with Bottle Brush Tree from @erin_b_thankful

Wood is the best choice and is quite popular to be used as the main material for using winter trays this year. What you can do here is fill the tray with some natural pinecones of different sizes. Pinecones display can be combined with snowflake accents and fresh evergreens, in this way you can get a rustic touch instantly and are suitable to be placed in a farmhouse style room. Get this natural accent in your backyard garden for free without having to buy it again. Arrange all of your winter ornaments so that they have a neater and more organized final look. Pinecones Ornament Tray Themed from @dd_design_decor

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