55 Best Crafts Using Toilet Paper Roll

The toilet paper roll seems to be the thing that is thrown away just like that. When in fact, toilet paper can be something that is useful if you know how to deal with this. In this case, you can use it to make some craft projects. That is why we do recommend you not to be in a hurry throwing it away. It is interesting to know how the toilet paper roll can be made into some utilizations. Let’s say that you can have it to simply beautify your home decoration or even for something more valuable and functional. Well, of course, you will need another additional material so that the designs can be more perfect and work well.

You will be amazed to know the things that you can make by using the toilet paper roll. The first possible thing that you can have is the bird feeder. It will be surely easy where you just need a twig as the additional material. The other ideas are you can use it as the planter for seed, make some toys, ornament, pencil holder, or other possible stuff that we have gathered down below. In case you want to use it as the main material to make some toys, you can ask your kids to make it with you so that they will be happy to have their own toys. Now, it’s time for you to check on the following images for some adorable project references.

Bird Feeder from Diyprojects

Toilet Paper Roll Rocket from Diyprojects

Toilet Paper Roll Planter from Diyprojects

Owl Crafts from Diyprojects

Rave Cars from Diyprojects

Minions Craft from Fabulesslyfrugal

Tube Tiger from Fabulesslyfrugal

Blue and White Unicorn from Fabulesslyfrugal

Clown Puppet from Fabulesslyfrugal

DIY Dog Craft from Fabulesslyfrugal

DIY Phone Stand from Fabulesslyfrugal

Tube Elephant from Fabulesslyfrugal

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny from Fabulesslyfrugal

Rainbow Windsock from Fabulesslyfrugal

Seahorse Puppets from Fabulesslyfrugal

Starwars Characters Craft from Fabulesslyfrugal

Green Grinch from Fabulesslyfrugal

Mini-City from Fabulesslyfrugal

Heart Robot from Fabulesslyfrugal

Octopus Craft from Fabulesslyfrugal

Toilet Roll Shark from Fabulesslyfrugal

Striped Fish from Fabulesslyfrugal

Binoculars Craft from Modpodgerocksblog

Toilet Tube Glasses from Modpodgerocksblog

Rockets Craft from Modpodgerocksblog

Birthday Crowns from Modpodgerocksblog

Geometric Wall Art from Modpodgerocksblog

Christmas Tree Plaque from Modpodgerocksblog

Changing Faces Dolls from Modpodgerocksblog

Princesses Craft from Modpodgerocksblog

Puppy Marionette Puppet from Modpodgerocksblog

DIY Desk Organizer from Modpodgerocksblog

Spring Flowers from Modpodgerocksblog

Squiggly Snakes from Modpodgerocksblog

Buzzy Bee Craft from Modpodgerocksblog

Painted Bunnies Craft from Modpodgerocksblog

Reindeer from Hative

Colorful Bunny from Hative

Silly Rabbit from Hative

Easter Chick from Hative

DIY Paper Roll Owl from Hative

Orange and Green Octopus from Hative

Homemade Butterfly from Hative

Love Birds Craft from Hative

Blue Snakes from Hative

Penguin Puppets from Hative

DIY Dinosaurs Craft from Hative

DIY Turkey from Hative

Colorful Turkey Craft from Hative

Crocodile Craft from Hative

Polar Bear from Hative

Homemade Mouse from Hative

DIY Mice from Hative

Homemade Giraffe Craft from Hative

Giraffes Dance from Hative

DIY Spider Craft from Hative

Brown Camel Craft from Hative

DIY Pinto Pony from Hative

Homemade Horse from Hative

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