How to Make Winter Greenery Arrangement

Since there will be limited plants that can be adapted to be applied to your home decoration during winter, then you simply have the greenery arrangement there. It means that the greenery that you use is not always the growing ones. You can use the evergreen for the easy and durable ones to be used as the main material. Then, you can add it with some twigs and colored berries for an eye-catching look so that your greenery arrangement won’t be seen as boring. Well, when talking about the greenery arrangement, of course, you should also consider the vase or pot that you are going to use to arrange the greenery. That is important because will influence the beauty of your arrangement. Remember that it will be used to beautify your home decoration during winter besides adding the fresh ambiance there. Here we will show you how to make the proper winter greenery for your winter home decoration.

The first thing you can prepare to make a arrangement of winter greenery this year is to prepare a container or vase that is right and in accordance with the style of the room that will be used. For example, you can choose a container with white color so that it has color harmony with the tile backsplash you are using. Pine leaves combined with some snowy pinecones make a blend that will never fail. Snowy accents on pinecones can be found online and can be sprinkled more evenly on the outer surface of the pinecones. Here you can add a layer of cloth and a wooden Christmas tree ornament without re-painting it so that it seems more environmentally friendly. Evergreen with Pinecones Arrangement from @decoratewithplantes

So that the design of your winter greenery arrangement can look more festive and attract attention, then adding some silver or red ornaments is a smart idea that you can do easily and maximally. For example, you can add glitter Christmas balls, silver red berries and a few layers of beautifully blooming red flowers. The color of the flower used has a color harmony with the vase used. Painting with this color makes it look more attractive and ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Only choose and use fresh greenery so that it can be used throughout the winter and of course it keeps its appearance beautiful and doesn’t look wilted, of course. Adds Winter Ornament Design from @proteataller

If you have a mason jar that is no longer in use, then you can use it as a vase from a greenery arrangement that can be used as a winter decoration this year. Before using a mason jar as a vase, you can repaint it with a fairly neutral color, namely beige. Next, just fill it with several different types of green plants and of course fresh ones. Not only evergreens, but you can also combine them with pinecones and mini balls that have splashes of plain white. Use a mason jar with three different sizes to make it look more varied when used as a centerpiece decoration on the dining table you are using. DIY Mason Jar Winter Arrangement On Budget from @peonyaccents

A textured vase that is dominated by white color looks very modern and minimalist. Now you can use it as a container for applying evergreen arrangements which can be combined with some of the cotton that has already been opened. Both have quite contrasting colors, you can use them for an elegant look and are ready to be placed in any room of the house. The candle holder that is placed next to it adds a warm feel to the room, you can place it right next to the textured vase that you are using. The dresser is one of the areas that you can use to place this winter arrangement vase. Textured Vase Greennery Arrangement from @shida_preserved_flowers

You can try these two natural materials that are applied to a long vase at the same time when winter arrives. For now you can try combining some pine leaves, blooming flowers and red berries accents which can give a beautiful contrasting color. Use a vase that is tall enough to accommodate more plants to be used. Now you can put it on a table that is often visited by your guests so that it can be used as a decoration as well as a different eye view. This vase made of synthetic leather can be made by yourself by sewing on the sides firmly. Pine Leaves with Red Berries Combination from @sm_flowers

The indoor greenery that will be placed on the dining table used in this room must have good maintenance so that it does not wither easily when used for a long time. At this time you can use a jar filled with clean water so that flower arrangements, red berries and blooming flowers will look fresh all day long. The outside of this jar vase can be decorated with a ribbon that has a striped pattern dominated by a combination of red and white. After everything has been arranged properly and perfectly, then you can put it on the dining table as a winter centerpiece decoration that will never fail. Water Greenery Arrangement from @pbandp

Three to four different types of green plants can be applied simultaneously in a DIY box planter made with reclaimed pallets that looks shabby chic and simple. This planter box is equipped with two wooden handles which will make it easier for you to move it to another place when you need it. Green plants that you can use are some leaves of pine, fern and other types of plants that have a different green color. There is no need to repaint this planter box so that it looks natural and of course saves more on expenses, you can try placing it on a console table in the entryway area. DIY Pallet Planter for Winter Arrangement from @fleurandgrey

Don’t just put one type of green plant that you can arrange into a brass vase that you have. Now you can combine it with dried orange slices and eucalyptus leaves for a more festive and fun look. Its lush appearance also looks very fresh. This orange slice adds color to a vase instantly, you can hang it up using a piece of string which is pretty sturdy. Pinecones are a sweet finishing touch, the use of eucalyptus leaves also makes the room smell fresher and more fragrant. Pine, Juniper, Pinecones, Eucalyptus and Dried Orange Slices Arrangement from @the.accidental.farmgirl

Don’t let the evergreen arrangement in a planter look boring. Because now you can complete the appearance with a cloche that has been filled with owl ornaments. Additional pinecones and red berries can be added easily and of course in a very neat arrangement. Get evergreen materials in your backyard garden without having to buy them, thus saving more on your budget. Its small size can be easily moved to another room, so it is highly recommended to try it. Winter Arrangement with Cloche Ornament from @awesomeblossomsshop

Vintage and cottage are a mix of styles that you can apply to the same room. When winter comes, you can use a vase that has a vintage pattern and can be placed on top of an old wooden dresser that has been covered with a cottage tablecloth with a shabby look. Not only evergreens that you can arrange in this vase, but you can combine them with a few strands of red berries so that they have quite a contrasting color combination. Add a candle lantern that is placed beside it to be additional lighting that you can use right now. Vintage and Cottage Look Greenery Arrangement Display from @cntrygentlemen

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