How to Choose Kids’ Shelf Designs

Anything that is related to kids’ decoration stuff, you should consider its design besides its function. Remember that visual things are really important for kids. They will love what they have and love what they do if that is interesting for them visually. For your kids’ room, you can consider providing impressive furniture where one of it is the shelf. It is also important to provide the shelf for your kids’ room. The utilization of the shelf could be varied where you can use it to store your kids’ book collection, toys, or simply the cute ornament to beautify the room decoration.

In choosing the right kids’ shelf design, you can play with the color choices first. Well, as we have mentioned before that kids love something visually, then colors are the first easiest way to fulfill their needs. Of course, between girls and boys, the color choices will be different. Then, after the color, you can move to the designs. In this case, the more unique design you have, the more interesting it will be. Or, for your reference, you can choose the designs that have a similar shape to their toys such as a house shape, skateboard, car, etc. We have compiled the references on down below.

Floating House Shelves from homebnc

Cube Shelf from homebnc

Floating Shelves with Hanging Pencil Cups from homebnc

Big Bookshelf with Oversized Letters from homebnc

Painted Crates Storage from homebnc

Shelf Pegboard Storage from homebnc

Wooden House Shelf from homebnc

Contemporary Shelves from decoist

Circular Shelves from decoist

Sleek Ladder Shelves from decoist

Shelf Wall Storage from decoist

Round Wooden Shelves from decoist

Hexagonal Shelves from decoist

Curved Bookshelf from decoist

Wooden Bookshelf from decoist

Small Honeycomb Shelf from decoist

Skateboards Shelf from decoist

Hand-Painted Tree and Shelves from decoist

Modern Rustic Open Shelf from decoist

Stair Storage Rack from decoist

Shelf above the Door from decoist

Industrial Shelf Storage from decoist

Colorful Geometric Shelf from decoist

Contemporary Floating Shelves from decoist

Letter Initial Rack from deavita

Wall Shelf Bridge Storage from deavita

House Shelf Designs from deavita

Painting Crates Storage from deavita

Tree Branch Shelves from deavita

Yellow Curved Open Shelf from deavita

Wooden Shelf Storage from deavita

Red Round Shelf from deavita

Yellow Open Shelf Wall from deavita

Lego Open Shelf from deavita

Green Wall Open Shelf from deavita

Giraffe Shape Wicker Rack from realhomes

Built-in Corner Storage from realhomes

Faux Fireplace Storage Rack from realhomes

Shelf Storage with Plastic Containers from realhomes

Built-in Storage from mydomaine

Wooden Rack above Sofa from mydomaine

Built-in Shelf Reading Nook from mydomaine

Hnaging Open Shelf from mydomaine

Industrial Shelf Kid’s Room from countryliving

Nook Book Storage from countryliving

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