How to Style Your Decorative Bookshelves

Having a bookshelf is such a must for those who have such a wide collection of books. However, the bookshelves commonly have boring impressions where the designs are only just like that. Not to worry about that, you can surely have the proper and good one. Providing the decorative shelf is still really possible. In this case, you can have it by concerning the design of the shelf that adapting the unique one in varied shapes. The point here is that you have to make sure that the books can still be stored well. Then, you can also play with the colors. Here, you can choose colors that might be harmonious with your home decor color scheme. Besides, you can also put some ornaments there so that the shelf won’t be seen as boring. Here are the references for you.

An open bookcase design that is applied to a blank wall will be very useful when you have a small and limited room decor. With this floating bookshelf, your floor area will be more flexible. You can arrange this bookshelf in stages to make it look more decorative without being. Don’t forget to match the bookshelf with your wall paint to make it look more harmonious. Blue is a very appropriate choice of paint color to give the effect of a cooler room. Tiered bookshelf from architecturaldigest.

Room dividers don’t always use walls, now you can use wooden bookshelf boxes that have a square shape with different sizes. This bookcase box is arranged vertically so that it looks neater and of course all your books can be stored according to the theme of the book. It’s not enough to stop here, this bookcase box can be a substitute for the entrance to your bedroom. Do painting and re-polishing this shelf for a more attractive appearance and of course it looks cleaner and shiny. Box bookshelf from architecturaldigest.

The built-in bookshelf that is applied to this wall area becomes a different look in your living room decoration. Currently you can use this shelf with wood material so that the surface is smoother and not easily porous when used for a long time. In addition, this bookshelf also does not take up much floor space which is very suitable to be applied in a limited space. So that this bookshelf can be used as the focal point of the room, you can repaint it with a fairly striking color such as green. Focal point bookshelf from architecturaldigest.

To make your living room decoration more special, you can install and use a contemporary bookshelf that has been repainted in dark blue. The outer surface of this bookshelf is also equipped with carvings at the bottom so that it looks more stylish and textured. Choose and use this shelf in a contemporary style living room decor. In addition to books, this shelf can also be enhanced by placing some ceramic ornaments and several photo frames that can be displayed together with your books in a neat and orderly manner. Textured bookshelf from hgtv.

The corner of this bookshelf has several partitions making it easier for you to store books according to the theme, now you can put some ceramic decorations that have different patterns for a more beautiful shelf appearance. The advantage of this shelf is that it makes it easier for you to find books more effectively and efficiently because it has a size that is not too big. The design of this bookshelf has a simple style that can be arranged vertically so that it makes this room look more visually appealing. Don’t forget to add one chair as a sitting area that can be used. Corner bookshelf from hgtv.

Of course, in decorating your bedroom, you need book storage to train your child to do neater things. For that, you can add tall bookshelves that can be applied on both sides of the headboard. In addition, this bookshelf can also be used as an area to put some children’s toys such as toy cars and Tyrannosaurus rex animals as a more supportive personal touch. The use of rattan lampshade also gives a natural impression which gives the impression of a more artistic room. Colorful blankets, curtains and rugs add a more pleasant color to the room. Bedroom bookshelf from hgtv.

Take advantage of the wall at the bottom of your stairs as a bookcase idea so that it can function better and optimally. Repaint this part of the bookshelf using a color that matches the feel of the room so that it blends in more perfectly and does not give a color effect that is too contrasting. This bookshelf consists of several shelves that are arranged vertically so that it can be used as storage with a larger amount. With this shelf it also makes your book storage more effective and efficient, you can try it to remodel your home. Bookshelf under the stairs from hgtv.

Don’t let your wall decor look plain and boring, now you can try to use it as a built-in bookshelf that can be applied lower so that it can be reached by anyone. In addition to books, this shelf can also be used to place several painting frames, green plants and some ceramic ornaments that have different shapes and sizes. In addition, this shelf design also has a sloping shape that looks more unique and different from other bookshelves. Repaint this bookshelf with white for a more neutral look and of course it can be combined with other furniture around it. Low open bookshelf from hgtv.

Maintain the look of the glass bookshelf decoration which is perfected with a shiny gold frame. You can choose multiple single-color schemes for one area for a more colorful final look. Another decoration that you can place on this shelf is a ceramic vase filled with blooming flowers. In addition to vases, other decorations that you can use are small woven baskets that can be used as closed storage. This glass bookshelf brings a modern style and feel that looks quite luxurious. Glass bookshelf from bhg.

The best bookshelf decor often comes in a variety of styles and colors. You can find and use photo frames, miniature statues and several ceramic ornaments with different patterns to put together in this bookcase decoration. Place your books randomly in a neat and orderly arrangement. Now you can place decorations between different shelves. The existence of decorations and ornaments on this shelf adds color as well as texture that can fill empty objects so it doesn’t look boring. Bookshelf decorative from bhg.

Install and use floating wooden bookshelves that have different lengths and sizes so that they look more varied. No need to repaint this shelf for a more natural look. In addition to books, this shelf can also be used to place ceramic ornaments that have white color as decorative items that look elegant. This rattan wicker vase filled with blooming daisies is an additional sight that makes this shelf look more cheerful and fun. Various sizes of floating bookshelf from bhg.

Don’t let your bookshelf look boring with the use of white shades, now you can decorate it with some ceramic vases, artwork and greenery to add color and texture at the same time. Books to be stored should be arranged horizontally to keep the white color looking minimalist. Place this bookcase stand in one of the rooms or floor areas that are still empty so that it can be used better. Do not forget to use iron as the main material that you can use. Standing iron bookshelf from bhg.

For decorating a narrow reading room, you can try using an open floating shelf in the corner of the room. This shelf is very slim so it will not make the room look cramped. This open floating shelf will make it easier for you to store and find books quickly, making this room more effective and efficient. So that you get a natural freshness and a calming atmosphere, try to include green elements, for example by placing green plants in pots around it. Corner floating bookshelf from goodhousekeeping.

You can also use the built-in shelves that are applied to the walls of the room for an additional storage for your collection of books. You can neatly arrange a collection of your favorite books on this wall-mounted shelf. As well as hidden storage you can also install an antique painting in the middle. Also provide a comfortable seat in front of this storage rack so you can enjoy a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere while reading a book. Bookcase with antique paintings from goodhousekeeping.

Make the reading room in your home as comfortable as possible with unique and fun decorations. You can use wooden cabinets in neutral colors to keep the rustic atmosphere warm and soothing. This wooden cabinet is equipped with several open shelving areas that can be used to store your open collection. To make it look unique, you can add some china plates to add color and texture to the bookshelf that looks more antique and certainly never goes out of style. Shelf decoration with china plates from goodhousekeeping.

If you like a unique look and also have a high artistic value, there is nothing wrong if you use a unique arched bookcase. This open shelf has various sizes of space on each panel. You can fill it with various books according to your theme and needs. Don’t hesitate to use some of these wave-shaped open shelves to add artistic value to the room. Don’t forget to finish this bookshelf with white paint for a more neutral and clean look. Arched bookshelf from decoist.

Not always with an open bookcase in the form of a box, you can open a bookcase with a space that has a hollow in several panels. You can use this basin as an area to put books you love or to mark books you’ve read. Give a different color to this open shelf panel that has a certain space to make it easier for you to find and save your collection of books. Its unique and contemporary shape is perfect for placing in a modern-style room. Unique shaped from decoist.

Avoid using bookshelves that are classified as very monotonous with the same character as their trademark. If you want to use a bookshelf with a different shape, then a minimalist bookshelf with a hexagon shape can be an attractive option in your home. In addition to being a bookshelf, you can also use this shelf for other purposes according to your needs, for example to place painting or photo frames. Apply books and frames well for a more perfect finish. Hexagon shaped bookshelf from decoist.

So that your square bookcase design doesn’t look monotonous and boring, then you can hang a large abstract painting right in front of this shelf. Choose and use a painting that is dominated by a combination of black and white. This bookcase will be a storage area as well as a decorative area in the living room that will make your guests feel amazed. The existence of a bookshelf in the living room will also accompany you or your guests who like to read books. Abstract painting decoration from onekingslane.

Storage decorations in the form of rustic wood are currently one of the inspirations for unique and functional shelves. Not only in terms of aesthetics, this rustic bookshelf also has a three-dimensional effect that looks very attractive when hung on the wall so that it can be used as part of home decoration. This bookshelf with a three-dimensional design pays attention to the functional side which will make it easier for you to pick up books according to the desired theme. The three-dimensional effect can be felt from the placement of books that are arranged irregularly. Three-dimensional bookshelf from nextluxury.

If you have a high enough home decor idea, then the use of a bookshelf can be an attractive option in one of the rooms of your home. This bookshelf looks very aesthetic, especially equipped with yellow lighting on each shelf that is not used to put books. Not only the placement of books and lights, but the arrangement of the squares on this bookshelf is also designed with a more unique comparison so that it becomes a more modern and classy decoration. The lights used give the room a more romantic and dramatic feel. Bookcase with dim lighting from nextluxury.

This masculine style bookcase mounted on the wall with a minimalist and modern look looks more visually appealing. The use of dark colors on this shelf needs to be balanced with bright enough lighting so that it can be seen clearly when the room starts to feel dark. Also put several musical instruments together in this shelf area to give a more personal touch that sticks. In addition to musical instruments, you can also put some painting frames to give a bit of beautiful artistic value. Personal touch style from nextluxury.

In addition to the general form, the bookcase design in a curved shape is also an alternative option that you can try to make the room look more attractive. The design will look very appropriate when applied to the wall as a home decoration. To produce more unique inspiration, you can arrange bookshelves with certain effects. For example, you can arrange books vertically, horizontally and diagonally to produce a different visual effect. Curved bookshelf from nextluxury.

The inspiration for the design of the bookcase tree trunk that is applied to the corner of this room is an interesting choice that you can try. Not only from the front side, the placement of books that match the grooves of the leaves and twigs is unique and inspiring. So that this bookshelf looks more balanced, you can consider arranging and placing books both vertically and horizontally evenly. This DIY bookshelf tree trunk also brings a natural feel into the room instantly. DIY tree trunk bookshelf from nextluxury.

To maximize the living room wall space to be more effective and efficient, you can install and use a triangle shaped bookcase which is dominated by teak wood. Do a repaint with wood colors to give the effect of a more comfortable and calm room. This shelf looks minimalist which you can perfect with bright lighting so that it can also be used as a very useful reading area to accompany your weekend. Place books according to the shape of this shelf to make them neater and not easily fall to the floor. Triangle shaped bookshelf from nextluxury.

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