How to Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Having the proper reading spot will help you to get the best quality time of reading during your free time. You can create a cozy reading nook by simply utilizing the corner spot in your house. No need to be extra, you just have to make sure that you provide the comfortable one with the furniture and the space arrangement. Also, providing additional accessories like a throw pillow and blanket will also be recommended. Then, to give you such a good mood, you should consider the beauty of the decoration concept. You may add some greenery or ornament that is based on your personal taste. Here are some ideas for you.

Use Bedroom Nook

Utilizing the corner of your bedroom as a reading nook decoration can maximize the room as a whole. The thing you need to do is choose and use seating areas with a soft surface so that it is more comfortable to use all day on weekends. Faux fur blankets and pillows are additional accents that can be placed on the chair neatly and orderly. It’s not enough to get here, you can also read a book while relaxing your feet by extending them to the footstool area which is right in front of the chair. Hanging lamps above are lighting ideas that must be used when the room feels darker.

Bedroom Reading Nook from decoist

Black and White Theme

Adjust your reading nook theme to your current home style, when you have a house with modern or contemporary decorations, you should use a black and white reading nook. The combination of these two colors instantly creates a monochromatic theme that never goes out of style. Now you can try applying black and white to some of the interiors, such as chairs, side tables, patterned rugs and leather ottomans. Zebra pattern rugs add texture to the room so it doesn’t look monotonous. Don’t forget to hang a painting of a work of art with a matching color as a focal point that looks artistic.

Monochromatic Theme from decoist

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Add Vintage Touch

The floral chair that is placed in the corner of this room can be used as one of the furniture that you must have when you start using reading nook decorations. Flower patterned chairs, shabby cloth curtains and a simple fireplace are a combination of furniture that can instantly bring out a vintage feel. To complete this reading nook decoration, you can use a side table made of clay which can be perfected with a flower vase. Standing open shelves that are arranged vertically can be placed right next to the chair to make it easier for you to reach when you are going to read one of the books that have been arranged. Use and light a fireplace when the temperature in this room is cooler.

Floral chair and Shabby Curtain from decoist

Open Concept Staircase

One of the right ways to use the empty space under the stairs is to turn it into a reading nook decoration that can be used by anyone in your home. With this, the small room under the stairs will become one of the best places to have in the house. To arrange the books that you have insufficient number, then you can add a standing open bookshelf made of wood. The chair which is equipped with handles on the right and left becomes a more comfortable sitting area. Finish the decoration under the stairs with the right lighting that can help your night activities while in this area.

Decoration Under the Stairs from decoist

Proper Lighting

Reading nook of course requires bright lighting during the day or night so you can consider using glass windows that have a large enough size. Large transparent glass windows with black frames are a smart source of solar lighting and are able to illuminate this room during the day to the maximum without the need for electricity at all. Meanwhile, at night you can use a floor lamp for lighting that focuses more on the book you are reading. Both lightings in this room will work well together with the right amount of light when you are reading in this room so as not to hurt your eyes. You can try it right now.

Natural lighting from decoist

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Contemporary Reading Nook

Consider choosing a seat for decorating your reading nook to really make you feel more comfortable while in this room. Leather chairs are the choice of materials that have a smoother surface and are not easily torn. Another advantage that can be obtained from the use of this reading nook chair is that it has legs made of iron so that it is more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long period of time. So that you feel more relaxed in the reading nook area, you can add a side table that can be used to put books that have been read or drinks and food that have been provided.

Leather Chair Near Window from decoist

Bring the Feel of Nature

Bring green plants to your reading nook decoration as a decoration as well as a view that refreshes the eyes. You can use two types of greenery which are low maintenance when applied indoors. It’s not enough for this plant, you also don’t need to buy it when in the backyard garden, use a pot of the same color to make it look more appropriate. For the convenience of the rattan chair in this room, you can make the surface softer by covering it with a faux fur blanket and several pillows that are used simultaneously. With this, your back will feel more comfortable and healthy while reading a book all day.

Low Maintenance Plants from thespruce

Closet Reading Nook

Try tackling the closet reading nook to embrace the space by turning it into a different angle. This will add visual interest and make your reading nook more comfortable and unique. Right now what is needed to perfect it is to come up with the right idea, try adding a few piles of pillows and layers of pillows that are soft and have a softer surface. Don’t forget to add wall mounted lamps that can make you feel more focused when reading a book during the day or night. On the side of the reading nook closet there is also an open shelf that can be used to put some of your favorite books.

Different Corner Room from thespruce

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Maximizing Limited Space

Find a pillow that brings color to your windowsill area to be used as a reading nook decoration with a beautiful outdoor view. This may sound strange, but it will make a very good decoration. When you are at the windowsill reading nook, you don’t need any more lighting during the day because the sunlight that enters the room is more than enough. When you want to get new, healthier air then you can open this window while enjoying the breeze. With this, the windowsill area will be of better use when you have limited home decor. Small succulents with white pots are a suitable decoration and never go out of style.

Windowsill Reading Nook from thespruce

Cozy Sitting Area

Instead of using sofas and chairs with hanging rattan swings, doesn’t it look good and better? You need to consider using this swing in the reading nook to provide a different atmosphere and seating area. In addition, reading a book on a swing also provides a calming experience and imagination, a sense of playing can also be obtained directly. When you want a softer and smoother surface, you can cover it with a tufted seat cushion and one pillow. Hang the swing right next to your wooden bookshelf to make it easier to reach the books to be read.

Rattan Swing from thespruce

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