How to Provide Bathroom Lighting

What is important for bathroom decoration is not only about the shower, bathtub, or vanity. It will be also about the lighting. Well, what will it be a bathroom without lighting? To complete your bathroom, there will be some possible lighting that you can apply. The kind of lighting will be based on your bathroom decoration style. However, it can also be based on the impression that you want to have for the bathroom. For example, if you want a relaxing impression, you can choose dim lighting. Although here, you should also install the bright one to keep you facilitate in case you need to have bright lighting. Also, it will be great if you have the light from the outside. Here, you can have the natural lighting from the window. There are still so many kinds of bathroom lighting that you can have as follows!

Traditional Sconces Lamp

Match your lighting style to the bathroom theme so that it blends in more perfectly. For example, when you have a traditional-style bathroom decoration, you can use a lamp in a similar style. Wall sconces lamps that are installed in the standing sink area can be more focused lighting. The advantage of using this lamp is that it is very easy to apply in any area, including outdoors. The combination of black and white in this room presents monochromatic nuances and themes that never go out of style, you can try these two colors for maximum results.

Wall mounted sconces lamps from elledecor

Geometric Shape Lighting

The geometric pattern on the lampshade above the sink complements the shiny gold mirror frame, making it suitable when applied to bathroom decorations together for a classic touch. You can make this lampshade with different materials, for example, you make it from a layer of plain white cloth that has the same color as the room. When this hanging pendant lamp is not enough to light up your bathroom, combine it with a scones lamp that is installed in the wall area. Turn on and use both lights simultaneously when needed. The white nuance in this room makes it appear more clean, spacious and open.

Geometric pendant lamp from elledecor

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Play up Natural Light

Instead of using walls with glass windows that are large enough to be used as lighting that can enter sunlight to the maximum during the day. The existence of this glass window is very helpful in lighting the bathroom and of course reducing the humidity in the room which causes discomfort. This window area can be used to see a beautiful outdoor view. It’s not enough to get here, when you use this bathroom at night, you can use a chandelier that can be firmly applied to the ceiling. These two lighting sources will work well together to create the bathroom feel you’re looking for.

Glass window lighting from elledecor

Use Cooper Material Lamp

In this classic bathroom, it will look glamorous when you use the right interior. Now you can apply it to the part of the lamp that is used. Cooper chandeliers are a smart idea that you can use, hang on the bathroom ceiling or rather above your white bathtub. The layout of hanging chandeliers needs to be considered to produce a very inviting bathroom atmosphere. The shiny color will look more beautiful when the chandeliers are turned on at night or when the atmosphere in the room looks darker.

Hanging chandeliers from elledecor

Ceiling Spotlights

If you need more focused lighting in the bathtub area, then you can use two spotlights that have the same size and color. The lighting from this lamp makes your bathroom decoration bright, of course, it looks cooler and minimalist. The use of spotlights is very easy to apply to your ceiling so you don’t need a professional when installing it. The touch of gold on the shower and faucet is a statement of a different room color because this bathroom is dominated by plain white which seems neutral.

Spotlight above the bathtub from housebeautiful

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Use LED Ceiling Lighting

Do you have a minimalist style bathroom decoration? If so, then you can use matching lighting or lamps. Try using recessed lights for a different look and of course, people don’t think that there are lights on the ceiling of this bathroom. Install and use this lamp more than one to get maximum lighting and can be evenly distributed throughout the bathroom. The bathroom decoration, which is dominated by white tiles, makes it look cleaner, it’s a good idea to add a floating cabinet sink with a different color for an additional color that makes this room less boring. Blue is the right color choice and can blend perfectly when combined with white shades.

Minimalist recessed lamp from housebeautiful

Relaxing Adjustable Light

Lighting is certainly one of the must-have interiors for all rooms in your home. For that, when you design a bathroom, you can choose and use two different types of lighting to produce maximum lighting. These two types of lamps are suitable for use in bathrooms that have a wider room. One type of lamp that can be used is an adjustable light that has a splash of gold so it looks more luxurious. The advantage of using this lamp is that it can be adjusted to your lighting needs, you can rotate it easily in any direction you want. Furthermore, hanging pendant lamps become a suitable combination.

Gold adjustable lamp from housebeautiful

Dim Lighting Ideas

Candle lighting is a good choice if you prefer muted and warm lighting, candle lighting is also one of the safer lighting options and gives a room an instant warm feel. Choose and use wall mounted candles with a variety of different colors to add color to the room. Apply it on the bathtub area to set a more inviting atmosphere as it shimmers perfectly. The gold touch on the painting frame adds an antique gothic touch. This candle lighting is flexible so it can be applied to any style of bathroom decoration, including eclectic.

Candle lighting in the bathtub area from housebeautiful

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Statement Table Lamp

Take advantage of a little space in your bathroom centerpiece to place a table lamp that has a colorful floral pattern. Besides being able to be used as room lighting, this table lamp can also be used as a room statement that never fails. The pattern on this lamp gives texture as well as extra character that looks beautiful and vintage. Enter another pattern through the use of wall wallpaper which is dominated by green so that it has quite a contrasting color and makes this bathroom room not easily boring.

Floral pattern table lamp from housebeautiful

Low Track Lighting

Get creative with the placement of your bathroom lighting. For cool and contemporary lighting, you can try using track lighting that is installed in a vertically empty wall area. It’s a good idea to shine this light into the sink and mirror area so that this room can be used optimally at night. Another thing you can get from using track lighting is to get extra lighting because it focuses on one area with focus. Use iron material so that it is not easily porous and of course provides its own luxury that is able to present a sleek modern style.

Vertical layout lighting from housebeautiful


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