50 Functional Living Room Storage Ideas

Guess what! Even when you only have such a small living room space, you can still have storage there. It is something normal for you to have storage in your living room no matter how spacious or how narrow your living room space is. You will always need the storage to store your things like magazines, remotes, snacks, just anything that you might need when spending your time in your living room. That is why you can’t let your living room that way without any storage available. You can even have the unique one since storage can be surely varied for its kind and material.

For you, who have such a spacious living room, then providing the storage won’t be that difficult for you. You can choose any storage that you want and place them anywhere you want. However, when you have only such a small living room, then you should focus on the available space there and maximize the utilization. For example, the easiest way that you can do this is by having multifunctional furniture for your living room. It will be the chair or table that has the storage there. Or, you can have the storage right behind your sofa. There will be other ideas for the possible living room storage that you can have for your spacious or narrow living room space. Check them out below.

Cabinets Around the Sofa from Digsdigs

Faux Leather Basket from Digsdigs

White Boxes Storage from Digsdigs

Wicker Basket from Digsdigs

Secret Table Storage from Idealhome

Ottoman Storage from Idealhome

Wooden Basket Under Table from Idealhome

Fabric Basket Storage from Idealhome

Baskets on the Wall from Idealhome

Pillow Storage from Homestratosphere

Coffee Tables Storage from Homestratosphere

End Tables Storage from Homestratosphere

Black Drawer Storage from Housely

Coffee Table Storage from Digsdigs

Drawers Storage from Digsdigs

Console Table Storage from Digsdigs

Striped Basket from Decorhomeideas

Wire Side Table Storage from Housebeautiful

Blue Ottoman Storage from Housely

Yellow Foot Stool Storage from Housely

Wooden Drawer Storage from Trendey

Wicker Basket Storage from Midwestliving

Fabric Box Storage from Trendey

Rattan Side Table Storage from Trendey

Rattan Boxes Storage from Trendey

Built in Sofa Storage from Shelterness

Three Basket Storage from Digsdigs

Under Coffee Table Storage from Digsdigs

Double Basket Drawers from Digsdigs

Wooden Box Storage from Digsdigs

Rattan Basket Storage from Digsdigs

Large Wicker Basket Storage from Digsdigs

Coffee Table Drawer Storage from Coasterfurniture.

Cubes Storage from Decoist

Back Sofa Storage from Decorhomeideas

3-Pack Storage Basket from Homebnc

Wicker Barrel Storage from Homebnc

Coffee Table Drawer from Idealhome

Boxes Storage from Digsdigs

Ottoman Storage from Organizedmom

Vintage Storage Trunks from Idealhome

Rattan Coffee Table Storage from Blog.mykukun

Black Trunk Storage from Blog.mykukun

Side Table Storage from Housebeautiful

Yellow Ottoman Storage from Digsdigs

Green Ottoman Coffee Table from Thisoldhouse

Round Ottoman Storage from Homedit

Coffee Table Storage from Momof6

Round Ottoman Storage from Momof6

Wicker Basket from Shelterness

Round Basket Storage from Amazinginteriordesign

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