25 Lively Spring Home Decors in Scandinavian Style

Spring is here! The decoration will be dominated by colors and patterns. However, some of you might don’t want that kind of decoration but still want to present the spring touches. Here, you can apply the Scandinavian decoration that is added with spring touches, of course. In this case, the Scandinavian design will give you simplicity with a quiet atmosphere. Then, the spring touches will give you a lively ambiance which is good for your home. Combining those two for your home decoration will be really awesome, right? Anyway, in adding the spring touches, you don’t need to be extra. Simply have the greenery or soft color blooming to make everything be seen as harmonious in completing each other.

To bring the feel of spring into your Scandinavian dining room decor, green plants are a smart idea that you can try. Now you can apply a few stalks of this green plant into a colored glass jar that has been filled with clean water. This water can be used as a planting medium that keeps your plants fresh all day long. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also combine this plant vase with a candle pillar that can be placed close together so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Green plant vase from mydesiredhome.

Nature is an important feature of the Scandinavian lifestyle, so bring floral arrangements into your living room décor. Choose and use flowers with two different colors, white and blue flowers into a blend that can blend perfectly. Apply this flower in a jar filled with water so it doesn’t wilt when used as a room decoration throughout the day. The pillows and other interiors in this room have several pastel colors that emphasize the fun of spring. Blooming flower decoration from mydesiredhome.

Decorate the dining table with various types of green plants that can be used as centerpiece decorations. This plant can be obtained easily in your backyard garden so you can get it without having to buy it. Complete this dining room decor with hanging chandeliers that have yellow lighting for a warm impression. The white nuance has always been one of the hallmarks of the Scandinavian style in any room, including your current dining room decor. Greenery centerpiece from mydesiredhome.

Start designing your Scandinavian spring living room by decorating a coffee table. Currently you can put some flowers and green plants as natural decorations that can bring the feel of nature into the room. Use a coffee table with a variety of different colors and sizes to make it more varied. Yellow flowers are functional items that can be used as decorative items while providing a fragrant aroma that can make you more relaxed. Living room table decoration from mydesiredhome.

Presents black metal to combine with the white nuances in the decoration of this living room. This metal material can be applied to the legs of the table so that it is more sturdy. Its subtle appearance adds a modern impression that never goes out of style. The next thing you can do is place two types of green plants that don’t take up floor space, thus freeing up space for a spacious interior. Another way to apply a face painting is to place it in the corner of the room without hanging. Green plants without floor space from mydesiredhome.

The white nuance in a dining room is one of the hallmarks of Scandinavian decor. Furthermore, to emphasize the spring theme you can place some Easter eggs on the table using a wooden tray to keep them in place. Use Easter eggs according to the feel of the room so that they can blend in more perfectly. Dry twigs that are applied to a transparent glass jar can be enhanced with white feathers that seem soft. White Scandinavian dining room from mydesiredhome.

If your Scandinavian living room decoration is dominated by white, then it’s a good idea to include other colors such as green for a splash of color that is quite bold. This green color can be applied to the blankets and throw pillows. Furthermore, the flowers on the coffee table become decorations that can bring a touch of spring instantly. Perform regular maintenance for the results of tulips that remain fresh and can develop properly. Sunlight that enters the room makes your living room decoration brighter and not easily damp. White tulip flower decoration from mydesiredhome.

An easy way to bring a touch of spring into your Scandinavian living room decor is to decorate a coffee table using two vases of plants that can give a fresh pop of color. On this coffee table you can put two different types of plants, white tulips and herbs into a very good combination to try. Get this plant in the garden area for free, you can move it using a vase that has the right size. This coffee table decoration can also be decorated with several framed paintings dominated with black and white splashes for a beautiful artistic touch. Spring from . Living room decoration from mydesiredhome.

The black and white décor in this living room accentuates the Scandinavian style in an instant. There is nothing wrong with incorporating a Scandinavian theme into this room by placing a round glass vase filled with beautifully blooming tulips. You can pick this tulip flower at once with the stem and leaves so that it gives a fresh green color. This glass vase can be placed on the coffee table in this room so that it can be used as a decorative item that brings the feel of nature into the room. B/W living room decoration from mydesiredhome.

Create a calm atmosphere and a sense of spaciousness in your kitchen decor by using only simple and main furniture. The white nuance in this room can be perfected with indoor green plants that are applied in a different layout but still neat and don’t interfere with your space. Choose indoor green plants that are low maintenance to make it easier for you to take care of yourself every day. Green plants in this room can also develop well because of the reflection of sunlight that enters the room through the glass window that is quite wide. Indoor green plants from mydesiredhome.

The Scandinavian theme is suitable to be applied in any room of the house, including in the decoration of your living room. Now you can start by using neutral shades which are dominated by a splash of white. There’s nothing wrong with using a touch of spring style into this room in an easy way that doesn’t cost a lot of money. For example, you can decorate a coffee table with an empty surface by placing indoor plants, Easter eggs in the box and a few candle pillars of the same color. Spring coffee table decoration from mydesiredhome.

Don’t let your windowsill area look empty and boring, now you can put a ceramic vase that can be filled with one type of green plant. Choose and use a vase that has a texture for a modern and contemporary look. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use a vase according to the feel of the room, a white vase is the best choice that can be used. Indirectly, this ceramic vase can be used as an initial welcome in the master bedroom in spring. Windowsill decoration from mydesiredhome.

Bringing a touch of spring into Scandinavian decor is an interesting idea that you can try right now and it never fails. There are many ways you can try to bring a touch of spring, one of which is to use low-maintenance indoor greenery. Applying white paint to the wall area will make the room feel brighter during the day or night. Furthermore, the use of furniture with a combination of black and white brings a monochromatic style instantly. Bright theme living room from curatedinterior.

One easy way to bring a spring feel to your Scandinavian living room decor is to bring ornamental plants into the room. The ornamental plant that you can choose is the Monstera plant. Use a vase that is quite beautiful, for example, a ceramic vase that has been repainted in a dark color. Apply and place a green plant vase right next to your sofa so that it can be used as a decoration that can be used as a view of guests who come to your home. Not only Monstera plants, but you can also put a jar vase on a marble coffee table that can be filled with some plant branches. Monstera plant decor from curatedinterior.

Refresh the feel of your living room to welcome spring this year with full of joy. For example, you can use tropical plants as ornamental plants that can be placed indoors easily. This plant will bring an additional beautiful green color when combined with some neutral colored interiors such as white and gray. Other colors in this room can also be obtained by using a framed painting with splashes of different colors such as dark blue. Tropical plants decor from curatedinterior.

Focus on cool white tones to make your home feel open and airy. Pair white with a touch of natural wood to add a bit of warmth without darkening the ambiance of your living room. This wood touch can be applied to the use of the floor of this room. Furthermore, adding a spring vibe to this living room decoration is very easy, just place a vase containing blooming flowers on the coffee table that has been provided. Shades of white with floral decoration from curatedinterior.

The decoration that you must do to refresh the atmosphere of your Scandinavian living room this year in spring is to use two different types of indoor green plants. If you need small indoor plants then the right recommendation is succulents. Meanwhile, if you need a green plant that is large enough, it is a rubber tree that has wide leaves. This rubber tree can be placed right behind the sofa so it doesn’t interfere with your movement. While the use of rugs with black patterns becomes an elegant interior that can add texture to the room. Combination of succulent with rubber tree from curatedinterior.

Many Scandinavian homes focus on a neutral color palette. A clean white palette in the living room will give it a clean and simple feel, but the textures in the room keep it from feeling stuffy. This texture can be entered through the use of a geometric rug which is dominated by black and white. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also include a green plant that is large enough to emphasize the spring theme in this room at the same time. Big size green plant from curatedinterior.

This Scandinavian living room decoration, which is full of simplicity, should be combined with the use of indoor green plants that can be placed on the table to be used as decorations as well as views of your guests. These greenery are a great way to combine a minimalist look with a space that channels the outdoors. This plant also doesn’t take up too much space so it doesn’t look messy or too crowded. Usually the decoration of this room always looks bright. Outdoor vibe living room decoration from onekindesign.

Don’t let your bedroom decor look stiff and too plain. It’s a good idea to use a vase that contains indoor green plants as an addition to a fresh room color. This vase can be placed right next to the bed or rather on the side table. The existence of this vase is perfected with a transparent and textured glass lamp table that looks luxurious and certainly never goes out of fashion. You can try it easily. Plant vase on the side table from onekindesign.

Rethink your hallway decor for a cozy and relaxing room decor. Are you inspired to decorate Scandinavian hallways with a spring theme? If so, then you can put or put a vase of green plants that can be placed on a small table. Do not use too many green plants so as not to interfere with your movement space when in the hallway area. White tones and a few elements of wood are the hallmarks of a strong Scandinavian style. Hallway decoration from onekindesign.

Even though you have a simple living room decoration with limited space, you can decorate it as much as possible so that it can be used as a comfortable relaxing area with your family. The Scandinavian living room is perfect for decorating your current home because it has not too much use of furniture. The element of green plants is also enough to be a natural room decoration and can be easily moved into the room. On the other hand, this indoor use of greenery brings the spring theme instantly. You can use two types of plants with two different sizes as well. Small spring living room from mydomaine.

Green plants are always a room decoration that is suitable to be placed in any room of the house, including your spring dining room decoration. For now, you can choose types of plants that are large enough to be used as the focal point of the room as well as a fresh eye view. The layout of green plants must also be considered, for example, you can put it right in front of the window so you can get maximum sunlight. Do this dining room decoration for a final result that matches your expectations. Dining room decoration from mydomaine.

Not only decorating your living room or bedroom, now you can decorate a spring bathroom with Scandinavian nuances. This room which is dominated by white color should be decorated as best as possible so that it doesn’t look too plain and boring. Decorations that you can try are moving one of the medium-sized trees from the garden into your bathroom. Move this tree into a ceramic vase that has a matching color with your room, white being the right choice. Take care by giving fertilizer and watering it regularly. Bathroom decoration from mydomaine.

The wood element on a dining table is perfected with matching chairs. This soft wood element is usually used in a Scandinavian-style room. Adjust the theme of this dining room with the current season, when you will do a welcome in spring then it’s good to add some green plants that can be placed on the floor area and on the dining table. For plants that are on the table, you can choose a smaller size so that it can also be used as a centerpiece decoration. Elements of wood and plants from mydomaine.

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