10 Repurpose Ideas for Your Vintage Suitcase

It can be said that the old suitcase is something classic that has its own interesting side. That is why, when you have it, it is such a bit of luck. Well, maybe you can’t use it to go traveling but you can surely use it to beautify your home decoration. Surprisingly, the vintage suitcase can be repurposed so that it has a new value and is able to give an aesthetic side to your home. There will be varied things that you can provide by utilizing the vintage suitcase from the simple ornament or even for the furniture use. Let’s say that you can have the suitcase being repurposed to the shelves, storage, planter, or simply put it in a certain spot to give a vintage home impression. The following ideas will show you more about it. Keep on reading!

DIY Boden Inspired Suitcase

Big or small the old suitcase that you have will be used properly according to the creativity you have. Here a bold little antique suitcase has been crafted and designed in a beautiful style. Function the existence of the suitcase on this table as an area to put your frames and pictures so that they become the most appropriate layout ideas and of course make the table surface more organized and neat. In addition, this suitcase also brings beautiful colors and textures so it is very suitable when combined with the plain nuances around it. You can try Boden-inspired suitcase ideas right now.

Suitcase to put photos from cutediyprojects

Corner Storage Suitcases

Taking advantage of unused items by converting them into new items is a smart idea and you can imitate them. If you have a large old suitcase that is no longer in use, try to be creative by turning it into a small corner cupboard in any room in your home. By opening it up and adding legs to the bottom of the old suitcase, you’re off to a good start. It’s just that by adding one more thing, namely some wooden boards as the center of the suitcase corner shelf. You can use this suitcase corner shelf to store some of your book collections or other items for a neater appearance of the room.

Standing cupboard suitcase DIY from cutediyprojects

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Simple Vintage Nightstand

Bring an antique feel to your bedroom decor by using an old suitcase as a nightstand design that can be placed right next to the bed. Simply put the suitcase on a wooden bench so that it has a position or in parallel and in accordance with the height of your bed. After the layout and style are in accordance with what is expected, the existence of the suitcase in the bedroom is ready to be used. One of the benefits of the existence of this nightstand suitcase is to place a night light, clock, and photo frame freely because it has a fairly wide surface. In addition, you can also use it as secret storage to store valuables in your bedroom by opening this suitcase first.

Suitcase nightstand decor from cutediyprojects

DIY Sewing Case

Old suitcases can be used as closed storage areas. You can turn it into a complete and neatly arranged sewing box. The inside of this suitcase can be remodeled so that it can be personalized to hang some sewing supplies such as thread and scissors. Of course, they appear relatively small, but there is no doubt about their neatness. You can even store several types of fabric that allow them to be folded and arranged as well as possible so that they can be used for storage in sufficient quantities. You can tie the fabric using a white ribbon as a smart idea to make it more space and a prettier look.

Suitcase sewing case from cutediyprojects

Upcycle Suitcases Pet Bed

You can also use an unused suitcase as a facility for your favorite pet. Turn it into a cat bed that can be covered with soft pillows so that it can be used more comfortably and softly. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also redecorate this old suitcase with a white lace hanging that is attached to the outer surface in a circle. This lace decoration makes your cat’s suitcase bed look even more beautiful. So that the surface of the suitcase is higher and easier to move to any area of the house, then you can add foot accents in every corner with sturdy wood that has been repainted with a clean white color.

Pet bed suitcase from homedit

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Suitcase Becomes Planter

Old suitcases flaunt a great vintage look and feel that makes for one great home decor. Decorating an old suitcase that you can do now is to turn it into a planter that can easily be moved to any area according to the needs of the room. You can put it on an indoor or outdoor table as a different appearance and room decoration. You can rejuvenate this old suitcase with clever scraping, varnishing, and repainting so that people who see it will praise it and be amazed. Use this planter suitcase by placing several plant pots of different types, colors, and sizes to make it look more fun.

Old suitcase planter from homedit

Suitcase Side Table Makeover

If you need a side table to complement the furniture in your vintage living room decor, then this is the right time for you to change the existence of your old suitcase at home. Currently you can choose an old suitcase made of wood to be used as a unique side table design. The thing you need to do is add four legs so that it can stand firmly and of course be able to withstand the pressure of the item to be placed. Consider using iron legs so that they are not easily porous when used for a long time. This fake flower arrangement placed on the table of the suitcase becomes a beautiful decoration that you can do, just use fake flowers to make it more durable and not easy to wither.

Vintage style side table from homedit

Fresh Wall with Suitcases Shelves

Do you have a large number of old suitcases that are no longer in use? If you have it then reuse it for a decoration in your home that can function properly. You can use these suitcases as an open storage shelf idea that can be arranged vertically in an empty wall area. It’s a good idea to paint and clean this suitcase first for a new surface and appearance that is more attractive and shiny. Besides being able to be used as a storage area, it can also be one of the focal points of a house that looks vintage and never goes out of style. Use suitcases with a variety of different colors, styles and sizes to be more varied.

Hanging suitcases wall shelves from architecturendesign

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Tray Ideas

Have trays of different materials and styles in your home decor for a more whimsical and unique look. Currently, you can use a tray with the main ingredient of an old suitcase that is no longer in use. You only need to use one part of the suitcase to make this creative tray, besides having a varied patterned surface, it also has a beautiful color. Complete the appearance of this tray when used to serve breakfast with a small glass vase filled with flowers, don’t forget to use flowers of a small size so as not to interfere with the main function of this tray. This DIY tray idea is quite easy to do yourself at home at a low cost.

DIY suitcases tray from architecturendesign

Suitcase Craft Supply Drink

Don’t let your party bar table look scattered during the event. Now you can reuse old suitcases as an area to put a few bottles of drinks so they don’t scatter everywhere. With this, your bar area will be more focused and organized more regularly so that it remains comfortable to look at throughout the party. One of the other advantages that can be obtained by using this suitcase is that it minimizes your drink bottle from rolling over, causing chaos. Isn’t it quite practical and easy to try? You can also wash or repaint this old suitcase for a cleaner look and of course avoid dust or germs during the event.

Suitcase Bar Decoration from architecturendesign

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