8 Ways to Update Your Bathroom While Staying on Budget

Making some simple updates to your bathroom can make it stand out against the crowd and can give it a more modern look than before. When you watch some of the shows online, you may notice that there are a lot of ways to update a bathroom, but they are often very expensive and the average homeowner does not want to spend that month. 

Reviving your old bathroom is not going to need a total overhaul to make it look better. By updating fixtures, refreshing the cabinets, and changing some of the storage solutions, it is possible for a homeowner to make their bathroom look as good as new, all while being on a budget. 

Updating the Fixtures

The first step that you can use to make your bathroom look nice with some easy updates is to replace some of the fixtures. Just by changing the faucets and adding a modern shower head, you can change up the whole feel of the bathroom. These do not have to cost that much and are a great place to start if you only have a few dollars to work on the bathroom

Replace the Lighting

While the lighting fixture may be able to keep the room bright, if it looks like it came out of the 50s, it is dating your bathroom. There are many modern and contemporary bathroom lighting styles available for you to choose, making it easier for you to find something that will fit the theme and budget for this room. You may even be able to go to some garage sales that have interesting light fixtures that look amazing. When adding lightbulbs in, make sure to avoid yellow bulbs and go for as much natural light as possible. 

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Clear Out the Clutter

Bathrooms are known for having a ton of clutter all over the place. If you are able to clean this up a little bit, you can give the room a facelift without a ton of money along thew ay. Find some inexpensive storage containers and place items that you are not using in them under the sink or in a drawer. Adding some free-standing or wall-hung shelves to the bathroom can help you when it comes to keeping things organized. 

Coordinate the Accents

You may be surprised at how small things will be able to make a difference. You can create a really harmonious color palette in your bathroom by matching the doors of the doors of the cabinets with some of the decorative accents and feature tiles. Adding in some of the accessories that you really love will be enough to transform the bathroom into a comfortable place to be, even when you do not have a lot of money. 

Consider Restoring Some of the Classics

Updating doesn’t always mean that you need to pick out items that are brand new. If you have a classic clawfoot tub that is going to get old from age. You do not have to replace it. In fact, some of these retro things are going to be a great option for the bathroom and for some of the updating that you want. You can easily restore items like this with the help of spray paint resurfacing. This is much cheaper than replacing the area with a new tub. 

High Style Vanity for the Win

Getting new cabinets in the bathroom can be expensive and you can save a lot of money during your remodel by turning an existing piece of furniture into the vanity that you would like to use. If you already have a vintage table or an old chest of drawers around the home that you are not using, it is possible to take it and turn it into a stylish vanity that looks amazing in the bathroom. 

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One thing to consider when doing this is the size. You may need to pull out the measuring tape to see whether the dimensions of that item will be able to work for the room that you have. You can also measure out to see if you will have the right counter space and basin space for your needs. You will also need to talk to a plumber to make sure that you can add in the plumbing that you need when you use this option. 

Repurposed Storage

One thing that is important when it comes to the bathroom that you are remodeling is the amount of storage that you will have. You need a lot of it, but it can also be expensive along the way. Choosing the right free-standing storage will make a big difference in a bathroom. You can get creative and come up with something that can look really nice in that area instead. 

For example, some old wooden crates can be a smart solution to hold onto some of the rolled bath towels or extra toilet paper. This is going to look very stylish in the room and could go with the theme that you are trying to put together in the room. 

Framing the Plain Mirror

You can consider the mirror in the bathroom as well. In fact, this can make a big difference for any room in the home. When it is placed in the bathroom, the mirrors will need to be functional and fit in with the décor that you have. Consider doing some updates to the mirror, such as adding in a frame to change the style and look too. 

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When you are looking at some of the steps necessary to update your bathroom, you may find that a bit of the plumbing may need to be moved to make your dreams a reality. You do not want to do this work on your own. It is easy to make a mistake and the big mess that follows will result in a big headache for you. If you have any plumbing needs or you would like to update your bathroom and that includes some changes in the current plumbing, contact Advantage Plumbing & Sewer Co. to help get it done the right way the first time. 

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