How to Apply Wood Slice to Your Home Decoration

All of you must be familiar with the wood to be applied for your home decoration. Here, the most common form of wood that you use is the wood pallet. However, you should know that the wood slice can also be used in varied stuff for your home decoration needs. Although the shape looks like it could be limited to be used in making varied things, amazingly, the wood slice can be made into so many stuff. This round shape can still be arranged to be applied in furniture making, ornament, and more. Also, the texture of the wood skin makes it has its own aesthetic look.

Well, the wood slice should be added with other materials so that it could be proper for many purposes. In this case, the additional material could be used to create a style impression for the product. For example, if you want to have a modern impression, you can use the black iron material for your table leg. Or, if you want to use it as a tray, you can add the crafted tray holder in a classic style. For the rustic impression, you can use all wood slice material for the planter. There are still so many ideas that you can have to apply the wood slice to your home decoration. From the furniture, ornament, home accessories, everything could be possible. Here are the references.

Small Coffee Table with Brass Legs from shelterness

Tiered Greenery Floor Stand from shelterness

Oversized Stacks Coffee Table from shelterness

Natural Table with Hairpin Leg from shelterness

Slim Coffee Table with Copper Legs from shelterness

Hanging Slice Wood Sign from shelterness

Tea Kettle Trivet from shelterness

DIY Tray with Holders from shelterness

Natural Slice Wood Display Decor from shelterness

Displaying Fall Centerpiece from shelterness

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Floral Shaped Frame Wall Art from shelterness

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Planter Shelf with Rope from homebnc

Small Coffee Table from homebnc

Floating Succulents Stand from homebnc

Natural Framed Mirror from homebnc

Painted Key Holder from homebnc

Holiday Display Dome from homebnc

Monogrammed Coasters from homebnc

Round Wreath Decor from homebnc

Jam Slice Wood DIY from homebnc

Colored Pencils Holder from homebnc

Centerpiece Display from homebnc

Slice Wood Art with Hook from homebnc

Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs from homebnc

Wall Art Decoration from homebnc

Square Shaped Placemats from homebnc

Repaint Slice Wood Sign from countryliving

Calendar Display from countryliving

Rustic Style Wreath from countryliving

Hanging Succulents Stand from countryliving

Pumpkin Shaped Decoration from countryliving

Home Number with Floral Jars from countryliving

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