30 Creative Spring Garden Planter Ideas

When the spring comes, what is crossing in mind first is about the plants and flowers that grow. Related to that, of course, it will be important to consider decorating the planters for your plants. Or, you can provide the new ones that have the spring touches or match enough for your plants. Anyway, when talking about the spring planters, you can provide the colorful ones, the patterned ones, or something that are unique and eye-catching. The point is that since spring is a season with a cheerful ambiance and brings us new hope, then it will be ok! if you provide something festive. Well, there will be varied kinds of planters that you can have. Whatever the planter type that you choose, just make sure that will be proper enough to be placed outside. It means, choosing the planters that could be durable enough with the weather and conditions outside. Here, we have prepared the planter references that could be proper for your spring garden.

This is a cute and great planter idea for your spring garden design. Recycling used cans by painting is an opportunity not to be missed. This is a great project to increase your creativity in decorating the garden this spring. All you need is a few clean, empty cans and some paint and you’ll be ready to recreate this fun look. Fill this tin using soil and some blooming flowers for a fresh, natural-looking garden decorating idea. DIY Upcycled Tins from homebnc.

These flower baskets in various shapes and sizes will be a beautiful garden design and will steal the attention of many people. Painting it a bright color and filling it with some blooming flowers will be a beautiful garden decoration idea and will be the center of attention. Putting it on this garden table will also give a different look and a unique design for you to try. Bright Wicker Planter from homebnc.

This wooden flower box will make a beautiful planter and will steal the show. Make it a selfie by painting this bright color that will be the center of attention of every guest who comes to your spring garden. They add beauty to your garden and are the perfect place to plant flowers. One of the best things about flower boxes is that you can decorate them however you want, so they are sure to highlight your style and taste. Wooden Garden Bed Paint from homebnc.

Staircase shelves are a fun and functional way to display your plants. This is a simple project that you can build with easy-to-find materials. You can use an old ladder and add old shelves or drawers for a quirky and adorable planter idea. Choosing these colorful blooming flowers will be a beautiful garden decoration and will steal your attention. Repurposed Ladder Plant Shelf from homebnc.

This planter is a great idea from a wooden box with the space-saving convenience of a wall planter. These planters are made of reclaimed wood and are available in a variety of sizes. You can make holes in the bottom of this wooden box for drainage. Adding some soil and some greenery to this box would make a lovely spring garden decoration and steal the show. Rustic Wooden Planter Boxes from homebnc.

These concrete blocks are undoubtedly one of the best outdoor planter ideas for spring. They are durable and also look unique in your garden. By stacking a few cinder blocks and filling them with soil and blooming flowers this will make for a beautiful and eye-catching garden design. Placing it in the corner of this garden will be an attraction and give a beautiful look. Concrete Cinder Blocks for Plants from cutediyprojects.

This amazing container gardening idea is a great way to enjoy colorful flowers all year round. Picking these beautiful pots will decorate the garden this spring. An unused filter will be a brilliant idea for you to try in your garden. Hanging in the garden by filling some of these flowers will make a beautiful design and will steal the eye. Colander Planter from cutediyprojects.

The idea is as simple as using rain boots that come in a mix of colors and sizes for variety. You can use these shoes for unique plantings for your spring garden. Reusing this will also save budget while increasing your creativity. Simply drill drainage holes in the bottom of the boots and add potting soil. Hang the boots on a fence or wall and add flowers. Rain Boot Hanging Planters from homebnc.

A very whimsical barrel planter can add a rustic touch to your spring garden. The barrel planter is the most classic and truly timeless container planting idea for those who want a rustic look in their garden. This old cask is a finished planter due to its uniform shape and aged metal appearance. Equipped with several colorful blooming flowers will also provide a beautiful and cool garden design. Whimsical Barrel Planter from cutediyprojects.

This super easy and quick DIY tire planter is impressive for garden decorating purposes this spring. They stick to your walls and really create a fun place for your colorful plants. Using old tires and painting them bright colors will also make for a beautiful and eye-catching planting. Choosing some flowers that are in bloom will also give a fresh and natural impression to the whole garden. DIY Tire Planter from cutediyprojects.

An old picnic basket can turn you into a vintage outdoor planter. It’s really inspirational and pretty cheap to make too. You have to be a little creative and let your imagination work with this DIY project. Painting in white and adding some blooming flowers will make for a beautiful room decor and will steal the show. You can place it on your garden table for a stunning centerpieces decoration idea. Picnic Basket Planter from cutediyprojects.

An old wagon can be a spectacular feature for your spring garden planter. With a little effort and style, you can recreate a beautiful flower collection. Simply taking an old wagon out into the open and planting it with the flowers of your choice will result in a beautiful and attractive garden design. You can add moss to this cart to create a beautiful and captivating result. Vintage Hay Wheelbarrow Planter from homebnc.

Recycling used bottles into beautiful hanging plants is a brilliant idea for you to try in this spring garden decoration. This is a fun and creative project that kids will be happy to help out with. All you need is a few plastic bottles and a light paint to create a beautiful garden design. Add a string to hang it from a tree to show off your art while in the garden this spring. Hanging Bottles Planter from homebnc

Elevate your spring garden with an old ladder. Choosing these galvanized pots and watering cans isn’t a bad idea for this year’s spring planter idea. Putting at every step of the ladder this wooden bench is a creative way to display your flowers in this garden. You can also choose some colorful blooming flowers to give a cool impression to the garden in this park. This simple idea will be the focal point and will give you a unique garden look for you to try. Watering Can and Galvanized Poted from homebnc.

This is a stunning hanging green planter that is incredibly inspiring. You can hang it on a wooden fence painted in rainbow and complemented by ceramic pots to give your spring garden a festive and fresh look. Choosing some greenery and colorful flowers will also give a unique look and steal the attention of your guests. Rainbow Recycled Pallet Planter from homebnc.

New paint and stencils rejuvenate this run-down wagon. Outlining a stencil design with a black permanent marker is a way to make it stand out. This is a creative planting idea and will result in a unique garden design and will be the perfect focal point of the garden. This wheelbarrow can even be used to beautify your spring garden. Filled with various kinds of blooming flowers and this birdcage will make for a fresh and natural old wagon decoration. Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden from homebnc.

Build your spring planters from unused gutters. Putting them into this nice arrangement, you can plant some colorful flowers. This idea will make a beautiful garden decoration and will steal the attention of many people. This planter is easy for you to make, just use materials that are not used so that it will provide a low budget garden. Gutter Garden Planter from homebnc.

By making a planter from this piece of wood, you will produce a beautiful and eye-catching soring garden design. This planter idea is easy to make by cutting firewood and making channels for potting soil and plants. Now you can Fill the log with potting soil. Add a charming blooming mix for the perfect result. Place this planter in a corner of the garden to create the perfect focal point. DIY Rustic Log Flower Container from homebnc.

You don’t have to have a boring planter. Recycle old wagon wheels and turn them into unique and creative planters. This decoration will make your spring garden look more attractive. You can plant a variety of colorful succulents to give your spring garden a fresh and cool feel. This simple design looks unique and would make a perfect garden focal point. DIY Wagon Wheel Planter from homebnc.

This is a fun and unique idea that will make your garden stand out. Finding an old claw tub filled with boulders for drainage and soil will create a lovely plant for you to try. Fill the top with plants and some blooming flowers to make the garden beautiful and look fresher. Place these creative plants in the corner of the garden to create an awesome garden. Antique Bathtub Palnter from homebnc.

Reusing old tires that are painted in bright colors would be a beautiful planting idea for you to try in your spring garden design. Using used waste will create a low budget garden design and will give a different look. Fill this tire with soil and some blooming flowers to make a beautiful plant. You can hang this tire on your garden tree for a beautiful and attractive decoration. Painted Tire Hanging from homebnc.

Make this unique planter yourself with concrete. This will make your spring garden design more beautiful and will steal the attention of many people. Making your own out of concrete and gloves will make a beautiful planter idea and look great when you place it in your spring garden. Just fill it with some blooming flowers for a fresh and cool garden design. DIY Stone Hand Garden Planter from homebnc.

This creative garden bed is a brilliant idea for you to try in your spring garden. Choosing a soft pink type of old drawer as a planter is not a bad idea to try. You can add potting soil and some flowers in this drawer for a lovely planter idea. Placed in this spring garden will give the impression of nature and fresh air. Vintage Garden Container from homebnc.

Use old tires for this charming look. First, you can paint three tires in a bold and eye-catching color. On the inside of these tires you can overlay with a fitting platform. This idea will give the spring garden a different look and will be the perfect focal point of the room. Stack tires together to produce an attractive garden design. Paint Tire Planter from homebnc.

This series of smaller container gardens on a rustic staircase is a nod to your favorite drink. Choosing to use a teapot for this planter idea will make the room design beautiful and steal the show. Reusing an old teapot with a bold color will give your garden an interesting look if you add some colorful blooms to it. Placing a teapot on these steps will also make for a beautiful and eye-catching design. Vintage Teapots from housebeautiful.

This stunning round look is created by attaching a hook for a hanging planter inside a vintage steel wagon wheel, which you can screw into the ground. This would be a beautiful spring garden decorating idea and steal the show. This simple design will produce a charming garden decoration. You can also choose some flowers that are blooming to enliven the spring in your garden. Wagon Wheel Hanging Planter from housebeautiful.

Antique chairs become a living display of art when decorated with small succulents and creative designs twisted from scrap metal. This is a sophisticated look for an interesting spring garden decorating idea. Using this unused chair will provide a low budget garden decoration. Choosing these colorful succulents will also make the garden more cheerful and festive. Vintage Chair Garden from housebeautiful.

This planter garden idea uses wooden garden beds to create a neat and clean garden look. Filling the garden bed with soil and some green vegetables will make a beautiful garden design and steal the show. You can make your own using unused wood and this repaint will create a new garden bed. Placing it in the middle of this garden makes the garden design beautiful and steals the attention. Wooden Garden Bed from deavita.

Old tires make excellent container gardens because the durable material helps protect plants from strong winds and other elements. Picking up old tires from the barn and painting them a bright color will make a beautiful planter and will steal the eyes of every guest who comes. Adding these colorful flowers will also make the garden fresh and look more colorful. Colorful Tires from housebeautiful.

The metal bucket hanging here perfectly from a branch on this tree will add a bit of rustic charm and your spring garden. Using scrap metal baskets filled with annuals will complete this hanging container garden. This simple design will make a beautiful garden display and will be the perfect focal point of the room. Rustic Hanging Container from southernliving.

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