What is the Best Material for Desk Dividers?

Companies and business organizations are taking all possible steps to safely bring employees back to the office. In this situation, desk dividers stand out as the primary key solutions to maintain distance in the workplace.

Desk dividers are shields, dividers, or panels attached to the working desks to provide each of the employees with an extra layer of safety and protection. The post-pandemic situation demands the work area to be reconfigured, retrofitted, and redesigned. 

When choosing the material for desk dividers, be very specific about your requirements and check the durability. Make sure the fabric you are choosing for the desk dividers at your office should have long-lasting effects. 

When you choose the suitable material for the desk dividers, you give your office a new transformed look and at the same time make it comfortable and productive. 


Polycarbonate Desk Dividers are designed to keep the modern aesthetic in mind. It is sleek in design and easy to maintain. In addition, these desk dividers are 100% waterproof. Thus, you can clean them simply with the help of a damp cloth or sponge. 

These desk dividers are perfect for areas where hygiene is essential or where the partitions are likely to get grimed quite often. This material is lightweight and easy to store. If you like changing your office design, this material is the right choice for you. They are also good at damping sound.


At times, the noise created at the workplace might affect the employees’ productivity. The noise can be due to several reasons, like too many staff at one desk, the sounds generated from the different office machines and equipment, and sometimes the noise outside the office building can make the work stations noisy and a distracting space. 

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So to reduce the noises, consider using dividers that are made from materials that are built to dampen sound. For example, acoustic desk dividers have sound reflective and sound-absorbing properties. This helps to soundproof each work desk from the other. 


You can use desk dividers made with a unique material that is made of fiberglass. Fiberglass sheets are made up of honeycomb cell core and have excellent acoustic properties. Also, fiberglass sheets hold onto many of the more excellent properties of other available traditional fabrics. 

For example, you can use pins on this material just like you do on a soft board. You also get the scope to mix and match the materials as they are available in several colors. You can also get your company’s logo embossed on the dividers.


If you want economical desk dividers that are also easy to store and move, then canvas desk dividers will be the suitable material for you. These desk divider materials do not come with several options, but they are always durable and economical.

Also, you can machine wash this material for cleaning. It is made of flame-retardant material that complies with safety standards. 

To Conclude

There are many materials that can be used for desk dividers. The best one to choose from is by considering the requirements at the office. 

Choosing suitable material can improve privacy makes the desk look much cleaner and more organized. With so many options available, the sky is the limit for you as to how you could change the look of your existing office.

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