Yard Signage Guide: Things to Know Before Choosing Your Next Yard Sign Design

Personalized yard signs can be an efficient way to market a new product, celebrate an event, or campaign when a company needs to get the word out. Using a variety of techniques, you may create a great yard sign. Yard signs can be used as campaign yard signs, real estate signs, graduation signs for yard, and garage sale signs, among other things. Here are some pointers and ideas to consider before going ahead with a yard signage design.

Yard Sign Material and Construction

Corrugated plastic (featuring vertical fluting) is used to make a lot of yard signs. Vertical fluting consists of tiny portions running vertically like columns inside the material.

This creates tiny holes that run the length of the sign’s inside. The holes permit you to place the wire stakes you’ll be using to exhibit the sign inside the vertical fluting. The stakes are used to place the sign in any yard or landscape with ease. 

Other than corrugated plastic, you have a few options for the yard sign material. There are firm plastic signs put up with grommets on the corners. Then there’s the classic metal sign often seen with realtor frames.

Where are Yard Signs Used?

Yard signs can be found almost anywhere. Yard signs commonly display metal frames, wire stakes, real estate posts, and grommets. Political campaigns, expressing political opinions, real estate, business use (sales, promotions, grand openings), and events (weddings, graduation, birthday parties, etc.) are typical for yard signs. You should be creative enough when it comes to printing and displaying personalized yard signs.

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What are the Dimensions of Yard Signs?

Is there a set size for yard signs that you should pick? The average dimension of a yard sign is 24″x18″. This size is ideal for a wide range of applications (including graduations, real estate signings, and garage sales) and is substantial enough to convey information for passers-by to view easily. This size works well with various display options, such as metal frames and wire stakes.

Although this is the most popular configuration for yard signs, it is by no means the only option. Other standard yard sign sizes are 18′′x12′′, 24′′x6′, ′2’x2′, 36′′x18′′, and 4’x4′. Some cases may demand a larger sign to be put up in specific locations that struggle to capture eyeballs.

How to Choose a Yard Sign Designer

Graduation yard signs from a professional should offer 4 mm corrugated plastic with vertical fluting. Other yard sign offerings should provide plastic and aluminum signs without vertical fluting. For any form of presentation, the brands should have double-sided signs. Another fantastic option to look for which makes your yard sign stand out is custom shapes.

Contact a designer once you’ve decided what type of the graduation sign for a yard you want and what size you prefer. Generally, graduation yard signs can be manufactured to any size to meet your requirements. An expert designer will also offer you industry-leading design tools for creating your yard sign.


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