55 Kinds of Coat Hooks that You Can Have

Although it doesn’t become the focus when you decorate your home, it is something important where you will get into some trouble when you don’t provide it. Yes! It is such a must for you to provide the coat hooks for some spots of your home. Here, the most important spot could be the entryway. Or, you can also have it for your bedroom, or living room in case you don’t have an entryway in your house. When you have provided the hook in your entryway, you can utilize it not only to hang the coat but also bags, hats, or umbrellas.

In this case, for the coat hook, if you can provide the ones with a good design, it can be used to beautify the home decoration at once. Especially if you can adjust the design based on your home decoration style. For example, if you have a rustic home decoration, then you can choose the rustic coat hook design also. Then, for the materials, you can use wood, metal, iron, and more. Don’t forget, if you don’t want to make it looks boring, you can decorate the coat hook by painting it or applying the ornament. Here are the design references for you.

Country Coat Hook from Homebnc

Wooden and Metal Coat Hook from Homebnc

Old Wooden Coat Hook from Deavita

Rectangular Shape Coat Hook from Deavita

Yardstick Coat Hook from Countryliving

Faucet Handle Coat from Countryliving

Railroad Spike Coat Hooks from Countryliving

Shutter Coat Hook from Countryliving

Framed Coat Hook from Harptimes

Pipe and Wire Coat Hook from Harptimes

Black Coat Hook from Harptimes

Branch Coat Hook from Harptimes

Wooden Block Coat Hook from Harptimes

Unique Coat Hook from Harptimes

Tree Branch Shape Coat Hook from Harptimes

Dark Wooden Block Coat Hook from Decoist

Colorful Coat Hook from Decoist

Hand Painted Coat Hook from Decoist

Letter L Coat Hook from Decoist

Blue Painted Coat Hook from Decoist

Lock and Key Coat Hook from Morningchores

Geometric Coat Hook from Morningchores

Branch Coat Hook from Morningchores

Pallet Coat Hook from Morningchores

Reclaimed Rainbow Coat Hook from Morningchores

Knob on Wood Coat Hook from Morningchores

Chalkboard Coat Hook from Morningchores

Rainbow Pallet Coat Hook from Morningchores

Canoe Paddle Hook from Morningchores

Old Door Coat Hook from Morningchores

Patchwork Coat Hook from Morningchores

Zig Zag Coat Hook from Morningchores

Mixed Coat Hook from Morningchores

Branch Coat Hook from Morningchores

Repurposed Book Coat Hook from Morningchores

Whitewashed Oar Coat Hook from Morningchores

Industrial Pipe Coat Hook from Morningchores

Wrapping Paper Coat Hook from Morningchores

Trophy Coat Hook from Morningchores

Yardstick Coat Hook from Morningchores

Screwdriver Coat Hook from Morningchores

Old Wooden Board from Morningchores

Umbrellas Holder Coat Rack from Theownerbuildernetwork

Bike Chain Coat Rack from Theownerbuildernetwork

Brass Coat Rack from Architectureartdesigns

DIY Industrial Coat Rack from Architectureartdesigns

Hand Forged Coat Rack from Stylemotivation

White Branch Coat Hook from Stylemotivation

Wooden and Stone Coat Hook from Homemydesign

Drop Flowing Coat Hook from Homemydesign

Star Coat Hook from Homemydesign

White Wall Coat Hook from Homemydesign

Chevron Coat Hook from Homedit

Hanger Coat Hook from Homedit

Lego Coat Hook from Homedit

Animal Templates Coat Hook from Homedit

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