10 Ways to Create Summer Coastal Decoration

This summer, applying the coastal decoration will be awesome. With its blue color as the domination color commonly used, it can create such a fresh yet peaceful impression. Besides, the stuff that you can apply such as the palm leaves or trees, seashells, sands, and more will bring you into the fun beach atmosphere which is awesome! This coastal decoration is really recommended for your home with all of the interesting offers that the coastal style has. There are things that you can do to create such a pretty coastal home decoration that we have prepared below. Go check them out and bring it to your summer home decoration this year!

Coastal Tropical Themed

Start a coastal-themed summer decoration in a room often done for activities. Now you can decorate the kitchen in a modern style that never goes out of style. To emphasize the touch of the summer coast in this room, you can put a palm plant that is applied to a transparent glass jar that has been filled with water, this is done so that indoor plants do not wilt easily when applied indoors. Also, pay attention to the color tone of the room. If you want the summer coastal style to come together, then the combination of white and blue shades is a smart idea that is very appropriate to try right now.

Coastal Kitchen Decor from homebnc

Coastal Palette Master Bedroom

Pay attention to the use of color tones in your summer coastal bedroom decor. To be more in line with the style, you can combine blue, white, green, and wood colors in the same room. All of these colors will work well together without having to bring up bold colors that get boring easily. For a touch of white, you can try applying it to wall and ceiling paint. Next, you can try a splash of blue on the blankets, pillowcases, and ruffle bedding which seems simple. Summer home decorations usually include green plants in the room, you can also try this idea by including two or three types of medium-sized green plants to be placed in several different areas not too far apart.

Neutral Color Bedroom Decor from homebnc

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Bright Coastal Dining Room

There’s no need to include bold colors in the coastal-style dining room decor. Now you can try to combine blue with white in the same room. Don’t forget to include a flower arrangement that you can use as a centerpiece decoration on a wooden dining table. This type of hydrangea flower is a favorite in summer with a coastal style, you can try it. The existence of a large enough transparent glass window makes the room feel more spacious, bright, and open. In addition, the light that enters the room also minimizes the wood interior, which is easily moist and easily porous.

White and Blue Dining Room from homebnc

Modern Farmhouse Coastal Living Room

Before starting to decorate your current living room, think about what style or theme you are trying. With this, the decoration will run more focused and directed. A modern style with a summer coastal theme looks very attractive, you can start with the use and combination of blue and white colors. You can try the white color itself on the use of orchids that can be placed on the coffee table. A coral that is large enough to become an ornament as well as a beautiful and elegant additional decoration. Cover the floor with a woven rattan carpet that has natural materials and is of course very environmentally friendly.

Coastal Living Room from homebnc

Entrance Beside Stairs

To welcome summer in home decor, try to redecorate the entrance area as best as possible as the first room your guests will visit. There’s nothing wrong with combining summer decorations with a coastal theme, the two will work well together. This coastal theme can be presented easily, one of which is by dominating the room with shades of white and blue. You can also place a bowl with a coral shape on a side table that has been repainted in white. Chairs and storage baskets made of rattan woven material are the right interior choices.

Small Coastal Entrace from homebnc

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Coastal Inspired Memories Sign

Don’t let the walls of your living room look plain and boring. Now you can hang a coastal beach-themed sign that can be perfected with some coral ornaments in the surrounding area. Place these coral ornaments in not too many quantities to keep the room neat and elegant. Match the color of this sign with the color of the wall paint to make it more in tune and match. Furthermore, striped chairs which are dominated by a combination of blue and white are a smart interior combination that you can try.

Modern Coastal Sign from homebnc

Minimalist Coastal Reading Nook

Take advantage of one corner of the room in your house as a reading nook decoration that can be used as a comfortable area that you can try. For now, you can use the summer coastal theme for a fresh feel that is never boring. Apply greenery in the corner of the room as an additional decoration that emphasizes the summer theme. A beach patterned canvas painting is a wall decoration idea that can be used as the focal point of the room. Choose and use the most comfortable sitting chair to use throughout the day.

White Themed Reading Nook from curatedinterior

Rustic Style Centerpiece

There is nothing wrong with decorating the dining table with a wooden box centerpiece filled with several blue vases filled with small flowers that are blooming. The use of this wooden box centerpiece is very practical and makes it easier for you to move it to any area as needed. The starfish accent is an additional ornament that you can apply together. The white nuance in this dining room makes it easy for you to combine it with other interiors that surround it. You can try this setting dining table decoration as well and as much as possible.

Coastal Wooden Box Centerpiece from deavita

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Stay Fireplace Coastal Theme Ideas

The fake fern plant combined with this beach painting is a fireplace mantel decoration idea that you can try to put in a neat and orderly manner. You can place this faux fern plant on both sides of the mantle at the same size. These two types of decoration will work well together to fill in blanks that look boring. With this you can bring the feel of summer and coastal simultaneously in the same room. You can try this idea well to produce maximum decoration.

Coastal Fireplace Decor from completely-coastal

Soft Blue Vanity

Blue is one of the colors that is often used in summer coastal decorations. Currently, you can apply it to bathroom decor, but it’s a good idea to apply this pastel blue color to the patterned tile. Furthermore, the blooming flower arrangement that is applied to this glass vase becomes a decoration that can be placed on top of the vanity. Choose and use flowers with bold colors like red so that they can be used as the focal point of the room. Enter another pattern through the use of floor tiles that have a mix of pastel colors as well.

Blue Hues Bathroom from curatedinterior

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