How to Add Summer Touches for Your Window Treatment

Looking at the window during summer is really great. The scenery outside will be fun. Also, during summer, it is great to expose the window since it will let the sunlight comes into your house which is good. Not only to get the natural lighting brighten up your home, but it is also functional to make your home healthier to maintain the humidity of your home. In that case, we do recommend you to do some window treatment by decorating it and adding some summer stuff. For example, you can add fruit, flowers, foliage, coastal, and more things. Those can be applied by hanging them on the window, putting them near the window, sticking some stickers, or installing the patterned curtain. Here are examples of the summer window treatment that you can have.

Various types of cacti that are placed in the windowsill area can be used as one of the characteristics of the summer theme this year. Look at these different sizes and types of cacti, don’t they look varied and interesting? Yes, you can try it easily. Try to use pots of the same color to make it more elegant and more harmonious. The layout of this cactus is also very appropriate because that way the indoor cactus will get enough sunlight and prevent this plant from rotting easily. Cactus windowsill ideas from deavita.

Summer decorations usually use bright, airy and open shades. For this bright feel, you can apply it to a summer window treatment decoration that you can do easily and cheaply. For example, you can put some green plants and fresh fruit in a ceramic bowl so that it looks neater and more organized. So that this windowsill area can be used more optimally, you can put two chairs under it to make it as a folding dining table which is very effective for small rooms. Combination of greenery with fruit from deavita.

Not only cacti and green plants that can give a summer window treatment touch, flowers are also one of the best choices that you can try. This beautiful blooming rose has a beautiful soft pink color. You can try to put it in the windowsill area in a neat and orderly manner. Put this rose arrangement in several transparent glass mason jars that have been filled with water so that the flowers used do not wilt easily when used to decorate the window area this summer. Soft pink rose arrangement from deavita.

Take advantage of the good side of this glass window as a home office area that is so comfortable to use all day. But you can adjust the style of this window treatment according to the current season. When summer comes, you can decorate the windowsill with blooming flower arrangements that have a mix of different colors. The color of this flower itself makes the room look more beautiful and alive, besides that this flower will also produce a fragrant aroma that will make your work more comfortable and relaxed. Colorful flower decoration from deavita.

A flower arrangement with a flower wreath is a décor combination that will work well together to treat your summer window. Both provide a fresh color and a fragrant aroma to the area around it. Use a white ceramic vase to apply this flower arrangement so that it is more presentable and charming. As for the wreath design, you can make it yourself with your family on the weekends, so you can save more on your budget. Blooming flower decoration from deavita.

Not only flowers that can be used for window treatments, instead of stickers that have a pattern according to the current summer. For example, you can choose a pineapple pattern that has a combination of yellow and green. This patch sticker can be seen from inside or outside the room so it is highly recommended to try it. Furthermore, to emphasize spring in the room, you can add some green plants as well as a throw pillow that is placed on a rattan chair that has been repainted in pure white. Pineapple stickers from housebeautiful.

Do you have a jar that is no longer in use? If you have it, use it again as a flower vase that can be used as a window treatment with a touch of summer. Then complete this summer’s window treatment with a beautiful botanical patterned curtain. You can try both of them easily and of course it doesn’t cost much. With this, it is suitable for those of you who want to be on a budget. Flower vase with botanical curtain from housebeautiful.

Bring green plants to the living room decor to be used as a window treatment that can bring a summer theme instantly. Get a variety of different types of greenery in the backyard garden. To make it easier for you to bring it into the room, just use a pot of the appropriate size. Finish with the use of botanical patterned curtains and throw pillows that have a mix of festive colors so that they match the summer decorations that are a trend this year. Green plants with curtain botanical pattern from idealhome.

Take advantage of the windowsill area of your house as an idea to bring a summer theme instantly. The first thing you can do is treat windows that are decorated with a plant that is applied to a ceramic vase. Flowers are also a fairly popular pattern this year, so you must try it. Just apply this pattern to the use of blind curtains that are able to regulate the entry of sunlight into the room. Combine plants with floral curtains from idealhome.

The best way you can do a window treatment with a touch of summer is to make a wreath that can be hung freely in the kitchen window area. The main ingredients used are green plants that you can get in the garden. After this wreath is perfect and has a sweet round shape, then complete it with a patterned ribbon for hanging accents so that it is easier to apply. Try this wreath design easily and cheaply. Greenery wreath from homebnc.

Not always using fresh greenery to create a wreath design that can be used as a summer window treatment idea. For now, you can use faux green plants to make them more durable and not easy to wither when used for a long period of time. Get this faux leaf at the nearest home decor store or you can buy it online. You can design this wreath yourself according to the shape you want, the round shape is always the best choice, which is a favorite this year. Faux green leaf wreath from homebnc.

To make your dining room decor look more lively and colorful, take advantage of the window sill area to place green plants and blooming flowers, this idea will make it easier for you to bring a touch of summer that is beautiful and elegant. For flower arrangements, you can use a transparent glass jar that has been filled with water. As for green plants, you can use clay pots that have been repainted in dark colors. Open your lace curtains during the day so that these plants can be seen from inside the room. Dining room window treatment from homebnc.

Do window treatments on your farmhouse kitchen to give a different look that can be used as the focal point of a beautiful room. For example, you can start a window treatment with a series of green plants that are neatly applied to the window sill area. Don’t forget to do regular maintenance so that these indoor plants don’t wilt easily, for example by watering these plants regularly. Sunlight that enters the room also makes this plant healthier and more fertile. Farmhouse window treatment from homebnc.

A summer theme with a rustic style can be obtained simultaneously when doing window treatments in your kitchen decor. For now, the decorations that you can try are green plants that are applied to ceramic jars and burlap curtains that have a vintage feel. The sunflower arrangement that is on the countertop around it is also a natural decoration that can be obtained easily. With this window treatment manages to give a touch of summer instantly. Rustic summer window treatments from homebnc.

An old wooden plank that is used as an accent instead of a curtain is a vintage and classic decoration idea that you can try in this farmhouse-style kitchen decor. It doesn’t quite end here, but you can also put green plants that are already in pots for use as summer window treatments. Use a pot that has a unique shape so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. These indoor green plants will get enough sunlight so they are healthier and can grow well. Potted green plants from homebnc.

Indoor succulents that are applied to several colorful clay pots are a smart idea that you can use for beautiful summer window treatments. The repainting of this pot is intended to make this white room more lively. Paints that can be used are yellow, black, red and blue. All of these colors will work well together when viewed from indoors or outdoors. Furthermore, this vertically arranged pom-pom curtain is also the focal point of a cute room. Succulent window treatment from homebnc.

Take advantage of the greenery in the backyard garden to make a craft that can be used as a summer window treatment. You can choose greenery that is still fresh so that it can be used for a longer period of time. Use a round shape that is often used and is a favorite of many people when designing a wreath. Hang the wreath higher so it doesn’t interfere with the outdoor view when you’re working at the home office. Curtain without sewing gives a simple impression. Hanging greenery wreath from homebnc.

Sometimes the best window treatments are the most unexpected. Like blooming flowers that are turned into this garland design, which can add a clear feminine element because it is dominated by a splash of sweet pink tones. You can choose flowers in two different colors, from light pink to dark pink. These two colors will work well together to bring you a summer theme instantly, you can try it right now. Pink floral garland from lushome.

Accidentally and unexpectedly, the indoor green plants that were placed in this bedroom decor brought a bohemian theme instantly. Yes, now you can turn vines into spring window treatment ideas that can frame the window beautifully and seem natural. Other greenery can be placed close together to maximize a summer theme that never goes out of style. Shades of brown and white make the room more neutral. Greenery garland framing from mydomaine.

Don’t just use flower colors for your summer window treatments. Now you can use a green vibe that can be applied to the use of indoor green plants and floral patterned curtains that are also dominated by green. Sunlight that enters the room makes your indoor plants can develop properly and optimally. In addition, you can enjoy the design of the window treatments with the built-in wooden bench covered with soft seat cushions. Green hues color window treatment from deavita.

Look at the ceramic vase that has a 3D floral pattern, doesn’t it look eye-catching? Yes, you can apply this vase on the summer window sill which can be perfected directly with the use of small bright yellow blooming flowers. Yellow is one of the favorite colors that is often used in summer decorations. This bright color can also be applied to the use of striped curtains combined with a splash of plain white. Floral pattern vase from deavita.

Flower arrangements with floral patterned curtains can help design your window treatments for the summer. Both of these window treatments are suitable for contemporary or classic themes. The flower arrangement used can be put in a transparent glass jar that has been filled with water so that it does not wilt easily when used throughout the summer. Open your curtains during the day so that when washing dishes you can also see the outside view freely. Yellow floral arrangement from deavita.

Liven up your summer window area with blooming flowers that have a fresh red color. Although this flower has a small size, it can be used as a focal point because it has a bright red color. Use two to three flower stalks to apply to a brown ceramic vase. In addition, the white nuance that dominates the decoration of this dining room gives an elegant vibe that is perfect when combined with a modern style that never goes out of style. Bold color flower vase from deavita.

Creative window treatments can produce great visual effects and can certainly change the look and feel of a room. Window treatments can serve as attractive designs that can be personalized for summer décor. The thing you can try right now is to put a bouquet of tulips in a wooden box that looks natural. Choose and use a variety of different colors of tulips to make it look more fun. Colorful tulips wooden box from deavita.

This hanging plant pot which has a bright blue color is complemented by a herringbone curtain which has a mix of blue and white as well. These two colors present a beach feel that you can get easily. Just use vines to make it look fresher and can develop well even if placed indoors. Window frames and white tiles applied to the backsplash and countertop are a touch of neutral color that never goes out of style. Hanging pot greenery plant from deavita.

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