How to Prepare Your RV for Your Summer Trip

Having a trip during the summer will be great. In case you have the RV then you are such a lucky one. That will be the perfect time for you to finally use your RV to travel to places you have never visited before. For that need, of course, you should prepare some things for your RV decoration so that your RV can have a good performance. You can concern about the storage to store the things so that your appliance won’t fall. Then, you should also be concerned about the spot to rest. That is really important because you should have a good rest during the adventure. Then, don’t forget the toilet, kitchen, and a place for chairs to give you the best time enjoying a cup of coffee or breakfast. You can check on the following RV decoration ideas.

Check the RV Toilet

The toilet is one of the must-have room decorations in every RV that will be used for long trips. You can design it as minimalistic and simple as possible so that it is not too complicated when decorating it. Start with the use of a toilet and a sink completed with storage underneath. No need to use the interior too much to make it easier for you to move while in this toilet. The white tones help the RV décor look brighter, more spacious, and open.

Installing a macerating toilet system would be great for your RV not only for its convenience but is an overall great toilet for traveling. It is not expensive as compared to other toilets and can be assembled in a few hours. It can also easily blend in with any bathroom decor because of its minimalistic design.

Summer RV Dining Room

Look at the decor of this RV dining room, doesn’t it look modern and minimalist? Yes, you can try it as simple as possible with limited use of furniture. Two benches combined with a wooden dining table are a combination of furniture that will work well together. Don’t forget to add some throw pillows on this bench to get a softer and more comfortable surface. Face this RV dining room towards the beach as a beautiful outdoor view that you can enjoy while eating the food provided.

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Minimalist RV Camper

Enjoy the great outdoors as you travel in this fun camper RV design. The first thing you need to think about is choosing and using outdoor furniture that can be folded so that it can be stored in an RV easily and certainly doesn’t take up much space. It’s not enough to stop here, do the right furniture layout to provide comfort to relax during the day or night. During the day you can add a folding tent that will protect you from excessive sun exposure. The beach atmosphere around it makes your RV camper more beautiful and can be enjoyed with your family or friends.

Simple Look RV Bedroom

Take advantage of the RV window area for a bedroom decoration, with this you can lie down while enjoying the outdoor view. The existence of this transparent glass window can also enter sunlight into the RV freely and can be used as the main lighting during the day. Make the bedroom decoration as comfortable as possible with the use of soft mattresses and bedding. Additional lighting is also really needed in this room at night, just fix the bulb string light on the wall which is perfected with some polaroid photos you have. To add color to the room, you can use bedding and pillowcases that have different colors and patterns.

Summer RV Kitchen

To spend your RV trip in the summer then add kitchen decorations in it. This kitchen will help you when serving food that can be enjoyed together while traveling, doesn’t it sound fun? Use high-quality furniture to ensure you spend the time you want to travel. Use a cabinet made of teak wood that has a sturdy and smooth surface, then decorate the countertop with a green plant that emphasizes the summer theme in the RV. This beautiful patterned backsplash tile can be used as the focal point of a beautiful room.

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Scandinavian Style RV Living

There’s nothing wrong with using a Scandinavian theme into your summer RV decor. White with brown is a color combination that will instantly bring a Scandinavian feel. This brown color can be applied to floors and countertops made of natural wood. Make this RV room brighter by using several glass windows that have a variety of different sizes. The use of this minimalist interior and main furniture makes you more free when moving, the floting shelf above the furniture can be used as a small storage area that makes the room more organized.

Black Matte Cabinet Storage

In order for all your RV equipment to be neatly and orderly arranged, the procurement and use of cabinets is very important. Currently you can use a wooden cabinet with a size large enough to be able to organize all your goods and equipment more effectively and efficiently. This cabient is also equipped with several hooks and floating shelves around it and you can use it as well as possible. Place this cabinet next to the sofa and bed so that it can also function as a nightstand. Bohemian curtains are room dividers that are suitable for decorating limited-sized RVs.

Summer Outdoor RV Decor

Not only decorating the inside of an RV, now you can also decorate an outdoor RV as much as possible to get an eye-catching appearance. The decoration you can do is hang a floral wreath that can be applied directly to the entrance of the RV. Not only wreath, you can also decorate the outdoor staircase to the RV with a variety of different greenery to emphasize the summer theme. All the plants used can work well together to provide the maximum summer display. Do watering in the morning or evening so that this plant does not wilt easily when used for a long period of time.

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Small RV Desk

There’s nothing wrong with including a desk in your RV decor so you can still work effectively when traveling for a long time. Apply this RV desk in the corner of the room or rather beside the bed which can also function as a nightstand design. Decorate the top surface of this desk with a green plant set in a macrame wicker pot. This plant is suitable for a summer decoration that you can try easily and cheaply. A wooden desk with an iron chair is a combination of furniture that will work well together, this desk also has a sufficient height and matches the size and even the height of the chair being used.

Bohemian Themed RV Living Room

So that you can relax comfortably in an RV, then you need a living room that is equipped with a sofa, throw pillows and thick blankets. This sofa can be used for a lying area that can be used during the day or night. It’s good this sofa is covered with a clean white cloth to bring the bohemian theme instantly. Hanging macrame which is used as an area to hang this green plant pot is the perfect complement. The interior made of wood that you in this room gives a vintage feel that is environmentally friendly.


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