How to Give Summer Touch through Curtain

During summer, when you are inside your house, your point of view for your house spot is frequently to your window. It is because, during summer, the scenery and the weather outside will always make you want to stare out there. That is why you need to do a treatment for your window. Well, when decorating the window is too much for you and you want something simpler, then you can simply change your curtain. There are so many kinds of curtains that you can choose that have the summer touches so that you can create a harmonious ambiance between the season and the curtain.

For the summer curtain, there are some possibilities that you can take. The first one is from the pattern. There are some patterns that can represent the summer vibe like coastal things, the cloud, sky, birds, or summer plants like cactus. Or, you can play with the colors. Basically, there are some colors that you can choose but we do recommend you to choose blue, yellow, peach, orange, and other fun colors that can bring out the cheerful atmosphere of summer. The following references are examples of the summer curtain designs that you can choose to add the summer touch to your window. Check them out!

Green Pattern Curtain Decor  from idealhome

Flower Pattern Curtain from idealhome

Dark Paint Curtain  from idealhome

Botanical Curtain from idealhome

Summer Curtain Bedroom from elledecor

All-Over Pattern Curtain from elledecor

Striped Blue Curtain from elledecor

Blue Polkadot curtain from elledecor

Botanical Print Curtain from elledecor

Bright Yellow Curtain from elledecor

Curtain Summer Fruit from elledecor

Striped Red Curtain from elledecor

White and Orange Curtain from completely-coastal

Peach and Blue Patio Curtain from completely-coastal

White Linen Curtain from completely-coastal

Striped Blue and Yellow Curtain from completely-coastal

Pale White Linen Curtain from completely-coastal

Yellow and White Curtain from completely-coastal

Blue Curtain Panel from completely-coastal

Blue and White Sheer Curtain from homebnc

Linen Curtain Patio from homebnc

Sheer Fabric in Bold Colors from homebnc

Blue Pattern from hgtv

Large Polkadot Summer Curtain from hgtv

Flower Pattern Curtain from hgtv

High to Ceilling Curtain from hgtv

Summer Clasic Curtain from hgtv

Summer Curtain Bathroom from hgtv

Tropical Flower Curtain from homedit

Plaid Folding Curtain from homedit

Blue Pattern from homedit

Tropical Curtain Bedroom from curatedinteri

Tropical Folding Curtain from curatedinterior

Tropical Shower Curtain from homebnc

Pink Curtain Nursery Room from homebnc

White and Green Linen Curtain from homebnc

Bright Flower Curtain from lollyjane

Tropical Pattern Curtain from digsdigs

Green Lace Curatin from digsdigs

Two Tone Color Curtain from digsdigs

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