Easy Summer Decoration with Citrus Theme

If you want to find the best and easy concept for your summer decoration, then citrus is the right one. It can’t be doubted that citrus brings you the summer touches in an effective way. Even when you only put it in a small part, the citrus will be able to create the ambiance you need during summer. Anyway, when talking about citrus, it won’t be only about the lemon but also the orange, lime, pomelo, and more. It is awesome hoe the citrus has some different colors so that your decoration won’t be boring. You can combine the different kinds of citrus in different colors so that everything could be pretty, impressive, and will never fail to provide the summer impression you need.

Anyway, it can be said that applying citrus to your home decoration won’t be difficult. You can make it into many kinds of ornament. Let’s say that you can arrange it to the tray and make a tray ornament. Or, you can add it to the garland or wreath as the most common ornament you can have. Well, when talking about the citrus theme decoration, it won’t only be about providing the real citrus to your home. It could be in form of painting, craft products, and more. If you want to use the real shape of citrus but think that using citrus won’t be durable, then you can find fake citrus. Awesome, right? Now, check the following images for detailed examples.

Tiered Tray Lemonade from homebnc

Chicken Wire and lemon Wreath from homebnc

Mason Jar Vases from homebnc

Painted Lemonade Frame from homebnc

Lemon Tree from homebnc

DIY Lemonade Sign from homebnc

Lemon Table Runner from lollyjane

Lemon tree in Vases from lollyjane

Lemon Jar from lollyjane

Lemon Tree and from lollyjane

Wreath Lemon from lollyjane

Lemoande Wall Art from lollyjane

Printed Wallpaper from countryliving

Lemon Dor Mat from countryliving

Lemon Centrepieces from mydomaine

Lemon Tree Summer Decor from mydomaine

Lemon Wallpaper from mydomaine

Bowl Lemon from mydomaine

Lemon Theme Laundry Room from mydomaine

Lemon Candle Holder from mydomaine

Lemon Table Lamp from mydomaine

Lemon Slice Garland from mydomaine

Lemon Fruits In Kitchen from littleloveliesbyallison

Lemon Station Coffee from littleloveliesbyallison

Lemon Kitchen Decor from littleloveliesbyallison

Kitchen Cabinet With Lemon from littleloveliesbyallison

Lemon Theme Dining Room from littleloveliesbyallison

Kitchen Lemon Wallpaper from littleloveliesbyallison

Roll Pin Lemon Pattern from littleloveliesbyallison

Lemon Kitchen Centrepieces from littleloveliesbyallison

Lemon Steps Staircase from littleloveliesbyallison

Lemon Wall Art from littleloveliesbyallison

Lempn Tree Plant from littleloveliesbyallison

Lemon Garland from realstylenetwork

Lemon Tiered Tray from realstylenetwork

Lemon Cnetrepieces from realstylenetwork

Summer Lemon Wreath from homedit

Lemon and Watermelon Centerpieces from homebnc

Slice Lemon from homebnc

Lemon Slice In Vases from homebnc

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