10 Proper Summer Backyard Picnic Table

What is interesting during summer is the picnic moment. Then, what if it is impossible for you to do the picnic? Well, you don’t need to be worried because you can juggle your backyard to be the picnic spot. You may need some decorations there but from all of the things that you should prepare, you may focus on the picnic table. It is a must for you to have beverages and some snacks if you want to have a picnic event. Then, to really enjoy the moment and give you the facility for all of the picnic serving, you’ll need the table. That is why the table becomes the important one in this case. Basically, you can have any kind of table but, you may need to decorate the table a little bit to make it more proper and impressive. You can check the images that we have provided below for the references.

Summer Picnic Table with Party Vibes

When you want a different atmosphere in your backyard garden, then create a picnic decoration with a party feel that can blend together perfectly. The decoration that you can do now is to decorate the long picnic table with a floral centerpiece that looks festive and blooms beautifully. For the sitting area, you can cover the grass with a wide rug which is covered with faux fur floor cushions so that it has a warmer and softer sitting surface. White string light is an outdoor lighting idea that is easy to apply to the tree. Party Picnic Table Decoration from miriamwexler

Small Backyard Picnic Table

Take your food and drink outdoors when summer comes to enjoy the modern summer flavors in this pool area. Have a set of picnic tables in the backyard as outdoor furniture that can make you feel more comfortable and free. Just choose and use this outdoor furniture with wood material for a more sturdy surface against all weather changes outdoors. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also decorate the table top with a beautifully blooming flower arrangement. Also use a vase that has been repainted so that it has a more attractive appearance. Summer Picnic Table by the Pool from habitatmnl

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Farmhouse Style Picnic Table

With this farmhouse style you love, this easy handcrafted outdoor picnic table of ten to fifteen planks of wood has all the space you need to serve up your family’s favorite dishes. Decorate the surface of this table top with a flower arrangement that can be applied to a ceramic vase that has a vintage Chinese pattern. This picnic table on the backyard deck becomes your new place to gather with your family around the table. There is no need to repaint these wooden planks, just let them appear naturally and blend in with the nature around them perfectly. Cover the surface of the chair with a cloth that has a bufallo pattern that has a mix of green and white colors. DIY Pallet Wood Picnic Table from betonbargainhunt

Summer Boho Themed Decoration

Summer theme with a bohemian style can blend in with the maximum when you apply it to the picnic table in the backyard garden. The color tone that you can use on some outdoor furniture is a combination of white and brown. The white color can be applied to the picnic table paint, while the brown color is used for furniture made of wood or rattan. Before you put a dish or centerpiece design on a picnic table, it’s a good idea to coat it first using a macrame tablerunner which has a white color too. Here you can enjoy the summer atmosphere with the shade that makes the atmosphere more comfortable. Summer Boho Picnic Table Themed from confettico.nz

Pallet Wood Garden Picnic Table

If you have a large amount of pallet wood, then just use it as the main material for a picnic table that you can place in the backyard area. This picnic table will become outdoor furniture that will be of good use because it can be used as a gathering place with family. The built-in chair that blends with this picnic table becomes a sitting area that you can use comfortably too. Don’t let the surface of this picnic table be plain and boring, just put two DIY vases filled with two types of flowers that have different colors too. Just put this picnic table right under the tree to make it more shady when used during the day. DIY Pallet Wood Picnic Table from cook_as_you_feel_it

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Summer Floral Decoration Ideas

The blooming flowers that dominate the decoration of this picnic table are one of the hallmarks of the summer theme. The flower arrangements that can be used are also very diverse, ranging from blue and white. These two floral colors will work well together on a picnic table lined with a plain white tablecloth. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use a beautiful patterned ceramic vase to add texture and color to a beautiful backyard. So that these flowers don’t wilt easily when used for a long period of time, just fill the vase with clean water. Blue and White Floral Decoration from scot7

DIY Summer Folding Picnic Table

Do you have a larger backyard? If so, then you can use it as an area to put outdoor furniture that will be useful and maximized. Folding picnic tables made of wood are furniture ideas that can be moved easily when they are finished in use, besides that the wood material is also more sturdy against changing outdoor weather changes. No need to repaint for a more natural and cheaper look. Decorate the picnic table with ornaments such as candle lanterns and a wooden box filled with succulent plants. Folding Picnic Table with Succulent Decor from the108brand

Summer Picnic Table Setup

Blooming flowers and green plants are centerpiece ideas that will perfectly decorate the summer picnic table. You can choose these two plants that are still fresh. The summer picnic table arrangement must be considered to get a neat and orderly appearance. Combine directly with a tent decorated with balloons as a shelter area when the weather in the backyard is getting hot. This pink tablerunner with a thin material is the finishing touch that you can easily apply and you can get it online at a low price. Summer Picnic Table Setup from prettysweetdeets

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Summer Centerpiece Decoration

Look at this unpainted wooden picnic table, doesn’t it look dull and unattractive? Yes, you can decorate it again with a centerpiece design that is dominated by green plants and several candle holders that have a variety of different sizes and shapes. With this centerpiece decoration, the design of your picnic table is more colorful and fun. The seat cushions that are placed along the table make your sitting surface more comfortable and soft, just choose and use one that has a pattern that matches the summer theme you are currently using. After everything is arranged perfectly, then just use it as a comfortable outdoor area as a gathering area with family. Summer Centerpiece Picnic Table from alatablebyhanna

Summer Bright Picnic Table Decoration

Plates with watermelon pattern and a pink flower arrangement placed on a picnic table is the best decoration you can use. Sometimes you don’t need a new table to enjoy great food outdoors. What you can do now is to improve the existing table to save more expenses. Summer weather can damage outdoor furniture quickly, so choose and use them with iron materials that have been repainted in bright colors like blue. This will be the new outdoor furniture that will create a new place to enjoy your next picnic lunch. Arrangement Floral and Watermelon Decor from rachel.reiss


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