How to Use Glass for Your Summer Home Decor

The glass is such clear stuff that could be adorable to see. Especially when you can provide the ones that are added with some pretty things or added with some fresh stuff. You can have it as your summer home decoration for the table, wall, or vase. You can buy the glass products at the store or decorate the glass yourself. For example, you can paint the glass by using a particular paint color product that could be used in glass. Or, if you want the simple one, you can simply use the clear glass and then put something inside the glass such as the terrarium. Here is the application of the clear glass for your summer home decoration. Find the ones that match your home. Check them out!

Summer Candle Holder

Look at the glass candle holder design with a touch of this summer theme, doesn’t it look attractive and beautiful? Yes, you can have it easily. Just buy this glass project online at a fairly cheap price and then choose those with beautiful floral patterns that are dominated by a mix of green and yellow colors. Pay attention to its placement because it has a material that breaks easily. With this candle holder, you can move it anywhere more easily according to the needs of the room. Summer Glass Candle Holder from oz.glassart

Handmade Colorful Fused Glass Decor

Don’t just use floral or native plants to welcome summer this year. Currently, you can try using faux plants made of fused glass which have a variety of different colors. The fused glass that can be used is starting from green, blue, red, yellow, and orange. Not only on faux plants, but you can also use pots with matching materials. Apply all of these faux plants on a standing rack that has several arrangements that you can fill to make it look more optimal. Fused Glass Faux Plants from folt_bolt

Apply Some Floral Sun Catchers

One of the most popular summer crafts that you can try is to make a sun catcher that is dominated by a beautiful floral pattern. The existence of this sun catcher design will welcome summer decorations with fun. Another plus that you can get is that they will look beautiful when hung indoors or outdoors and will glow when placed on the windowsill. When the sun penetrates this glass sun catcher, it will create an outdoor effect that really amazes the people who see it. Floral Sun Catchers Wall Decor from missoliviasline

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Air Plants Terrarium Design

Another way that you can use to incorporate green plants into the room is to use a terrarium design made of transparent glass. You can use succulents as plant ideas that are strong enough and don’t wilt easily. Perform regular maintenance on this terrarium so that it has a clean and shiny surface. You can put it on a table or you can hang it using a rope that is sturdy enough to prevent the terrarium from falling and breaking. Air Plants Terrarium Design from makermadecollective

Repaint Glass Suculent Plant

If you want to add a natural feel to your room then there is no better way than using indoor plants that you can remove from your backyard garden. Yes, for now, you can choose a vase with glass material and of course one that has a modern or minimalist shape. To emphasize the touch of summer, you can repaint the outer surface of this glass vase with several different paint color choices. Paint colors that can be combined starting from green, yellow and blue. Everything will blend well to produce a lively color. Repaint Glass Suculent Plant Design from makermadecollective

Ribbed Glass Vase Design

This beautiful and simple vase produces the perfect room texture and can be the best step to decorate your room. This craft is perfect for any style of home because it is neutral. Use striped glass material to make it more perfect when combined with a blooming flower arrangement that has a beautiful white color. Before using this flower vase, you can fill it first using clean water so that the indoor flowers placed on the table do not wilt easily for a long period of time. Transparant Ribbed Glass Vase from

Blue Beach Sea Glass Vase

The easiest way you can add a burst of color to the room is to make some blue beach sea glass vases as decorative items that will complement the furniture used. Now you can put it right above the top shelf so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. It’s not enough to stop here, the arrangement of this vase must also be considered so that it looks relaxed, neat, and elegant. Choose this beach vase with a variety of different sizes and shapes for a look that is not monotonous and boring. Summer Blue Beach Sea Glass Vase from kasanova

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Stained Glass Sunflower Design

Are you looking for wall art to match your summer-themed decor? This unique and beautiful piece is made of stained glass which is dominated by a combination of yellow and green. You can design it with a beautiful sunflower shape and a fairly large size. Just hang this wall art is a part of the room that your guests or family often visit to make it a different focal point. In addition, the use of this wall art also gives the impression of vintage beauty in this handmade work. Boho Stained Glass Sunflower Design from woodberryave_stainedglass

Glass Rainbow Shaped Accessories

For simple but beautiful works of art that you can display in any room, a rainbow accessory made of thick glass is one of the best choices. You can move it anywhere easily according to the needs of the room. More precisely, you can put it on the console table to make it a pretty charming summer decoration. Wherever you place it, this piece of art will amaze your visitors and bring a soft and colorful vibe to your home. Bold Glass Rainbow Accessories from fyshanglassstudio

Stained Glass Butterfly Ideas

The glass material can be applied to the use of your home decor. For example, you can use a wall decoration with stained glass material that has a cute butterfly shape. Although it has a size that is not too large, this wall decoration can be used as the focal point of the room because it has a unique pattern and is different from the others. You can make it yourself on weekends or you can also buy it online at a price that is not too expensive. Hang it on one of the white walls that have been equipped with a nail that has a fairly good height. Stained Glass Butterfly Wall Hanging from lonesomehoboglass

Summer Vibes Vases Design

For a lovely summer touch addition to any room, check out this tall glass vase design. They have a fairly large size and are ready to add color and pattern to the room. Now you can coat the outer surface using a sticker that has a watermelon and tropical leaf pattern that will work well together and beautifully. You can fill it with a series of green plants or flowers for a more perfect look, or you can also leave it empty so that it can become one of the decorative items in your home. Summer Tropical Vibes Vases Design from bumble_bits

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Simple Look Glass Flower

To fill the empty wall of the room, you can use a glass flower design that has a shape resembling a wreath. Use a simple floral pattern with stained glass material that has a mix of red and green colors. A splash of green can be applied to the leaves, while a splash of red can be applied to the flowers. You can hang it to the wall using rope or nails in the two holes provided. Try this art easily and on a budget. Simple Look Glass Flower Design from charlenehomedecor

Transparent Glass Console Table

Not only for room decoration, now you can use transparent glass material on the use of a console table which will complete your entryway decoration as a whole. So that it doesn’t look plain and boring, then you can put some jars that have shades of blue on this console table neatly. Use glass material with a thicker size so that it is not easily broken when used for a long period of time. Modern Transparant Glass Console Table from wow_designssa

Grow Up Glass Aloe Plants

This green glass idea seems very suitable for decorating your home in the summer. You can change and trim it so it has a pretty aloe vera pattern and feels like it has a natural and stylish touch. Just make it yourself to save more expenses. Just plant this glass aloe vera as it was originally on a clay pot that has been filled with white sand. Just make this aloe vera glass more than one so that it can be used as the focal point of the room when applied to the same area. Grow Up Glass Aloe Plants Design from sandandfireworks

Glass Lampshade Ideas

Another greenhouse decoration that you can try is the stained glass lampshade which has a beautiful 3D pattern. Use a stained glass with a mix of white and light purple to blend perfectly. With the use of this lampshade, the light that comes out will be quieter and give a more romantic atmosphere in the room. Just combine it with a beautiful flower arrangement of orchids. You can place them close together on the console table in the entryway decoration. Stained Glass Lampshade Ideas from classyglassartstudio

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