How to Install Proper Firepit for Your Outdoor Summer Night

Spending your time outside during summer is awesome. To complete your coziness in having your time there, providing the firepit is needed. You can have it in the center of your patio seating or just any spot that you think will be the most comfortable and can provide warmth for you during your lounge time. Basically, there are some different kinds of the firepit that you can have. You can choose based on the material. Also, the firepit may be provided for the permanent one or the one that can be moved. For you who want to create a harmonious impression from the decoration concept around, then you can also get the matching firepit design with the same style. Go down for the complete references.

Tabletop Firepit Design

When you don’t have a large enough backyard space, just use outdoor furniture and accessories to taste. In this case, a tabletop fire pit is a perfect solution. Outdoor furniture that is really needed is only a sitting area and a coffee table made of iron. The existence of a firepit tabletop adds a heating accent during night activities with your family or friends. Here you can enjoy the summer atmosphere at night comfortably because it is equipped with the use of a sofa that has a softer surface. It’s a good idea to put this outdoor furniture on the edge of the pool in the backyard. Small Tabletop Firepit Design from bbpoolandspa

Built-in Summer Night Firepit

Take advantage of the empty wall in the patio area to be used as a built-in fire pit which has a sturdy design because it is made of paver stone which has a non-porous material. The result is a smooth transition that doesn’t take up unnecessary space. You can design this firepit with a rectangle shape so that it can give a warm feel to the outdoor area as a whole. Here you can enjoy an elegant and warm outdoor retreat with your partner. In addition to being a heating accent, the existence of this firepit can also be used as a good outdoor lighting idea. Built-in Firepit for Summer Night from designsbylongo

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Round Shaped Firepit

This backyard patio designed with a round firepit design is the perfect combination for an entertainment space. This round firepit is surrounded by a curved built-in seating area with comfortable backrests. With this, the outdoor corner will be more comfortable and can be used as an area to enjoy summer nights this year. Just turn on this firepit when the weather outside starts to get colder. Don’t forget to also add an LED hidden light in the lower seating area. Round Shaped Firepit Design from landscapelightingpro

Stone Fire Bowl

The stone fire bowl is an elegant alternative to the firepit design for a modern and contemporary feel. The use of this firepit provides warmth, elegance, and a more dramatic outdoor feel. You can ignite this firepit design easily using the ignition button that can start the fire without smell and smoke. Just put it in the deck area that has been equipped with some main outdoor furniture that can be used as a comfortable relaxing area. The string light is an outdoor lighting idea that gives an instant magical impression. Stone Firepit Bowl Design from jenniferrara

Portable Firepit for Summer Movie Night

Enjoy your summer nights outdoors along with the use of a firepit that can be used as a heating accent as the evening approaches. Its existence makes your night movie feel warmer, dramatic, and romantic. Just use a portable firepit so that it can be moved to any area according to outdoor needs. In addition to having a fairly light material, this firepit also seems simpler and has a fair cheep selling price. Don’t forget to provide a sitting area around the firepit as the most comfortable area that anyone can use. Portable Firepit for Summer Movie Night from backtothecountry

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Rustic Style Firepit in the Backyard

A rustic style or theme will never fail when applied outside or indoors. Now you can try it as part of the stone firepit which is on the backyard patio that looks open. With the use of this firepit, you can make yourself with the arrangement of natural stones around it. In order to make it a little more sturdy and not easy to fall, you can add cement material so that it can stand firmly. This patio area is surrounded by several lightings that can accompany your night activities, lighting that you can combine is a torch, solar lantern, and string light which is applied to several trees around it. Rustic Style Firepit in the Backyard from bricksnblooms

Natural Stone Firepit

Natural stone is one of the materials that you can use to make an outdoor firepit in the backyard. Here you can use stones of one type of size that are almost the same to make it easier to arrange. The next thing you can do is arrange this stone vertically with a sufficient height. End its existence by surrounding it with a few chairs or sofas made of wood. Usually, this decoration is used in summer backyards in a rustic style that seems simple, and natural and can blend with nature more perfectly. Natural Stone Firepit from jtbedirealtor

Patio Table Firepit for Summer Night

Look at the design of this fire pit table, isn’t it very interesting and can function well? Yes, you can choose and use the firepit which is perfected with the table function as well. The side of this round firepit has a wide enough surface so you can use it to put drinks or food. Just surround it with a few chairs as a sitting area that you can use to enjoy your summer night this year. Also, turn on the firepit at night to save more fire fuel. Patio Table Firepit for Summer Night from luxury_backyard_designs

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Corner Summer Firepit

So that your outdoor decoration can be used better, then you can use a summer firepit that can be applied in the corner of the room so that it can work well. This firepit provides an instantly warm atmosphere, you can use it only during night activities. Furthermore, not only that, but you can also add several lantern lights in different areas as outdoor lighting. This towering wooden fence keeps your privacy to the maximum. You can try it as best you can with maximum effort. The orange nuance makes this outdoor decoration seem more dramatic. Corner Summer Firepit Design from alittlebitofrough

Chiminea Firepit in the Backyard

You can place this wood-burning chimney firepit outdoors to add instant warmth when you are doing night activities outdoors. Of course, the material used is sturdy and anti-rust so it is suitable when exposed to extreme weather changes outside the room. Its antique appearance makes this backyard decoration look simpler. The design is closed enough so that it is safe to use outdoors even in the wind. Place it a little away from some of the furniture that is in use. Chiminea Firepit in the Backyard from theminibreaker


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