25 Cozy Beach Villa for Summer Staycation

You should be able to create coziness in your beach villa. That will be really important because you will spend your time there during the holiday, especially for your summer holiday. The purpose of choosing the villa is to get the different feeling of an occupancy where you can heal everything and recharge your motivation. That is why, there is no excuse for you not to create something cozy, comfortable, and fun ambiance for your beach villa. Basically, in creating the coziness of your villa won’t be too different from the common house. But here, you should consider the harmonious decoration side by side with the beach theme so that you can really feel the summer atmosphere in a beach atmosphere. For example, you can provide the sisal material there for some stuff. Also, you can have some coastal stuff like shells. For the furniture, provide something that can really give you comfort. Check the following decoration ideas for your reference.

Open Space Beach Villa Decor

Look at the decor of this open beach villa, doesn’t it look wider and brighter? Yes, in this room only use the main furniture without using a room divider. Furniture that can be used includes a set of dining tables, sofas, and coffee tables facing the TV. It’s not enough to get here, the decoration of this villa is also equipped with a fairly large back terrace and you can enjoy the beach view in a relaxed manner in the outdoor furniture area that has been provided. The white nuance makes the villa area seem more neutral. Open Space Beach Villa from marcumtravel

Beach Villa Bedroom Decoration

The bedroom is one of the most well-functioning rooms for you to rest. Therefore you can choose and decorate the villa bedroom as much as possible. The use of transparent glass walls is a view that you can enjoy while lying down. It’s not enough to get here, you can also choose a bed with a softer surface so it is very comfortable to use throughout the day. The presence of a chair right next to the bed becomes an additional sitting area that can be used. Beach Villa Bedroom Decoration from marcumtravel

Backyard Terrace Ideas

Take advantage of the beach villa terrace in the backyard as a relaxing area with your family. Here has been prepared a sitting area that is wide enough so that it can be used by several members of your family. This wicker rattan chair which is covered with a sitting cushion makes you feel comfortable while enjoying the outdoor view which is dominated by a stretch of beach and a minimalist swimming pool. This lush green plant can be placed right next to the sofa as a natural, low-maintenance view. Backyard Villa Terrace from marcumtravel

Open Space Living Room Villa Decoration

Not only used for relaxing, you can also take advantage of the villa living room area which is right on the beach as a fun family gathering area. This wide open wall section allows you to see the outdoor view from inside the villa. Besides being cool, the design of this beach villa also looks simple but comfortable to use because it is equipped with main furniture such as a sofa and a pair of lounge chairs that can be used with your partner. The interior, which is dominated by wood, makes the room feel more environmentally friendly. Open Space Living Room Villa from veliganduisland

Private Beach Villa Decor

Choose and use a comfortable beach villa to accompany your vacation throughout the day. A modern and minimalist style is the right choice that you can use. The decoration of this villa is perfected with a fairly spacious backyard with an additional swimming pool of fairly large size as well. Sofas and lounge chairs become a sitting area that can be used freely with your family during the day or night. This way, this villa will feel more private because it is quite closed. Private Beach Villa Decoration from 876.west

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Waiting for the Terrace Sunset

The terrace is one area that you can use to enjoy the sunset when summer arrives. This terrace is also equipped with a chair equipped with a blanket when needed. Face it and just place the chair right towards the beach in front of it so that the sunset view can be seen more clearly. Usually, this beach villa decoration is liked by many people and of course, it is a favorite place to enjoy time with family. Terrace Sunset Decor from sunsethouse.vlore

Dinner Villa Beach Decoration

There is nothing wrong with holding a dinner at the beach villa decoration that you are currently renting. What needs to be prepared at this time is a set of dining tables and chairs that have the same number as your family members. The dining table, which is equipped with several candles, makes the surrounding area warmer and quieter. In addition to being a warm accent, this candle can also be used as an additional lighting idea that is cheap and easy to get at the nearest store. Dinner Beach Villa Decoration from fireflycollection

Sea View Beach Villa Area

When summer comes, it’s time for your staycation in a villa that has a very comfortable room. For example, you can choose a villa that has a balcony area complete with direct and clear beach views. Here you can enjoy a vacation while playing with water freely and widely. A set of tables and chairs is enough to become outdoor furniture that will accompany you throughout the day in this outdoor area. A transparent glass fence is a very appropriate decoration idea. Sea View Beach Villa Area from mare_sabbia_doro_luxury_villas

Deck Beach Villa Decor

You can use this simple beach villa decoration which is equipped with a deck in the backyard. For example, you can use this deck as a breakfast area with loved ones. This wood deck without repainting seems very environmentally friendly and can blend with nature more perfectly. Here you can enjoy food and drinks with a view of the beach that is so beautiful and unusual. To be more practical and precise, you can order this beach villa through an application that can be used. Deck Breakfast Beach Villa from corallodge_mozambique

Summer Beach Bar

Provide a little space on the back terrace of the villa overlooking the beach for a place to relax for a while after activities. Place a swing on one side of the terrace for a place to enjoy the waves while chatting with relatives or family. Don’t forget to add a lounger and coffee table in front of the swing to make it easier for you to put some snacks and drinks as your relaxing time. The presence of a palm tree on the outside of the terrace adds a cool impression and minimizes direct sunlight on your skin. Summer Beach Bar Decoration from hotelflower

Villa Beach Pergola with Ocean View

The outdoor area of the villa overlooking the beach can be decorated as comfortably as possible by adding some recommended outdoor furniture. For example, you can add some seating areas that are just below the pergola with a layer of white cloth. Do this holiday activity only in the summer to be safer and you can sunbathe freely on the beach side. This pergola villa decoration will be more casual and elegant when you add a flower pot on the outdoor side neatly. Villa Beach Pergola from excursionvillas

Summer Beach Relaxing Area

Summer arrives with sunny weather that requires you to do a staycation activity in one of the villas that you can choose freely. It’s a good idea to choose a beach villa that is equipped with a large backyard and is perfected with a private swimming pool that can be used freely with your family. In this backyard area you can also sunbathe on some of the poufs that have been provided with a softer and more comfortable surface. The straw umbrella will protect your skin from direct sunlight. Summer Beach Relaxing Area from ennsbag.al

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Beach Villa Poolside for Relaxing Area

The beach villa decoration will of course be equipped with a poolside that you can use to relax and relax during the day or night. This poolside decoration is also equipped with some lounge chairs as a very appropriate outdoor furniture idea. The location is also very good with facing the pool and directly exposed to the sun. Its modern appearance makes you want to linger at this beach villa staycation when summer arrives. Poolside Design for Relaxing Area from tui_austria

Tropical Summer Villa Pergola

A summer theme with a tropical touch will never fail when decorating your beach villa. Here, you can enjoy a direct view of the beach without any obstruction. When summer comes, staycation activities are a smart idea that you can do on weekends, this season the beach will look brighter with a blue sky that is so beautiful. A sofa equipped with throw pillows and a coffee table is an outdoor furniture idea that can be used to chat with your family. Tropical Summer Pergola from tui_austria

Beach Villa Backyard with Sun Loungers

This modern swimming pool design overlooking the beach becomes a pleasant swimming area. On the side of the pool is also equipped with several lounge chairs that you can use as an area for sunbathing. You can choose this lounge chair which is under the pergola or not. If you want to sunbathe more optimally then you can choose a lounge chair without any shade. The crashing of the waves is a very relaxing sound and of course much to be missed during a staycation in the beach villa area. Sun Loungers Area from the_danna_langkawi

Beach Villa with White Sand Ideas

The beach villa decoration that is perfected with this stretch of white sand makes the eye view more beautiful and beautiful. The surface of this white sand foot relaxes the soles of your feet when you step on it. The decoration of this villa is also surrounded by several shady trees that are able to provide fresh air throughout the day. In addition, you can relax right under these trees during the day to make it more shady and not too hot. This beach villa has a large enough size so that it can be used by four to five members of your family. Beach Villa with White Sand from maldivesin_official

Villa Bedroom with Ocean View

If you have a villa near the beach, you should choose a bedroom decoration facing the beach. Glass walls will be the right choice to limit the outdoors and indoors instantly. Don’t forget to provide a door for direct access to the beach without having to go through a detour. Cover the glass wall with a curtain so that you can maintain your privacy, besides that the curtain can also help you regulate how much light enters the bedroom that is used. Villa Bedroom from cocogirimaldives

Beach Villa with Garden Decoration

When you choose a villa decoration that will be used for a staycation in the summer, why not just go with a modern style? This style will work very well when used anytime without going out of style. Its minimalist appearance is complemented by a stretch of green grass that makes it look more environmentally friendly and fresh. This beach villa has a fairly close distance to the beach which is right in front of it. You can use the shady trees around the house to take shelter when the weather outside is getting too hot. Modern Beach Villa from sunnchill

Spacious Beach Villa Ideas

The arrangement of the furniture in the villa must also be considered in order to have wider and open floor space. In this beach villa decoration, you will not find a room divider so you can organize all your belongings neatly in the place provided. One of the advantages that can be obtained from the selection of this villa is that it is perfected with glass walls to the ceiling so as to provide a freer eye view. It’s a good idea to cover this part of the wall with a sheer curtain to maintain your privacy. Spacious Beach Villa Decoration from georg_roske

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Beach Villa with Pool

Villa decorations with natural views are in great demand by everyone. A villa equipped with a swimming pool in the backyard will make the villa facilities more complete. Moreover, if the swimming pool can face directly onto a clean and quiet beach, it will certainly make the atmosphere more comfortable. The swimming pool facing the beach will get maximum privacy. It would be nice if you planted some dense bush trees, besides that green plants will add freshness when you relax in the pool. Don’t forget to provide some lounge chairs by the pool overlooking the beach. Beach Villa with Pool from velassarumaldives

Simple Look Beach Villa Decoration

This simple beach villa decoration has a strategic area with the beach because it is very close. To enjoy the sound of the waves you can relax in the lounge chair area that has been provided right in front of the villa you occupy. The sound of the waves will make you feel more relaxed while basking in the sun. These shady coconut trees add tropical summer vibes that make you want to linger on a staycation in the beach villa area. Simple Beach Villa Decoration from velassarumaldives

Outdoor Beach Seating Area

Two lounge chairs that are placed right on the expanse of sea sand offer a relaxing and rest area that is quite shady because it is under shady trees. You can put it right facing the outdoors which is perfected with beautiful beach views. This beach villa is very inviting and suitable for use with friends or your partner. The overall appearance of this beach villa maintains traditional customs and is suitable when you add a macrame swing to the porch of this villa. Beach Lounge Chairs from gabrielepaoli

Beach Villa Porch Decoration

With the view of the beach which is right in front of this beach villa, you need to prepare two lounge chairs that can be used together with your partner. It doesn’t matter the arrangement of outdoor furniture, the most important thing is facing the beach. Use wood to make it more at one with nature. The porch decoration of this villa looks very simple but of course it is very comfortable to use and avoids noise, here all you can hear is the soothing sound of the waves. Simple Beach Villa Porch Ideas from danny_imageworld

Beach Villa Bathroom

Thanks to the ceiling-high window walls, your eyes will be drawn to the decor of this beach villa bathroom. Just use a transparent glass window, you don’t have to worry about breaking easily because this window design has a fairly thick material and is not easily scratched. Here you can soak while enjoying the view of the beach and towering trees, isn’t it very relaxing and very comfortable. The use of tile walls with warm brown color adds a vintage impression that will never fail. Beach Villa Bathroom from danny_imageworld

Beach Villa Balcony Ideas

The balcony of this beach villa overlooking the beach is quite amazing for you to use. The use of this transparent glass railing ensures your best holiday pleasures throughout the summer year. Here you can also enjoy the sunrise or sunset clearly, therefore you will feel an epic place to relax because it has a chic area that will make you feel even more amazed. This villa is also very private and quite trendy at this time of year. Beach Villa Balcony Ideas from danny_imageworld

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