10 Inspirations for Your Summer Terrarium Decoration

During summer, although the weather will be hot, it is still a good time for you to grow some plants. In this case, if you want to have the plants that can be used to beautify your summer home at once, then we recommend you provide the terrarium. There are some media that you can use for the terrarium. From the glass material to the plastic material, as long as the shape is unique enough then it can be proper to beautify your home decoration. For the plants, choose the plants that can be durable and easy to maintain such as cactus or other tropical plants. For the terrarium, the main point is about the arrangement and the other additional accessories to be added. You can check varied terrarium arrangements below and choose the ones that you may love for your home.

Simple Look Cactus Terrarium

Not only using succulent plants for summer terrarium designs this year but make changes by using other types of plants. Cactus is a suitable choice and is also in accordance with the summer theme. Choose and use only two to three types of cacti for the current glass terrarium design. Before applying it to a glass container, consider a layer of soil, stones, and small pebbles to be used as a planting medium that is commonly used. Cacti are low-maintenance plants because they do not require water or reflection of sunlight at all times. Just put it inside or outside the room according to the decoration you need. Cactus Terrarium from houseof_planting

Hanging Terrarium for Home Decoration

Make the corner of your house more attractive by hanging three mini terrariums made of transparent glass. Just choose and use a glass container with a water drop shape to make it look more unique and different. Hang this glass terrarium with three ropes of different sizes so it looks very diverse and certainly attracts attention. Succulents are an indoor plant idea that you can use because they have low maintenance and are not always watered every day. Hang it to the ceiling firmly to minimize this terrarium from falling to the floor area and causing it to break. Hanging Terrarium at the Corner from pyara_planet

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Geometric Succulent Plant Terrarium

Have some succulent plant terrariums with triangular shapes that have modern-style glass materials. With this thin black iron frame, the appearance of your terrarium will seem more elegant and ready to be used as your home decoration. Nowadays you can put two to three terrariums on the windowsill as a decoration that never fails. Not only a terrarium, but you can also combine it with several clay pots of various different sizes. This windowsill decoration is suitable for application in any style of home, including modern, contemporary, and even Scandinavian styles. Succulent Plant Terrarium for Windowsill Decor from leosklo

Modern Glass Terrarium Design

Start the terrarium glass design with the selection of a wide-mouth vase to a glass container that can be used to make a beautiful terrarium according to the desired design. You can fill it with greenery, layers of sand, soil, and sea shells which have a variety of different types. With this, you have a terrarium design with a slick beach theme to be used as a home decoration without overdoing it. For a different look, you can just put these two glass terrariums on an iron stand which has a harder and stronger material so it doesn’t break easily when used for a long period of time. Another advantage that can be obtained from using this terrarium stand is that it makes it easier for you to move it to another place. Glass Terraium with Iron Stand from korrikuflowers

Water Drops Glass Terrarium Design

Look at the summer terrarium design this year, isn’t it very eye-catching and unique? Yes, you can choose and use terrarium water drops which are made of transparent glass with thicker materials so that they are not easily broken when used as home decorations for a long period of time. To make it easier for you when applying it into the room, just add a hemp rope a size that is thick and large enough as a tool to hang it to the ceiling or wall area according to your home decor needs. Succulents and cacti are a combination of plants that you can grow in the same terrarium, they will work well together and maximize. Hanging Water Drops Glass Terrarium from tierraflowerco

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Mini Glass Terrarium Ideas

There is no need to design a terrarium with a size that is too large if the mini terrarium already looks attractive. Here you can choose a bottle or glass container with transparent glass material that has been washed clean so that when used it will look shinier. Just design it yourself according to what you think. Various types of green plants that are applied in one terrarium design display a colorful appearance as a whole. Furthermore, the use of sand and gravel also adds color indirectly. Finish this summer terrarium design with a cork lid for a different and less monotonous look. Mini Glass with Terrarium Cork Top from arteevasojundiai

Acrylic Globe Terrarium Design

Choose and use an acrylic globe as a container from the summer terrarium design that can be designed as much as possible according to your wishes. This acrylic material is not easily broken so it is highly recommended to try. A touch of white tones on this terrarium is complemented by greenery, small rocks, and soil that can be easily found in backyard gardens. Just put this terrarium design in an area of ​​the room that your guests often visit as the first sight that seems unique and different. In addition, with this terrarium design, your room decor will seem more vintage. Vintage Acrylic Globe Terrarium from tomorrows.ashes

Upcycled Terrarium Plastic Bottle

Upcycled plastic bottle terrarium is one of my favorite crafts because it takes you away from the usual terrarium designs and allows you to create something much more charming, unique, and cost-effective. It’s a good idea to wash the bottle that will be used first to make it cleaner. After that, just fill this plastic bottle with sand and soil as a planting medium that can be obtained easily. Green plants, as well as panda and rabbit ornaments, are the main accents that you can add as a final look that is more perfect. With this, the terrarium design will have a big visual impact and take very little time to create. DIY Terrarium Plastic Bottle on Budget from planted_souls

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Nature View Glass Terrarium

Sand, soil, stones, and several types of green plants in this glass container become one of the characteristics of a terrarium design arrangement that you can maximize with your own choice. The theme of the terrarium, which is complete with the lid, depicts nature views that can be moved to any area of the house according to your home decor. Just make it yourself at a low cost and of course with a cooler end result. The planting media used can be easier to get around your house without having to buy it. Water the green plants in the terrarium with clean water so they can grow well even in a glass container. Nature View Glass Terrarium Design from tommy81lee

Macrame Triangular Terrarium

An easy way that you can do to bring a bohemian theme to your home decor is to hang a triangular macrame design using macrame which has premium materials so it is not easily damaged. Just hang this macrame terrarium on an empty wall as a decoration that will never fail. Another thing that can be considered is being applied in a room that is often visited by guests or your family who come to the house. Because this wall is painted brown, the terrarium can be used as the focal point of the room. Just fill this terrarium with succulent plants and soil as a planting medium that can fertilize your plants while indoors. Hanging Macrame Triangular Terrarium from earthtonix


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