How to Create Fun Backyard Playground Decorations

Having your own playground will be great in case you have enough space for that in your backyard. You can let your kids have fun there without going into the public playground which could be quite risky in the pandemic era. You don’t need to be worried if your kids will be bored playing alone because you can surely invite your family or your kids’ close friends to play there together. Well, now, for your playground decoration ideas, we will show you some recommendations that you can apply to your backyard private playground. The first one is you may provide the swing there. We all know that swing is any kid’s favorite. Then, you can also provide sliding, play house, see-saw, and more, Also, it will be even greater if you can provide colors there. Check the following images with explanation below.

Trampoline at the Corner

Just adjust the size to the size of the backyard you have in the garden area. However, the wider the better. This trampoline is one of the children’s games that is suitable for spending vacation time at home. This trampoline can also be used by adults or parents and children. The sides and top of this trampoline are also equipped with a cover so that it is more shady when used during the day or night and of course it is safer when children use it. Trampoline Garden Decoration from vulyplay

Playground Area with Green Grass Decor

The backyard garden area which is perfected with a stretch of green grass can be used as a playground area layer that will give a fresh and elegant impression. Do the cutting and trimming of this grass for a neat appearance and will certainly make your children feel more comfortable. Put some of the children’s games in a neater arrangement in this backyard area. Trampolines and colorful slides are the right combination that can be placed at a distance that is not too far away so that they are more effective when used. Fresh Playground Area from bogavac3d_design

Backyard Skateboarding

Gliding is something that all children love. Therefore you can buy skateboards to put in the backyard decoration. This game is a great idea for children’s outdoor activities to take advantage of the green grass area that has not been used. This skateboarding design has a standard slope for your children. Also provide lights around this game so that it can be used at night, white light is the best choice and is bright enough. Summer Backyard Skateboarding from skatehomefurniture

Bold Color Wooden Playhouse

If you have a simple playhouse design made of wood, then consider painting it in several different color combinations. The colors that can be applied are red and yellow so that it looks more contrasting and beautiful. It’s not enough to stop here, the existence of this playhouse is also equipped with several kids games such as a trampoline which has the same size as the playhouse design that is currently in use. The expanse of sand that surrounds it gives an elegant impression that never goes out of style. Bold Wooden Playhouse from winnietriplets

Small Slide for Beginners

As a beginner you can choose a slide design with a size that is not too tall or large. A slide with a length of approximately one meter is enough and you can choose as the main game that can be placed in the backyard. Not only slide designs, but you can also choose other kid-friendly and harmless games. Choose some of these games with a variety of different colors and types so as to make the backyard look more beautiful and colorful overall. Slide Beginners Decoration from skygatdula

Modern Style Backyard Playground

When you have a backyard decoration with a wider size, then you can use it as a playground area for children to make it more comfortable at home when the holidays arrive. Just choose and buy a playhouse set with a modern look so it’s not easily out of date and certainly not boring. This playhouse design is also equipped with a slide and three types of swings with different shapes and sizes. This double slide with blue color can be used together by two different players. Modern Look Backyard Playground from backyardfunadventures

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Various Kinds of Children’s Games

Make backyard decorations more open by minimizing outdoor barriers or not needing to use a pergola. Now you can fill the backyard with a fairly large deck that gives a more contemporary look. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add several different types of games to be used as a playground area that will be fun for your children. A swimming pool is also an additional area for bathing for children who love it. Open Space Backyard Playground from birdman075

DIY See Saw in the Backyard

Do you want a more colorful backyard decoration to be used as a playground area? If so, then you can use a wooden see saw which can be ended by repainting it using several different colors. Colors that can be combined are purple, white and blue. All of these colors will work well together to display a more modern and less shabby see saw design, this repaint can be done easily and cheaply. Additional other games can be adjusted to the wishes of your child. Repaint DIY See Saw from kustomkittiescanada

Backyard Playground with Rubber Mulch

For a safer surface for your children when playing slides, just coat the green grass with rubber mulch which is applied to a wooden box with a size large enough. The use of this rubber mulch minimizes your child’s feet or hands being injured. This wooden box also helps so that the rubber mulch used is not scattered everywhere. Look at the yellow slide that was shown to this wooden box area, yes this is a very precise playhouse design arrangement and you can try it easily so that your children will play comfortably and safely. Wooden Box Rubber Mulch from jplumm89

Kids Friendly Backyard Garden

If you have small children at home with more than one or two, then just take advantage of the backyard area to build a playground decoration that has a fairly wide and open size. You can make it with wood and of course with a design that is not out of date. This playhouse decoration is also equipped with several stairs that are used to get down or up the children easily, do some painting to add color instantly. With this, your backyard decoration doesn’t look too empty and boring. Large Backyard Playground from alyssa.granlund

DIY Wooden Playhouse Set

Take advantage of your backyard as a children’s play area. To fill your spare time, try to make a DIY wooden playhouse set from simple materials, for example, using wood that you already have at home. A DIY wooden playhouse set complete with a combination of several games, such as swings, wall climbing and stairs, will be very useful to foster your child’s adventurous interest. You can place a series of some of these games near the fence to make it look neater and safer. DIY Wooden Playhouse Set from backyardfunadventures

Trampoline with Net Fences

To keep your children safe and minimize accidents when playing on the trampoline, install a net around the trampoline area. Don’t forget to make the entrance or exit into the trampoline on this protective net so that your child doesn’t have to bother when they want to play. Place the trampoline in the middle of the backyard so you can easily watch your child play there. Its size is quite large and luxurious, it is suitable to be used as an outdoor focal point. Trampoline with Net Fences from backyardfunadventures

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In-Ground Trampoline for Backyard Decor

Desain in-ground trampoline yang di pasang di halaman belakang ini juga tidak akan pernah gagal. Persegi menjadi salah satu bentuk yang banyak di gunakan karena bisa di gunakan oleh beberapa anak dengan permukaan yang cukup lebar. Di sini anak-anak anda akan bersenang dan bergembira dengan pengawasan anda. Selain lebih murah, in-ground trampoline ini lebih mudah di pasang tanpa harus membutuhkan tenaga profesional. In-Ground Trampoline Decor from woodkingdomwest

Mini Skateboarding for Kids

If your backyard still has unused space, making a mini skateboard is an idea that you can try. Its simple shape is perfect for those of you who have a small area, besides that, making mini skateboarding will also help you introduce a sport to your child, besides being able to play with pleasure, skateboarding also enhances the appearance of the backyard because it doesn’t look too plain. Place this mini skateboard right next to the fence to make it safer for your child to use. Mini Skateboarding near the Fence from ashleywild_ramps

Playhouse with Double Slide

Look at the playhouse design which is equipped with this double slide, isn’t it very cool and suitable to be placed in the backyard landscape. It is the overall design which will be a fun place for your kids to play outdoors during their childhood. This playhouse set can also be an alternative asset that will overwhelm plans for a large camping trip with your kids, perhaps saving even more money. Just try this outdoor playground idea in your backyard instantly. Wooden Playhouse with Double Slide from backyardfunadventures

Basketball Court with Swing Set

Adjust the playground that will be used with the gender of your child. If you have a boy then just choose a basketball court design with a size that is quite wide and open. This game is quite specific for boys. Not only basketball courts, you can also add other types of games such as wooden playhouses that can be placed around the court in a neat and orderly arrangement. The combination of white and blue on the basketball court provides a fairly good and clear color contrast. Open Space and Large Basketball Court from amplificationinc

Sensory Playground for Kids

To improve motor skills in your child, the easiest way you can do is to add a sensory playground with iron material so that it is quite durable and not easily porous even if placed in the backyard garden. Repaint this sensory game design with a deep black color to make it look more shiny. This type of game will be more useful for your children to improve motor skills in a more fun way. Cover the ground with mulch to make it safer, softer and more tender. Modern Sensory Playground from vulyplay

Wall Climbing with Seating Areas

There is nothing wrong with adding one type of children’s game in the seating area, such as patio decorations in the backyard. This is done so that your children can also enjoy being outdoors in a pleasant atmosphere. Don’t forget to add some bright lighting so that this backyard area can still be used at night. The string light that is applied right above the wooden deck gives an instant magical theme. The use of a dining table set becomes an area to enjoy food or drinks with a different atmosphereD. Wall Climbing with Patio Decoration from tysonlewisrealestate

Landscape Artificial Grass for Playground

To minimize your maintenance while in the backyard decoration, just use artificial grass that has the same shape and color as the original. Here you don’t need to water it again or do grass trimming. After the installation of artificial grass is complete, also apply playhouse beginners with a low height. Because the design of this playhouse is colorful, it can be used as a focal point for the backyard and will certainly become a favorite place that can make your child happier. Landscape Artificial Grass for Playground Area from octurfandputtinggreens

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Rock Climbing Wall

With the existence of a rock climbing wall, the children will compete to be at the top. Don’t worry, the use of this outdoor game doesn’t have to be expensive or too high to make it more effective. Although the size is small, the components of a small playground in the backyard such as rock climbing are very vital. This game will adapt to the abilities of your children, you can try it easily and cheaply. Rock Climbing Wall in the Backyard from backyardfunadventures

Built-in Playground with Pergola

Find different decorations in the pergola area that is placed in the backyard. Yes, this wooden pergola design is equipped with children’s games underneath so that it can be used simultaneously at the same time. This built-in playhouse is also perfected with a slide complete with a sandbox as an additional play area that can be applied more easily, just use wood so that it can blend with nature more perfectly. Leave this playhouse design with real wood colors for a more natural look. Wooden Built-in Playground from thirtythreetwentytwo

Baseball Net Decoration

This small baseball field equipped with a fence or net divider will make your backyard look more functional. Use a net that is high enough to prevent the ball from being thrown too far from the field. In addition to being a play area for children, they also indirectly do fun outdoor sports. Usually this baseball decoration is used when summer arrives so that the surface of the ground or grass that is used can remain dry and safe for your child’s feet. Baseball Field with Net in the Backyard from mccourybaseball

Copper Creek for Outdoor Play Area

You need to make sure that Copper Creek is useful and interesting. The location of this game is also very important so as not to cause a big disturbance in the backyard. The design of this copper creek has a hexagon shape that is suitable to give a modern impression that will never go out of fashion. It doesn’t need to be too high to keep it friendly for use by children, besides the material used is also very strong and doesn’t rust easily when applied outdoors. Copper Creek for Backyard Playground from coppercreekapartments

Sandbox Games for Kids

This wooden box filled with sand is one of the most popular types of games for children, so you can place it in the backyard to complete the overall playground decoration. This wooden sandbox design is also equipped with a built-in open storage shelf that can be used to hang several mini shovels, buckets and other complete equipment. With this, the appearance of the sandbox will look neater. While the built-in blackboard can be used for motivational words or signs according to what you think. Wooden Sandbox Games for Kids from santinahome

Recycle Tire See Saw

If you have a lot of used tires that are no longer used, try to convert them to make a simple playground in your backyard. Make some see saws from materials that are easily available around you, thick wooden boards and old tires are perfect for this game. Plant the tire of one of the used tires as the centerpiece of this see saw and split some tires to use as a handle and also a safety for the bottom of the see saw. If you have a lot of used tires, don’t hesitate to make some see saws so they can be used to play with your children with their friends. Recycle Tire See Saw On Budget from thecityofplay


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