Dress Up Your Home with These 20 Ideas

Dressing up your home will be fun. You can apply some fabrics to your home decoration which is adorable. You may think that it will be limited, but, it is not for sure. Surprisingly, the fabric material can be applied to many parts of your home decoration like the curtain, the throw blanket for your sofa, your rug, your ceiling, and many more things that are possible. Since the fabric material comes in varied colors and patterns, then including the fabric in your home won’t be boring at all and can even beautify your home decoration look. You’ll be amazed by the way fabric material can be applied to many parts of your home. The following ideas are the references that will awe you for sure. Check these out!

Classic Design Satin Curtain

Do you want to bring a classic theme into your home easily? If so, then the application of using curtains is an alternative way that you can try right now. Currently you can use a satin curtain with a combination of gray and yellow so that it looks quite contrasting. The design of this curtain is also perfected with beautiful tassel accents. The use of a wooden table that is placed right next to this window curtain is an interior addition that emphasizes the classic theme in this room. Classic Design Satin Curtain from juliesdesign29

Striped Fabric Carpet Design

Cover the floor with a striped carpet made of cloth so that it can be a more comfortable surface. The colors used are also very neutral, the combination of blue and white being an alternative choice for the colored and patterned interiors that surround it. One of the advantages that you can get from using this carpet is that it can be washed again easily when it is dirty. The striped pattern can also be used in a room with any style, whether modern, vintage or contemporary. Striped Carpet Design from guinevere_antiques

Pleats Drapery Curtain Design

In order for your dining room decoration to seem more private, you can coat the glass windows using drapery curtains that are installed quite high. Just choose a textured type of drapery to make the room more different. Another thing that needs to be considered is the use of the right color according to the feel of the room, beige color is one color choice that is quite appropriate because it has a neutral touch that makes it easy for you to combine it with other furniture around it. The use of large glass windows is able to enter more sunlight into the room, making this dining room brighter and more open. Pleats Drapery Curtain Design from kathygeffendesign

Beautiful Patterned Cotton As Table Runner

Easy decoration is the best way you can do to dress up one of the rooms in your home. For now, just focus on your decor in the dining room. Design your wooden dining table with a plain white tablecloth layer that can be combined with a patterned table runner that has a bohemian pattern. This table runner design has an earth tone color vibe that instantly adds warm vibes to the room. The advantage of using a white tablecloth is that it adds a touch of elegance that never goes out of style. Patterned Cotton Table Runner Design from odeandcleo

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Printing Fabric Wall Art

If you don’t have time to dress up your house, then just buy a cloth printing that has a size large enough. This fabric can be used as a wall art decoration in your living room. Pay attention to the color and pattern selection of this fabric printing so that it can better match the theme or feel of your living room. A floral pattern with a combination of three different colors is the right choice that you can hang on an empty wall so that it can make your white living room decoration look more colorful. Printing Fabric Wall Art from bebozycom

Sewn Fabric Tablecloth Ideas

Replace your old tablecloth with a new and modern one. Use sewn fabric tablecloth so that you can produce a neater dining table appearance. Choose a pattern that can be applied throughout the year so that your dining table will never look boring, abstract motifs are perfect for this tablecloth. This sewn fabric tablecloth comes with a mix of neutral colors that are suitable for application in dining room decorations that are dominated by white shades. Just finish this dining room with greenery and a medium-sized wall painting to give it a touch of artistic value. Sewn Fabric Tablecloth with Abstrack Pattern from majesticgiftwareinc

Mix Patterned Fabric Bedding

Festive look bedroom can be presented easily through the use of the right fabric. For example, you cover the mattress with a bedsheet and several pillowcases that have different patterns and colors. When you use a floral bedsheet, the geometric pillowcase becomes a combination of contrasting patterns. They also come in beautiful and varied colors. Usually floral patterns are used in a room that wants to bring a summer theme instantly. Floral Bedsheet with Geometric Pillowcase from porticoindia

DIY Cotton Lampshade

Look at the appearance of this lamp table, doesn’t it look attractive and different? Yes, you can dress up this lampshade easily and cheaply. The main ingredients that you can prepare are cloth, scissors and pom-pom accents as a complement. Cut the fabric according to the shape and size of the table lamp that is used, then attach and sew this white pom-pom accent to the lower lampshade for a unique look that is ready to be made into unique lighting and of course not owned by everyone. DIY Cotton Lampshade Ideas from lepipo07

Summer Wall Tapestry Decoration

To change the look of an empty wall in your living room in the summer by using a simple wall decor. Try to use a tapestry with a cactus motif, the cactus pattern on a tapestry is perfect for presenting a summer atmosphere in the room. To keep it looking bright, choose a cactus motif on a tapestry that has a colorful vibe. Tapestry is the right choice for those of you who want to make the living room look different in the summer. Wall tapestry cactus is so easy to install that you can do it yourself without the need for a professional. Cactus Wall Tapestry from zoe.wodarz

Two Tone Color Fabric Bedding Ideas

Give a touch of different colors to your bed by using bedding and throw blankets that have different color combinations. Use two types of fabric to make color combinations with interesting contrasts, choose yellow and blue for an interesting look. Two fabrics that are installed in layers will provide warmth when used. In addition, they are suitable to be applied in a modern or contemporary style room. Just end this bedroom decor with a faux fur rug as soft footwear when you first set your feet when you get out of bed. Blue and Yellow Fabric Bedding from roomstogopr

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Vintage Look Linen Cover Sofa

To dress up your old sofa, consider using covered fabrics that you have at home so you don’t have to buy them. This idea makes your old sofa look more attractive and not shabby. For decorating a vintage-style living room, you can use a linen sofa cover with a small striped pattern that is dominated by neutral colors. You can easily wash the sofa cover when it starts to get dirty. The linen fabric used also has a lighter material and of course it dries quickly when washed so it can be used again quickly. Linen Cover Sofa with Small Striped Pattern from tomofholland

Unique Look Tapestry Headboard

Dressing up your home with fabric accents is an interesting idea that you can try now. You can use this tapestry that is large enough to make a headboard to make your bedroom decor look prettier and more inspiring. This tapestry headboard has a very intricate pattern and manages to bring a real bohemian look to your bedroom and make your decor look more alive. Installed by gluing on the wall will make it a headboard as well as a perfect wall decoration. This decorating idea is very easy and manages to make your home decor more beautiful than before. Tapestry Headboard from @christinajeandurante

Neutral Color Fabric Ceiling

Make your home decor look more attractive than before! presenting a touch of fabric is a very appropriate solution. Ceiling coated with fabric will present a very stunning and different appearance than usual. It has a wavy design, making this fabric ceiling look very beautiful and manages to steal attention. This Ceiling Fabric has a white tone and is combined with a black wall so that it manages to present a complete monochromatic look. Installed by gluing using a special tool will make it not easily damaged and still look perfect. One fabric ceiling idea has succeeded in making your home decor more attractive and very inspiring. White Fabric Ceiling from @kristrnmarieco_

Dramatic Vibes Canopy Bed

This bedroom decoration uses a canopy bed fabric that successfully makes your home decor look more attractive. Canopy bed fabric that is installed irregularly will present a very aesthetic appearance in your bedroom. The string light that adorns the canopy bed manages to exude a very beautiful charm. In addition, this string light and fabric canopy bed work together to provide comfort and a calm feel in your bedroom. Some flowers hanging on the canopy bed will make your bedroom decoration very beautiful and stunning. Fabric Canopy Bed from @auraohi

Use Tufted Bed Frame

Change your old bed frame with a new and modern design. What you can try right now is a tufted bed frame with velvet material which has a softer surface and is comfortable to use all day long. Consider the use of neutral colors such as white so that it can be more easily combined with other interiors around it. This tufted bed frame is perfected with a mattress, blanket and throw pillow in gray tones that can blend better. Marble walls are a modern finishing touch that looks luxurious. Modern Tufted Bed Frame from waleria_samsonik

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Cotton Bedding with Pastel Colored

Update the look of your bedroom by replacing your old bedding with new ones. Try to use bedding with thick cotton material and of course it will be warmer when used. To keep the look harmonious, adjust the color of the bedding with the color of the other room decorations. The selection of pastel colors is very suitable to use, they will bring a calm color and will be more perfect when applied to a modern bedroom complete with a tropical wallpaper that is applied right behind this bed. Pastel Cotton Bedding for Modern Look from daily.decor.magazine

Wool Throw Blanket on the Sofa

If you have a minimalist sofa in a modern living room, you should pay attention to the appearance of the sofa there. Don’t let your minimalist sofa look empty, use a throw blanket as a decoration that won’t go out of style and can of course be used whenever you need it. Choose a throw blanket with wool material that is able to give the impression of being warm and also comfortable when used. Add a fake feather throw pillow as an additional decoration that will enhance the appearance of your minimalist living room. Wool Throw Blanket on the Sofa from ourhomeaccents

Boho Patterned Cover Cushions

To make the atmosphere of your living room look more cheerful and fun, you can change it from small things. Replace the old cushion covers with colorful bohemian cover cushions to make your living room look brighter and more cheerful, not only that, but also cover the floor with a cloth carpet that carries patterns and colors as well. A variety of bohemian patterns can also make your living room atmosphere less boring. Don’t hesitate to replace all the cover cushions in your living room because this will make the living room more perfect. Colorful Bohemian Cover Cushions from modesettravaux

Add a Faux Fur Carpet

White is one of the color choices that are suitable to be applied in any room in the house and of course with any style. Now you can apply shades of white to the dressing room complete with some furniture in it. Upholstered carpet for a warmer foot surface. Choose and use a carpet made of faux fur rug which has a softer material and is easy to clean using a vacuum cleaner. This rug gives a different texture to this room and is ready to make the room more comfortable. White Faux Fur Carpet from ourfirsthome_58

Knitting Fabric Carpet

Cover the floor of the sitting area in your living room with a carpet that is different from the usual decor. Knitted fabric carpet are an option that you can try, the material is thick and soft and will make you feel warm and comfortable when you step on it. In addition, the knitted carpet will also beautify the appearance of your living room, so you will easily create a new focal point in your living room. Just choose a rug with a geometric pattern so it’s easy enough to instantly bring a summer vibe to the room. Knitting Fabric Carpet with Geometrci Pattern from creative._valley


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