45 Recommended Designs for the Tiled Fireplace

Applying the tile to your fireplace will add beauty and value to your fireplace. The traditional fireplace commonly has a shabby impression where you can change it really effectively by simply applying the tile there. Of course, you should find the right tile so that the impression can be changed well. Here, you may choose the tile based on the color and the pattern to get the impression that you really want. However, it doesn’t mean that your modern fireplace design can’t be added with tile. You can surely apply the tile and strengthen the design impression you want for your tile. Is it possible? Of course! Nowadays, there are so many different kinds of tiles with varied patterns to support your need in creating the style.

Talking about the tile style, let’s talk about it more. For the modern impression, you can have the black and white or gray tile color with a pattern design that reflects simplicity. Then, if you want to get the Boho style, you can get the colored tile with a certain identical Boho pattern. Of course, there are still possible styles that you can get as we have mentioned in the images below. Additionally, besides the pattern, you can also play with the texture to get a more aesthetic impression. That will be awesome but maybe will be more stand out more. So here, if want simple designs, we advise you not to choose the textured ones. Now, please check the following images to give you more information about that.

Geometric Black and White Tiles from Digsdigs

Black and White Mosaic Tiles from Digsdigs

Bold Geometric Tiles from Digsdigs

Patterned Earthy Tone Tiles from Digsdigs

Bright Black and White Geometric Tiles from Digsdigs

Old Blue and Turquoise Patterned Tiles from Digsdigs

Star Patterned Tiles from Digsdigs

Monochromatic Tiles from Digsdigs

Geometric Pattern Tiles from Digsdigs

Blue Mosaic Tiles from Digsdigs

Monochromatic Pattern Tiles from Digsdigs

Grey and White Patterned Mosaic Tiles from Digsdigs

Grey and White Tiles from Digsdigs

Chevron Pattern Tiles from Digsdigs

Marble Chevron Clad Tiles from Digsdigs

Neutral Marble Tiles from Digsdigs

Bright Mosaic Blue Tiles from Digsdigs

Fish Scale Tiles from Digsdigs

Dark Green Tiles from Digsdigs

Dark Blue Tiles from Digsdigs

Black Tile from Digsdigs

Tiny Glossy Black Tiles from Digsdigs

Thin Light Grey Tiles from Digsdigs

Gray Chevron Tile from Mydomaine

Black and White Star Print from Mydomaine

Modern Chevron Tile from Mydomaine

Traditional Tile from Mydomaine

Black and White Pattern from Mydomaine

Royal Blue Subway Tiles from Mydomaine

Spanish-Inspired Print from Mydomaine

Colorful Tiles from Decorhomeideas

Green Subway Tiles from Decorhomeideas

Flower Pattern Tile from Decorhomeideas

Blue Tile from Decorhomeideas

Vibrant Modern Tiles from Decorhomeideas

White and Grey Wave Tile from Decorhomeideas

Rustic Patterned Tiles from Decorhomeideas

Light Grey Tile from Decorhomeideas

Black Mosaic Tile from Decorhomeideas

Stunning Arabesque Tile from Thespruce

Blue Herringbone Tile from Thespruce

Subway Tile from Thespruce

Moroccan Zellige Tile from Thespruce

Black Subway Tile Tile from Nextluxury

Grey Patterned Tile from Nextluxury

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