20 Welcoming Leaf Gallery Wall Ideas

The leaves or foliages with the colors and their origin that comes from nature can be really effective to create a welcoming impression of your home. Well, something that comes from nature is always being able to create that kind of impression where you can also get the fresh, calming, and fun ambiance. Anyway, if you want to have the leaves in your home without too much maintenance, then you can simply have the leaf gallery wall for your wall decoration. It could be in form of a painting or the real leaf in dried ones or the fake leaf that is installed in the frame. This kind of leaf ornament will be low maintenance when compared to the real plant or the ones that are put on the vase. For the leaf wall gallery, you can check the following arrangement ideas.

Pop Color Art Gallery Wall

For maximum effect from the look of this nature gallery wall, try combining two to three different types of green plants. They will highlight each other and really create a dramatic visual impact. Now you can apply it in a living room that will be frequently visited by your family so that it can be used as a different view. In addition, with this gallery wall, the walls that are dominated by white paint look more colorful and textured, they can be tried in any style room, including modern styles that never go out of style. I can try it right now. Pop Color Leaf Art Gallery Wall from @soulgallery_ec

Modern Leaf Gallery Wall Decoration

No need to worry when you have a plain wall with a choice of white paint because now you can redecorate it with several pictures of leaves of different types and sizes. For a more modern and elegant look, you can complete it with a wooden frame that has color harmony with your paint wall. In addition, the choice of neutral wall paint also makes the presence of the leaf gallery wall bolder. Just hang it at a distance that is not too far away so that it can be used as the focal point of the room that can be used as a photo background or fresh eye view. Modern Leaf Gallery Wall Decoration from oblongshop_

Farmhouse Style Gallery Wall Decor

Don’t let your wall decorations look plain and boring, do easy decorations you can do on the weekend. For example, you can install and hang some print leaf paintings on the wall using a wood frame that has been repainted with a transparent color so that it looks shinier, this wall decor is perfect for a farmhouse-style room. It’s not enough to end here, you can also hang this leaf gallery wall in sufficient quantities to be used as a statement wall that can be used as the main decoration in the corner of this room. Try to choose frames of the same size for a more aligned and matched look. Farmhouse Style Gallery Wall from @americanfarmhousestyle

Bohemian Themed Leaf Gallery Wall

You can hang this large number of leaf paintings in the room part of the house that is often visited by your guests or family as a festive welcome which is very easy to do. The living room is one room that you can consider perfecting with this leaf painting. Because the frame used has a variety of different sizes, you can install it randomly with a predetermined installation distance so that the final result you get still looks neat and orderly. Indirectly, this greenery painting is also able to present a bohemian theme instantly. Bohemian Themed Leaf Gallery Wall from @dejabluedesign

Vintage Gallery Wall Decoration

Make changes to your walls in the best way you can do it yourself without having to need a professional. You can apply this print leaf painting with various types and different sizes to the wall easily. Now all you can do is insert this leaf painting into the frame that you already have. This frame which is dominated by reclaimed wood material emphasizes the vintage theme instantly, you can hang it on the living room wall area that has been repainted with pastel colors such as light green. In this way, the existence of the gallery wall decoration is bolder. Vintage Gallery Wall Decoration from @srsly_styld

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Inexpensive Botanical Gallery Wall

Botanical gallery walls are always popular to make your wall decoration more beautiful with a minimalist wooden frame layer that has been perfected with transparent paint. Here you can install more than one so that it can make your room more colorful. Get this frame at the nearest craft shop at a price that is not too expensive, besides that for the picture you can use a collection of paintings that you already have. Hang all the frames of this botanical painting in the same size with a symmetrical arrangement so that it looks more elegant and neat, nails are the right tool to hang it firmly. Inexpensive Botanical Gallery Wall from @hometalk

Nature Gallery Wall Ideas

Let’s start the wall decoration with the natural gallery wall print trend which is very popular these days. This green leaf print covers part of your white wall which has a modern and minimalist decor. Create a beautiful fresh atmosphere that will bring this room into an instant natural vibe. Just print this leaf painting in several different sizes to make it look more varied and not boring. This wall which is dominated by white paint makes the gallery wall design bold and adds color to the room as well. Nature Themed Gallery Wall Ideas from @taniia.estevez

Monstera Gallery Wall with Black Frames

Match the use of the frame used for several leaf paintings that come with two different color choices. This monstera leaf print comes in a mix of green and gold. Furthermore, to give the impression of harmony, just use a frame with the same color, namely solid black. In this way, the appearance of this leaf painting print will attract more attention and is certainly suitable for application in a dining room decoration that has a modern farmhouse theme vibe. The cactus and green plants that are placed on the wooden dining table are natural decorations that can be obtained in the backyard garden area for free. Monstera Gallery Wall with Black Frames from @foolhouse_australia

Symmetrical Gallery Wall Decoration

Arrange the arrangement of the leaf gallery walls that you have in sufficient quantities so that everything can be installed neatly and in accordance with the expected decoration wishes. Just hang them all symmetrically, which means they are hung at the same height and distance. These twelve leaf prints with a touch of black and white become an even number that can be arranged vertically on one part of the wall that is still empty. Now you can apply it to the living room wall that has been repainted using a splash of plain white. You can use a small chair and table in this room to relax or it can also be used as a reading area. Symmetrical Leaf Gallery Wall from @fostrcollaborative

Leaf Gallery Wall for Living Room Decor

If you’re going to the market to buy some wall art, then just consider choosing and hanging a series of botanical prints for very inviting wall decor. This beautiful leaf greenery print adds some room to live in any themed room including modern, minimalist, or contemporary. One large leaf print makes a beautiful focal point, just get this leaf print online to make it more practical. It’s not enough to get here, you can also add some indoor plants that can be placed in this room evenly in a neat arrangement of course. Leaf Gallery Wall for Living Room Decor from @thepapertreestore

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Plant Life Gallery Wall Design

Are you someone who likes gardening? Green leaf painting prints with a variety of different types is a smart idea that you can apply to the white shiplap wall in a neat arrangement. Just choose and use six green leaf prints that can be hung vertically. Print it yourself using the printer you have and then just buy a frame as an outer layer that can make it look more artistic and ready to decorate a farmhouse-style room. Get the frame at the nearest craft shop, you can choose it with the cheapest price option to save more expenses. Plant Life Gallery Wall Design from @pick_a_pear_creative

Monochromatic Leaf Gallery Wall

Welcome your guests who come to the house with a collection of artworks on the blank walls of your home. For a more dramatic look, you can choose a painting with a black and white theme. This monochrome painting will be very suitable if it is installed on a white wall, especially if your painting uses a black frame, it will certainly make your home wall look more perfect. Install the painting in an irregular position but setting the same distance between the paintings will not seem messy. There is nothing wrong with using a leaf painting with a splash of black and white. Black and White Leaf Gallery Wall from @eskaydesigninterior

DIY Project Painting Gallery Wall

When you have painting skills then try to use this skill to decorate your room so that it displays a different atmosphere. For example, you can paint some green leaves on several canvases which can be perfected with modern and elegant frames that are dominated by plain white. White and green are quite a contrasting color combination, so they are perfect when you want to make this green leaf painting bold. Just hang and apply some of these paintings with different themes and sizes on the wall of your workspace or rather on the wall right in front of the desk that is used daily. Green Leaf Painting Gallery Wall Decor from @marta.chmielecka

Statement Gallery Wall Decoration

Consider framing a few leaf prints that come in a variety of different types, themes, and sizes. In essence, you can use a painting with a green plant theme that can be arranged on the wall easily. This is a great way to give life to the interior of your home without having to include greenery that requires care and maintenance. Four small frames that surround a large enough frame painting are ready to be used as a statement wall in your home. In addition, this wall decoration idea can also be done with a lot of fun. Statement Gallery Wall Decoration from @our.little.brighton.home

Botanical Themed Gallery Wall

To add a botanical feel to one of the rooms of your house, you can try adding some green leaf paintings that come in a variety of different types. Insert and hang this botanical painting using a medium-sized frame that has color harmony that can be combined with other interiors that are around it. Just hang it vertically to get the impression of a room that is more colorful and not tacky, of course. The more frame paintings that are hung, the better the gallery wall decoration will be produced. Botanical Themed Gallery Wall from @socialsoulstudio

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Monstera and Succulent Gallery Wall Design

Another way to achieve the botanical trend is to create an accent wall. You can do this room decoration idea yourself to save more on your budget. Here, several paintings of green leaves and succulents are hung behind the indoor greenery to create an accent wall effect, perhaps four paintings will suffice for eye-catching wall decor. It looks more alive thanks to the mostly white color scheme in the room. Perform maintenance on this indoor plant regularly so that it can develop well even though it is indoors. Monstera and Succulent Gallery Wall from @milknhoneydesigns

Leaf Gallery Wall in the Powder Room

Not only in the living room, but you can also hang this green leaf painting. Now you can try hanging it on the powder room wall which is dominated by plain white shades. Hang it vertically right next to the standing sink that is used so that it can be used as an initial welcome for your guests who visit this room. This leaf painting that has a mix of green and pink will work well together for a more colorful and fun decoration. Just get this leaf print at the nearest craft store. Leaf Gallery Wall in the Powder Room Ideas from @anniedornansmith

DIY Wooden Frame Gallery Wall

If you want a natural impression in your home, then using a DIY wooden frame is the right idea. You can apply it to some simple paintings that are hung right on the wall on staircase wall. Mounted on the wall of the stairs makes a collection of several DIY wooden frames like your personal exhibition. Arrange the layout of the painting in a balanced way to make it look symmetrical. Wall scone lamp with gold color adds color instantly to this room because it has a surface that is quite shiny and different from the others. Just light up these wall scones at night so that your leaf painting can be seen more clearly even though it’s small. DIY Wooden Frame Gallery Wall from @wittmooredesigns

Nature Inspired Gallery Wall

This green leaf print and beautifully blooming flowers can work well together to decorate an empty, bare wall. These green leaves can be presented by hanging molds of banana leaves, fern leaves, and succulents that have a dark green color. While the feminine color comes from the use of floral painting prints which are dominated by a splash of pink. But it’s a good idea to use a painting frame with a matching color, white frames are the best choice that can give you elegant vibes and of course, it fits in with all kinds of paintings that you have at home. Leaf and Floral Gallery Wall Decoration from @juniqeartshop

Small Monstera Gallery Wall Ideas

There is nothing wrong with using a small monstera painting to be used as a wall gallery decoration in your living room area. You can play with the way it is arranged when applied to the walls of this room, just hang it with the best design so that it is enough to be a different eye view. One of the advantages of this leaf gallery wall is that it can be hung in any room and in any style. Now you can try it in the Scandinavian living room which is dominated by the use of neutral-colored interiors such as plain white and wood colors found in the use of rattan lounge chairs and wicker baskets equipped with handles. Small Monstera Gallery Wall with Gold Touch from @lauradenhertog

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