25 Ideas for the Mini Pumpkin Display for Your Fall Home

The mini pumpkins are cute and will be great to be added to your home for this fall decoration. Its small size makes it possible to be created into varied ornaments and added to many decoration projects. Imagine how the mini pumpkins can be made to be wreaths, garlands, vases, and more. Also, it is possible to simply put it into a tray, bowl, or near the window to get the proper fall decoration. If you think that you can only have the orange color pumpkin, then you should look at the following ideas where you can find the white small pumpkin match really well with the decoration. You can even have other colors as you can always paint them yourself with the colors that you want. If you are interested in the idea of presenting the mini pumpkins to your fall home decoration this year, then look at the following references.

Fall Wreath Handcrafted

If you need a front door decoration then a wreath is one of the right decorations that you can try. This Wreath can be used in all seasons but still uses the right materials. For example, when you want to decorate your front door with an autumn theme, the wreath design that is perfected with a mini pumpkin is a smart idea that you can try. Choose and just use a pumpkin with white color so that it looks quite a contrast when combined with bright orange sunflowers. The plaid sign is the finishing touch that you can also apply to this wreath section. Fall Wreath Handcrafted from @glam_r_us_designs_by_serena

Mini Pumpkin Tray Decoration

Take a look at the tiered tray design that is equipped with this mini pumpkin, aren’t you ready to welcome the decorations in the early fall? Yes, you can decorate it with other materials such as blooming flowers that have splashes of bold colors such as bright red. Usually, its existence is placed on the dining table or on the countertop in your kitchen decor. In addition to the mini pumpkin, you can also add a mickey mouse ornament to add a cute look that will never fail. This fall-tiered tray design can be moved to any room according to your home decor needs. Mini Pumpkin for Tiered Tray Decoration from @_disney__days

Mini Pumpkin Centerpiece

The table section made of wood can be perfected by the presence of a mini pumpkin that has a plain white color harmony. Just put some of these mini pumpkins on a DIY wooden cutout tray that looks natural and rustic. To make this centerpiece decoration you don’t need a lot of expenses, just use materials that are around your house. In this way, this mini pumpkin centerpiece decoration is suitable for those of you who want to save on expenses this year. Try to choose pumpkins that are almost the same size so that they look more aligned. White Mini Pumpkin Centerpiece from @sagedoorinteriors

Pumpkin and Maple Leaf Wreath

An autumn wreath design is incomplete if you don’t use a mini pumpkin as an additional ornament. Now you combine it with several different types of flowers and leaves. Try to have all the materials used in your home so you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy them. One of the advantages of this fall wreath is that it can decorate the front door while welcoming your guests with joy. Repaint the wooden door with a solid black color so that the presence of the wreath can be seen clearly. Mini Pumpkin and Maple Leaf Wreath from @theroxzone

Mini Pumpkin Garland Design

Consider decorating a summer coat by decorating it using a mini pumpkin garland that can be combined directly with leaves and various types of beautiful blooming flowers. You can put it right above the fireplace with a neat arrangement. Not only the garland design, but you can also complete it with a pumpkin frame painting and a classic mirror that is perfected with a shiny gold frame. This fireplace mantel decoration is ready to be used as a focal point for a room in your home, repaint the brick fireplace with white for a more neutral look. Pumpkin Garland for Mantel Decor from @moderntexashouse

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Blooms Wreath with Pumpkin Ornament

This mini pumpkin ornament combined with beautifully blooming flowers can be assembled into a wreath that can be hung on the front door of your home. This flower which is dominated by red color makes the white pumpkin ornament look clearer and ready to be used as an initial welcome for your guests who come to the house. Not enough to stop here, you can also hang a monogram Z according to the name of one of your family members. Just assemble this wreath with a round styrofoam frame which is one of the favorite shapes and is often used by everyone. Blooms Wreath with Pumpkin Ornament from @kalani_simplyliving

DIY Fall Project Centerpiece

A wooden dough bowl filled with maple leaves, pumpkin accents, moss and pinecones is a centerpiece decoration idea that you can apply to the wooden dining table in the dining room. The centerpiece decoration this time emphasizes the autumn theme instantly. Just choose a mini pumpkin with the same color for a more elegant and beautiful look. Arrange and trim everything on the dough bowl as much as possible so that it is ready to be used as a different eye sight when your family sees the centerpiece decoration, just try it easily. DIY Fall Project Centerpiece with Pumpkin from @daily_lane_home

Fall Centerpiece Design Ideas

You can try the next mini pumpkin in the autumn dining room decoration section to make a stunning centerpiece decoration. Here you can combine it with several other materials such as sunflowers and hydrangeas which have bold colors like blue and purple. All of the materials here will work well together for a neutral-looking focal point of the room. This centerpiece decoration does not cost a lot of money because it only uses materials that are in the backyard garden, for its preparation you can use your creativity as much as possible for more satisfying results. Fall Centerpiece Design Ideas from @celebrateanddecorate

Mini Pumpkin Windowsill Decoration

Not only as a centerpiece decoration. Also, pay attention to your windowsill decoration so it doesn’t look plain and boring. Now you can put some beautiful ornaments such as mini pumpkins, flower vases, and planters that have the shape of an owl. Decorate as much as possible for good results. The advantage of this window sill decor is that it can be seen from inside or outside the room, isn’t it so amazing? Yes, you can try it. Mini Pumpkin Windowsill Decoration from @bluer0se

Fall Corner Vibes Decoration

Make the corner of your house look more interesting and different by decorating it using a garland design that you can make yourself with your family on the weekend. This garland has two natural ingredients that you can combine perfectly, maple leaf and mini pumpkin into a combination that never fails. Just put this fall garland on a storage rack that has been repainted in plain white. In this way, the design of this garland will look bolder. The flower arrangement that is applied to a vase is also an additional decoration that you can place in the windowsill area. Fall Corner Vibes Decoration from @miennes.home

DIY Fall Lantern Design

In any season of course you need warm lighting at night. When autumn comes, you can make a DIY candle holder project made of natural wood. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also decorate the inside of the candle holder with a series of mini pumpkins that are designed together with dried berries and maple leaves. After the appearance is as expected, then you can put it in a room that is often visited by your guests, the living room or entryway is the right choice of room to try. DIY Fall Lantern with Pumpkin Ornament from @sherrysw27

Orange Pumpkin Mantel Decoration

Red brick fireplaces are certainly less attractive if they are not decorated with autumn ornaments when the time comes. Pay attention to the fireplace mantle, you can fill an empty room with a mini pumpkin ornament that is perfected with a maple leaf garland made of paper. Not only on the fireplace mantle, but you can also put various sizes of pumpkins right in front of the fireplace. Just make this pumpkin ornament from a cloth that has an orange color or a plaid cloth with a splash of black and white. Orange Pumpkin Mantel Decoration from @its.our.smallworld

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Mini Pumpkin and Indoor Plant Windowsill

The windowsill area in the living room or in any room that your guests often visit needs to be re-decorated in harmony with the autumn theme this year. Two mini pumpkins that have a combination of orange and white are the best choices that you can place in the windowsill area along with small succulents and cacti. Try to choose a pumpkin of almost the same size so that it looks more beautiful and attractive. This glass window that has a geometric pattern is perfect for presenting a modern theme that never goes out of style, just try this windowsill decoration idea at low cost. Mini Pumpkin and Indoor Plant Windowsill from @rachgarb

Fall Mantel Fireplace Vibes

When you have a fireplace in your living room decoration, match the theme with the autumn theme, which is quite a favorite this year. Here you can include pumpkin accents to place in the fireplace mantle area along with mirrors, fall wreaths, and beads garlands that have a touch of autumn color. Arrange your mini pumpkin on the spindle holder that candles use. Place the two mini pumpkins on both sides of the fireplace mantle of the same size and height so that it looks more symmetrical and neat. Mini Pumpkins Mantel Fireplace from @matthewandmae

Mini Pumpkin Coffee Table Decor

Pumpkin is quite a favorite to use to present the autumn theme. Now you can choose it with a mini size so that it can be placed in any area easily and does not take up much space. For example, you put it on the coffee table as an appropriate decoration and it never fails. To make it look more alive, you can put this mini pumpkin together with a small vase that has been filled with fresh green plants. Just put these two decorations on top of the book and more precisely next to the orange candle. Mini Pumpkin Coffee Table Decor from @peaceandquiettt

Fall Kitchen Vibes Decoration

This pumpkin ornament that is put in a wire basket becomes a decoration that you can move easily when needed. You can choose it in a small size so that everything can be arranged in one basket with a neat arrangement. Just put this basket in the kitchen area or rather in the countertop area as one of the decorations that emphasize the autumn theme. To perfect its existence, you can also use flower arrangements and several types of herbs that are in woven rattan vases. Mini Pumpkin Decor on the Wire Basket from @reemz.home

Fall Coffee Bar Decoration Ideas

Two mini pumpkins that are placed in the coffee bar area become one of the decorations as well as ornaments that emphasize the autumn theme. You can put it in the tiered tray and spindle holder that is already in this room. The color that looks shiny is complemented by a series of maple leaves in a white vase. You can get this pumpkin ornament at the nearest store or you can buy it online. Hanging wreaths and small green plants are additional decorations that can be obtained easily. Fall Coffee Bar Decoration from @aude_fouy_home

White Pumpkin for Rack Decoration

Take advantage of the empty store shelves as an area to put some pumpkin ornaments that can be used as fall decorations that will never fail. A pumpkin is an important decoration that you can choose to place neatly on the top surface of a wooden shelf. Four white pumpkins of different sizes can be placed according to their size. It doesn’t stop here, this wire basket filled with a gourd is an additional natural decoration that can be easily found around your home. White Pumpkin for Rack Decoration from @claudiapillai

Fall Table Setting Colour Palette

Consider redecorating your table setting with a pumpkin theme as a decoration that can emphasize the autumn theme in this dining room. When you have used a large pumpkin to be used as a centerpiece decoration, then on the top of the plate you can put a mini pumpkin which is dominated by white. The choice of the white color is also aligned with the use of plaid napkins placed on this plate. The choice of white color strengthens the autumn theme which seems neutral and is easier to combine with other ornaments around it. Fall Table Setting Colour Palette from @royal_lepage

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Mini Pumpkin Planters Ideas

If you have a large enough number of small pumpkins, then reuse them as planter material that can be used to plant small succulents. This mini pumpkin planter comes in two different colors, white with orange being a color combination that can blend perfectly. This succulent plant has low maintenance that you can place indoors easily and of course, can be moved to any area according to the needs of the room decoration. You can also make it as a beautiful autumn windowsill decoration and ready to serve as the focal point of the room. Mini Pumpkin Planters Ideas from @inspirelovely

Rustic Vibes Mini Pumpkin Wreath

The fall entrance decoration feels incomplete if it is not perfected with a hanging wreath made of several materials that match the theme of this fall. Start looking for the ingredients you need, more than one mini pumpkin and dried grapevine into a mix that you can combine in one design. Just use a rope or wire to make it more sturdy. After the design of this wreath is to your liking, don’t forget to hang it using a nail or hook right on the side wall of the main entrance of your house. Rustic Vibes Mini Pumpkin Wreath from @missyred

Fall Sign with Mini Pumpkin Ornament

Autumn is very synonymous with pumpkins as decorations, to make it look different from other displays, use pumpkins that are not only orange. Choose white or green pumpkins as autumn ornaments this time, simply by stacking them, you will get a simple but still attractive look. Pair this pumpkin ornament with several other accessories, such as a banner or dried flower arrangement. You can place this mini pumpkin ornament idea on the console table at the entryway as a welcome for your guests. Fall Sign with Mini Pumpkin Ornament from @craftingwithmaria

Fall Floating Shelves Decor

Don’t let the walls in your house look empty and unattractive this fall. You can attach the garland along the walls of the room. Install a mini pumpkin garland made of plastic or rubber to make it easier for you to care for and of course not to rot easily when used for a long time. Tie some of these mini pumpkins together to make a unique garland arrangement. You can apply this idea right to the floating shelves in one of the rooms. Fall Floating Shelves with Small Garland from @cozykanedecor

Stacked White Pumpkin Ornament

Decorate your floating shelves with three mini pumpkins that can be neatly placed together with photo frames with a variety of different patterns and looks. When you have a shelf with limited space, just stack this pumpkin ornament vertically. Three pumpkins of almost the same size are the best choice you can choose, the white color is a smart idea that will easily be combined with other decorations in this wooden shelf area. Just apply it in the corner of the room for a different look and it’s ready to be used as the focal point of a beautiful room. Stacked White Pumpkin Ornament from claudettewithlove

Mini Pumpkin Candle Holder

Light up your night when you are at home by using some candles. To support the autumn theme this time, you can convert some pumpkins into eye-catching candle holders. So that some of these pumpkin candle holders can be placed on the table, you should use a small pumpkin. You just need to make a hole in the top of this mini pumpkin, which is used as a place to put candles. That way you will get a new center of attention for your home decor. Mini Pumpkin Candle Holder from @poisonivyditch


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