25 Easy Fall Sign Ideas You Can Have

Making your own fall sign for this fall decoration need is not difficult. You can surely do it although you can buy it at the store. The materials won’t be expensive and the process of making it is quite easy. For the materials, let’s say that you can have wood where you can create many designs by using it. Use the paint color to write the words and paint some patterns. With the color choice, you can create a certain design impression like modern, farmhouse, and more. Well, anyway, besides writing the fall words, don’t forget that you should also apply the fall touches there like adding the pumpkin pattern or adding the wheat as the accessories. There are still so many choices that you can have for the fall sign as you can see below.

Entryway Fall Sign Ideas

Do you need wall decor in early fall? An autumn sign made of DIY wood is a smart idea that you can easily do right now, don’t forget to combine it with the patterned sofa to create a farmhouse theme. Do the fall sign design according to what is expected so as to produce maximum final results. This fall sign is also perfected with a maple leaf pattern in a variety of different sizes, just hang it right above the entryway furniture that is used so that it can look bold and ready to be used as a welcome for your guests when they come to your house. Entryway Fall Sign Ideas from @bridgewaydesigns

Fireplace Sign with Mirror Decoration

The fireplace mantle decorated with a fall sign and a string of maple leaves gives a different look that you can do yourself on weekends. Arrange all these decorations in a neat and orderly arrangement. Because this fall sign has a fairly large size, you can stack it using classic mirrors of almost the same size. The fall sign design that is used today is very simple and it is enough to use materials that are in your home without having to buy them again to save more expenses. Fireplace Sign with Mirrror Decoration from @bluebonnet_home

Flannel Sign with Mini Pumpkin Decoration

Reuse the rest of the flannel that you have as the main material for the fall sign design that is currently hanging on one of the walls in your home. Making it is also very easy. First you can prepare all the materials and tools used. Glue, scissors, flannel, and a little wood accents are a combination that is quite easy to get. The word thankful on the surface of the flannel sign is perfected with a mini pumpkin that is arranged at the bottom of the sign with a blend of orange and white colors. After everything is perfect and installed properly then you can hang it on the wall of the room that is still empty. Flannel Sign with Mini Pumpkin Decoration from @creativeonthecheap

Simple Look Fall Sign Ideas

Adjust the fall sign that will be used in a room with the theme of the room itself so that it can blend and work more optimally. For example, when you are going to apply it to the entryway farmhouse decoration, the use of reclaimed wood signs is the right idea. Make this fall sign with a rectangle shape and hang it just above the bench that is used. Not only reclaimed wood fall signs, but you can also combine them with a throw pillow with a pumpkin pattern and some pumpkin ornaments that are put in a galvanized basket which is placed in front of this wooden bench. Simple Look Fall Sign Ideas from @simple.joy.at.home

Small DIY Fall Sign with Wooden Frame

The appearance of a small fall sign will look more beautiful and elegant when you combine it with the use of a wooden frame that looks natural and environmentally friendly. Here you don’t need to repaint to better match the farmhouse theme in this living room. Don’t forget you can combine it with a knitted pumpkin, beads ornament, and small fresh greenery. Arrange everything neatly on the coffee table that is used so that it can be used as the focal point of a beautiful room, first paint your coffee table plain white to make it look neutral and in accordance with this farmhouse theme. Small DIY Fall Sign with Wooden Frame from @craftylittlemarket

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Fall Sign with Buffalo Cover

For a different look on the fall sign that is installed in one of the rooms of your house at this time is to coat the outer surface with buffalo cloth evenly, choose and use buffalo which is dominated by a combination of black and white colors to emphasize the farmhouse theme. Its existence can be perfected with pumpkin ornaments that you can make yourself too. Put all these autumn decorations on a white console table that looks neutral and makes the fall sign bolder. Use reclaimed wood for sign making to save more on the budget. Fall Sign with Buffalo Cover from @carolinacajuncreates

Antique Style Wooden Fall Sign

Use reclaimed wood to create a fall sign design that you can hang on an empty wall. In this way, this fall sign will look more antique and suitable for those of you who have a farmhouse or rustic theme. You can also cut the part of this sign according to your wishes so that it produces the perfect cut. Just write the word pumpkin patch with plain white paint so that it can be seen clearly on the light brown wooden surface. You can try to make it yourself with the ingredients you have at home. Antique Style Wooden Fall Sign from @citygirlmeetsfarmboy

DIY Pallet Fall Sign Design

Take advantage of the remaining wooden pallets that you have at home as one of the autumn decorations that you can apply in any room according to your home decorating needs. For example, you can use and switch the function of a wooden pallet as a fall sign design that can be placed in the front porch area. You can make it yourself by writing it using white paint so it looks clear and contrasts. Just perfect its existence with a basket vase that is hung right on the front door as a warm welcome for guests and families who come to your home. DIY Pallet Fall Sign Design from @lavenderbrookfarm

Tiered Tray Display with Small Sign

Check out the fall kitchen décor this year, perfected with a tiered wooden display tray. Yes, you can decorate it and fill this tray with some important autumn ornaments that are easy to find. For example, you can fill it with pumpkin ornaments, herb leaves, and a small sign made of wood. Just put this small fall sign at the bottom of the tray along with the pumpkin and fresh blooming flowers. Everything can be arranged neatly to produce a more perfect design. Just choose and use a tray with teak wood material to make it more sturdy and not easily porous. Tiered Tray Display with Small Sign from @willowbloomhome

Farmhouse Fall Sign Design

Do you have a talent for painting? If so, then you can apply it to a farmhouse sign made of canvas and applied to a DIY frame made of natural wood. This autumn sign painting is complemented by a floral and pumpkin pattern in two different colors. The color of the pumpkin that is commonly used is white with orange. Just put this sign on a console table or storage cabinet as a decoration that is easy to move when needed. The selection of watercolor colors also needs to be considered to produce a blend of colors that will blend more perfectly. Farmhouse Fall Sign Design from @simplysaidsheila

Distressed Wood Fall Sign

The mantel is one of the areas that you need to decorate according to the theme of the season this year. When autumn comes, you can create an autumn sign that will welcome your guests who visit your home. In addition, you can use distressed wood for a more vintage and shabby chic final look. This fall sign design has a pumpkin pattern with a variety of different color combinations, watercolors that can be combined are orange, white, and black in the writing. Finish off this mantel decor with an easy DIY bunting that you can do yourself, the pom-pom garland is a cute complement. Distressed Wood Fall Sign from @_thepinklemon

Shiplap Wood Material Fall Sign

Shiplap wood is an important material that will never fail when used as the basic material for making fall signs. You can assemble this shiplap wood to have a square shape complete with slim wood framed. Paint it with white as a neutral background which makes the writing or fall sign pattern look clearer. Complete the existence of this sign with a garland made of maple leaves which are dominated by a bright orange color. A few mini pumpkins on top of this fireplace mantel are an easy addition to decorations. Shiplap Wood Material Fall Sign from @followyourcountryheart

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Pumpkin Shaped Sign

Don’t just use a square or rectangular shape for the design of the current fall sign. You can use a pumpkin shape with a white repaint so that it has a contrasting color when combined with the use of solid black front door paint. The shape of this pumpkin sign will produce a different decoration and appearance. The combination of these two colors will produce a monochromatic theme instantly. In addition to having a more unique shape, this wooden sign also looks more modern and can be obtained online to make it more practical. Pumpkin Shaped Sign for Front Door Decor from @melissahowarddesigns

DIY Wooden Fall Sign

Add a charming farmhouse touch to your home with this eye-catching fall wood sign. The repaint that was done with white shades makes it look cleaner and more elegant. Use teak wood material so that it is not easily porous when used for a long period of time, one of the other advantages that can be obtained is that this material has a smoother surface and is of course very environmentally friendly. Painting on wood will not easily fade over time, place it indoors or outdoors according to your home decorating needs. DIY Repaint Wooden Fall Sign from @paintedcottagedesigns

Hello Fall Sign Design

Celebrate all your fall favorites by displaying farmhouse-inspired wood planks on your wall, entryway, or living room area. You can cut wooden planks into rounds and decorate them with pumpkin paintings and greetings this fall. In order not to look too plain, you can add a ribbon accent as a complement that can be practically obtained at a low and very affordable price. The hemp rope that is applied to the top of this sign is used as an accent to make it easier for you to hang it on a wall in your home. Hello Fall Sign Design from @skywideopen5

Frame Pumpkin Sign Ideas

The words and the pumpkin painting are framed in a wooden frame of a fairly large size. Both are ready for early fall and ready to hang on the walls of any room for instant fall décor. If you don’t like the dark wood hue, before making it a sign fall design, the car must first use plain white paint. Hang it right above the floating shelves and hooks so that it can be used as a wall decoration that never fails and is certainly cheaper when you buy it or make it. Frame Pumpkin Sign Ideas from @thedancingwick

Vertical Shaped Fall Sign

For a new approach to your fall decor, just take a look at this vertical wooden sign, isn’t it quite eye-catching when made into a decorative item? This simple fall sign goes hand in hand with green leaves and dry cotton for a seasonal look that is unexpected and very elegant. Just apply and hang it on one of the walls of your home for a more stylish and less plain look. You can make the wooden frame that frames this sign yourself using tools and materials that you already have at home, so you can save more on expenses when making it. DIY Vertical Shaped Fall Sign from @thelittletableau

Pumpkin Painting Sign

Finding the right fall sign that you can make your own is easy and only takes a little time. For example, you can make a painting sign with a simple pattern that you can do yourself. When you use a blackboard, you can paint it using white chalk. Now you can paint it with a pumpkin pattern as one of the important ornaments that are often used in this early autumn. This pumpkin painting comes with maple leaves which are perfected with the word gather attached using tacks. Pumpkin Painting Sign from @erie_handmade

Black Matte Paint Fall Sign

Bring the magic of fall to life with this decorative metal sign. The words Hello Fall are displayed in black and silver so that it looks very modern and contemporary. Don’t forget to also apply carvings of four maple leaves of almost the same size. Its simple design makes it perfect for hanging indoors or outdoors. When in the room you can use it as a fireplace mantel decoration that can be perfected with two pumpkin ornaments and a series of dried leaves in a jar vase that has been repainted in plain white. Black Matte Paint Fall Sign from @theseasonalmercantile

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Orange Pumpkin Fall Sign

No need to worry when you have wall decorations with plain white base paint. Here you can redecorate part of the wall with a pumpkin sign that has been repainted in orange so that it has quite a bold color contrast. Make this pumpkin fall sign with a size large enough so that it is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Just hang it using a nail that is well attached to this area of the wall. The blooming flowers around this sign are an additional room decoration that will bring bright colors and make this room look more alive. Orange Pumpkin Fall Sign from @woodsignsbysana

Vintage Wooden Sign

One way you can do to welcome autumn this year is by making a DIY sign made of wood that you have in your warehouse. Making this fall sign is quite easy, you only need to write down the words that match the autumn theme, it’s not enough to get here, use black paint as an accent to write it so that it can be seen more clearly when read from a distance. Hang it indoors or outdoors according to your home decor needs. The existence of a series of dried corn husks is an additional natural decoration that can be obtained easily. Vintage Wooden Sign from @randik.collection

Modern Fall Sign Design Ideas

The modern decoration is a decoration that will never fail, the dominance of white and black is a combination that is often used. You can use a fall sign by using a circular board and hanging it on the main door of your house. Before hanging, don’t forget to give some words that are suitable for greetings in the fall, give the final touch of this fall sign by coating it with transparent paint so that it will make the appearance of this fall sign look shiny. Hang it using a rope that is sturdy enough so that it doesn’t come off easily when used for a long period of time. Modern Fall Sign Design Ideas from @simplystainedshop

Feminine Look Fall Sign

It’s not always orange for the fall sign paint application, now you can try it with other, brighter colors. Pink is one of the right color choices that are suitable for decorating your daughter’s bedroom when autumn arrives. Just complete this hanging sign with a beaded hanger and a pumpkin garland ornament made of flannel. All this you can do yourself according to what you think. Shades of pink and white can also blend perfectly in the same room. You can just print the beautiful pattern on this sign background to make it more practical. Pink Color Fall Sign Design from @kristensellentin

Front Porch Fall Sign Wall Decor

If your front porch only has a narrow area but you still want to decorate it with autumn decorations, try using wall decor. Install this wall decor on the front porch wall, to make it look more festive and not empty, you can also put a unique chair right under the wall decor. The decorations are simple and inexpensive so you can use them as fall decorations this time. Not only that, but you can also add other autumn decorations on the front porch, for example, the maple leaves that were installed on the unique chair and the autumn-themed mat. Front Porch Fall Sign Wall Decor from @bridgewaydesigns

Standing Shiplap Fall Sign

Tell everyone who comes to your house that you are ready to welcome this autumn with simple and bold decorations. You can make a standing shiplap fall sign and place it on the front porch of the house, so as not to interfere with your activities, try to lean it against the wall next to the main door. That way the DIY standing shiplap fall sign that you have made can be seen by everyone. The choice of color in making a DIY standing shiplap fall sign is an important part, use a white base color and black writing so that it can be read clearly. DIY Standing Shiplap Fall Sign from @thecozyfarmhouse


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