How to Use Mini Christmas Tree for Your Winter Decoration

Having the Christmas tree for winter decoration is a great idea. You can have it for the Christmas decoration at once. However, since the size of the Christmas tree is quite big, it is not flexible to be applied to any spot that you want. Well, don’t be worried because there are mini Christmas trees available that can be applied to any part of your home decoration. Even when you want to use the mini Christmas tree for your table centerpiece, that will be really possible. The thing that you should do here is that you have to make the Christmas tree to be interesting so that it won’t be boring. For the tree decoration, you can add artificial snow which will be the best and most effective one in creating a winter impression. Then, you can also add lighting, Christmas ball, pinecone, and more. Anyway, besides the tree, you may also decorate on the pot or planter that you use for the tree. The pretty pot can create a pretty Christmas tree impression.

Snow Covered Christmas Tree

To emphasize the winter theme in your Christmas tree design, a layer of fake snow is a smart idea that you can try. Get this faux snow online to make it more practical and of course it has an inexpensive price. Next for the idea of ​​planters or vases, you can use a medium-sized jute sack that can accommodate the design of this Christmas tree as a whole. Because this Christmas tree has a mini size, you can move it to any area according to your home decor needs. Windowsill decorations or fireplace mantle decorations are suitable when decorated with this ornament. Snow Covered Christmas Tree with Jute Sack from @novabloomsuk

Mini Greenery Christmas Tree

This series of pine leaves arranged into a mini Christmas tree can be applied to a ceramic gold vase that can be placed on a natural pedestal made of woven rattan. The existence of this pedestal makes the mini Christmas tree look taller so as to minimize accidental bumps and falls. In order not to be too plain, you can add a Christmas ball with shiny red color and a string light that can be used at night so that the appearance of this Christmas tree can still look attractive. In addition to having ingredients that are easy to find, these pine leaves can also be found in the backyard garden in large quantities. Greenery Christmas Tree with Wicker Pedestal from @lotsa.lovee

Corner Mini Christmas Tree Decor

So that decorating the corner of your house doesn’t look boring, then you can put a Christmas tree with a mini size that you can make yourself easily and according to the design you want. When you use a Christmas tree spruce, the additional string light with gold lighting makes it look more magical and attracts attention. Use a vase with an oval shape that can be repainted using solid black so it looks more modern. Christmas glass balls and pinecones are a combination of ornaments that you can hang on the outside of this mini Christmas tree. Corner Mini Christmas Tree Decor from @gracejayde

Different Size Mini Christmas Tree

Look at this standing rack and dresser decoration placed side by side, doesn’t it look festive when filled with various sizes of mini Christmas trees? Yes, you can get all these Christmas trees online or you can design your own according to the materials you have at home. Even though it has a small size, the design of this mini Christmas tree comes in quite a lot so that it is ready to be used as a new focal point in your home room. Don’t forget to provide bright lighting in this area so that all the decorations or ornaments you have can be seen clearly when the atmosphere in the room starts to look dark. Star ornament is a never-fail addition. Different Size Mini Christmas Tree from @little_home_in_cornwall

Tiny Christmas Tree for Windowsill Decor

Consider redecorating any part of your windowsill in the bathroom or kitchen so it doesn’t look too plain and boring. For now you can put three mini Christmas trees with terracotta pots that have the same size. Because it has a small size, this mini Christmas tree is easy to move to any area according to your home decoration needs. Do watering on this Christmas tree so that it can continue to develop properly even though it is indoors, the reflection of sunlight entering the room also minimizes this Christmas tree from rotting easily when used throughout winter this year. Tiny Christmas Tree for Windowsill Decor from @inside_eden_house

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Mini Christmas Tree Galvanized Pot

Do you need a vase or planter to apply a Christmas tree in your room? If so, then you can use a galvanized vase that has a glossy exterior and is not easy to rust either. Decorate this mini Christmas tree with white Christmas balls that can be hung with a ribbon that is dominated by bright red. The snowflake ornament on the top of the Christmas tree is the finishing touch that can instantly emphasize the winter theme in this room. This Santa doll placed right next to the Christmas tree is a combination that will never fail to decorate any of your rooms. Christmas Tree with Snowflake Ornament from @mamas_cold_coffee

DIY Christmas Tree for Bedroom Decor

One way you can do to bring a winter theme in your bedroom is to make a mini Christmas tree with a few combinations of materials that you have at home. For now you can make it in a mini size that can be perfected with some Christmas ball ornaments with a variety of different color choices. Next you can put this mini Christmas tree on a nightstand right next to the bed. The empty part of the wall can be decorated with floating shelves that can be filled with several prints of painting frames and star garlands that can be easily designed by yourself. DIY Christmas Tree Above the Nightstand from @ourhallgreenhome

Mini Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Don’t let the marble dining table in the dining room look plain and boring. Try to decorate it with a mini Christmas tree that is dominated by a series of pine leaves that are still fresh and green. This mini greenery Christmas tree can be used as a centerpiece decoration that can be perfected with a stainless steel tray that can make it easier for you to move it. It’s not enough to get here, you can also hang a merry Christmas garland that can be hung right on the hanging mirror on the wall of this dining room. Get this pine tree in your backyard garden without having to buy it. Mini Christmas Tree Centerpiece from @homelifeatthecherry

Snowy Mini Christmas Tree

To emphasize this mini Christmas tree has a touch of a winter theme, then you can coat the outer surface with a sprinkling of fake snow which can be obtained online so that it is more practical. Here you don’t need too much faux snow because the Christmas tree used also has a small size and can be applied to a bold colored vase complete with a plain white snowflake image. You can put it outside or indoors according to the decoration you need. Hemp rope and wooden Christmas tree ornaments are a combination of decorations that can be hung on this DIY Christmas tree section right now. Snow Mini Christmas Tree from @novabloomsuk

Mini Christmas Tree with Ball Ornament

No need to worry if you have a bottle brush for a mini Christmas tree with a predominance of plain white because here you can revive the feel of a Christmas tree by using some appropriate winter ornaments. For example, you can hang some Christmas balls with a shiny surface that has a combination of red and gold colors that are ready to give a different impression instantly. The more hanging Christmas balls, the better and more fun. Here you can add some other ornaments such as snowman, houses, and shoes. All winter ornaments can be found at the nearest store at very affordable prices. Mini Christmas Tree with Ball Ornament from @bb_figure_lady.m

Christmas Tree with Roses Ideas

Use spruce leaves as the main ingredient of a DIY Christmas tree design that you can arrange yourself optimally and according to what you expect. This material is easy to find in the garden around your house, so that it doesn’t rot easily, just buy spruce leaves made of thick plastic. So that the color of the spruce leaves looks more alive, you can combine it with some bold red blooming roses. These two colors will appear more festive and ready to be used as a new focal point in your home room. The use of a pot with a shiny red color is the best choice you can use, just get this pot at the nearest craft store at a low price. Christmas Tree with Roses Ideas from @marias_amor

Silver and Pink Color Mini Christmas Tree

Silver bottle brush and pink Christmas balls are the perfect combination of materials and colors to apply to your mini Christmas tree design this year. In addition, these two colors are also able to provide a color combination that is quite bold and can make the room more colorful. Just place it on the empty floor or rather beside the wooden dresser you are using. In this area, your guests can see the mini Christmas tree clearly and of course it will be a different sight for winter home decorations this year. Just try to make it yourself to save more expenses. Silver and Pink Color Mini Christmas Tree from @leladymoon

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Bold Ornament for Christmas Tree

Choosing a Christmas ball with a bold color like red is certainly the best choice to redecorate the design of the Christmas tree that you are currently using. This Christmas tree with spruce leaf material is dominated by green which can be perfected also with a star ornament at the top which has the same color as the Christmas ball you are currently using. Because these Christmas trees are quite small, they are ready to be moved to any room you want. For now, you can put it on top of the dresser in the entryway area so that it is ready to be used as an initial welcome for guests who come to your home. Bold Color Ball Christmas Ornament from @estergram_07

Festive Look Mini Christmas Tree

Take a spruce leaf that is lush to make as a design for a Christmas tree that seems simple and easy to do yourself. What you need to do here is hang some ornaments with different shapes, colors, and sizes. For example, you can hang Christmas balls, beautiful ribbons, snowman ornaments, and hemp rope to hang DIY stars. After everything is installed properly and neatly then you can move it to a place that will be visited by many people as a new scene that never fails too, you can try it right now. Festive Look Mini Christmas Tree Design from @kimmiedeane_heavenat_57

Hallway Mini Christmas Tree Decoration

Do you need early winter decorations in the hallway area? If yes, then consider making a mini Christmas tree design that is dominated by natural materials such as fresh and green pine leaves. To make it look more attractive, you can add glitter Christmas balls that come in a variety of different color combinations. Because of its small size, just perfect the existence of this Christmas tree with some other decorations such as vines and large socks that can be hung on the banister of the stairs adjacent to the mini Christmas tree. See isn’t it very suitable for an initial welcome to your guests. Hallway Mini Christmas Tree Ideas from @ourhallgreenhome

Mini Stockings on the Mini Christmas Tree

Don’t let your greenery Christmas tree design look plain and boring. Decorate back with some decorations that fit the winter theme appropriate this year. Hanging white stockings combined with snowflakes are a combination of beautiful materials or ornaments that you can put together in one Christmas tree design. Furthermore, when you use a jute sack as a planter, don’t forget to decorate it with a red ribbon so that it looks more beautiful, textured, and not too boring. Place it in the kitchen island area as a leading decoration. Mini Stockings on the Mini Christmas Tree from @janeandjady

Farmhouse Look Mini Christmas Tree

A mini Christmas tree with a touch of winter is suitable to be applied in all rooms of your house in any style. Now you can put a mini Christmas tree in the area around the coffee station that can be placed right above the chair so that its presence can look taller. Wrap a crochet scarf on the woven basket planter used for this mini Christmas tree as an accent to accentuate the winter theme. Furthermore, the addition of a string light with warm orange lighting is an additional room lighting that you can use right now for a more dramatic and magical end result. DIY Farmhouse Mini Christmas Tree from @kaitsnest

Gingerbread Mini Christmas Tree

Look at the Christmas tree design this year, isn’t it very interesting and highly recommended to try? Yes, some gingerbread ornaments, red ribbons, and small Christmas balls are a combination that you can hang evenly at a distance that is close enough to make it look more festive. When you are going to make it as one of the focal points of the room, just place it right next to the faux fireplace which has been perfected with a red lantern and red hanging stockings too. In addition to a mini Christmas tree, here there is also a little house as an additional room decoration that can be placed simultaneously in the same room. Gingerbread Mini Christmas Tree from @earthandtreeminiatures

Pine Leaf Mini Christmas Tree

Take advantage of the materials that are around your house to be used as early winter decorations this year. Green and lush pine leaves are one of the material choices that you can use for a natural look that can be placed in all your spaces. So that it doesn’t look too plain, you can hang some ornaments with two different shapes. The shape of the star and love is an option that you can hang using a rope or ribbon of the appropriate length. Just hang this ornament on a Christmas tree branch at a close distance to make it stand out more so that it can look more attractive than other decorations placed around it. Pine Leaf Mini Christmas Tree from @homebird_makes

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Bottle Brush Mini Christmas Tree

Choose and use easy-to-find materials to create a mini Christmas tree design this year. Besides being easy to find, you can also choose and use materials that are hard enough so that they are not easily damaged or easily porous when used for a long period of time. This bottle brush with a choice of the white color is a smart idea that you can combine with a pink Christmas ball so that it can make the Christmas tree design more colorful and more alive. This mini Christmas tree is accompanied by a photo that can give a personalized impression so that it still attracts the attention of anyone who sees it in detail. Bottle Brush Mini Christmas Trees from @iamcathdiaz

Snow Spruce Mini Tree

When you have made a mini Christmas tree this year, finish the outer appearance with a sprinkling of white powder that can be used as a frosting accent and in accordance with the theme of early winter this year. The design of this mini Christmas tree is perfected with a pink ribbon accent that makes it more lively. Its eye-catching appearance can give you a different impression that you can do. This square shape wooden pot that has been repainted in plain white color becomes a container for applying the Christmas tree to make it look more elegant and ready to be used as a decoration in any room. Snow Spruce Mini Christmas Tree from @thebrokebrooke

Mini Christmas Tree with Ribbon Ornament

The red ribbon is one decoration that can be easily applied to your Christmas tree design this winter. Just apply this red ribbon from the top of the Christmas tree to the bottom in a neat and orderly arrangement. Furthermore, this clean white plastic vase gives a modern impression that can be combined with other decorations around it. Just arrange everything according to the design you want for a more satisfying final result. A vase equipped with a handle makes it easy for you to move it to another place. Mini Christmas Tree with Ribbon Ornament from @inspiredbycharm

Magical Mini Christmas Tree Design

You can try this string light coil with orange lighting in the winter vibes Christmas tree section for a dramatic look that you can get instantly. In addition to being more dramatic, the string light that covers this part of the Christmas tree is also able to give a magical impression and can be combined directly with a carving lantern that will present more unique lighting for the room. Pinecones and dried lemon slices are additional ornaments that you can place together with this mini Christmas tree. The wooden DIY bench becomes a container for placing these small decorations to make them look taller and more striking. Magical Mini Christmas Tree Design from @the_rutland_lady

Snow Mini Christmas Tree Design

To perfect the design of this mini Christmas tree, you need to sprinkle a large amount of faux snow so that it looks frozen. When you are going to make this mini Christmas tree as a centerpiece decoration, just assemble it into one piece with a burlap sack which will appear simpler. Sufficient lighting in this dining room makes the Christmas tree decorations look clearer. Christmas ball glitter with silver color is an additional ornament that can be hung using a rope with a length that can be adjusted by yourself. Snow Mini Christmas Tree for Centerpiece from @at_home_with_jessica_rose

Small Traditional Christmas Tree

These three mini Christmas trees of different sizes can be applied to a DIY wooden placemat that you can easily make yourself. Just complete the look of this mini Christmas tree with a Merry Christmas sign made of reclaimed wood so that it looks more vintage. The window sill is the right choice of area to put this decoration so that your guests can see it from inside or outside the room. To make all of this you only need to spend a little money so this decoration is perfect for those of you who want to decorate a room on a budget but still display the best decorations in your home. Small Traditional Christmas Tree from @georgia_home_no.7


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