10 Ideas to Add Red Accent for Your Christmas Home

The red color is known as the Christmas color. With that fact, it will be great if you apply red color as the color scheme for your Christmas home decoration. Basically, applying the red color for the decoration won’t be difficult, especially when the celebration is already near. You can find many of them at the store or you can make some DIY projects to complete your Christmas decoration. For example, you can add a red rug, throw blanket, or cushions to your living room. Everything will be even better if you can find the ones with some Christmas character patterns. Then, you may have the red wreath or garland as the ornaments. If you want, you can even have a red Christmas tree. Here are examples of how you can add a red accent to your authentic Christmas home decoration.

Try it on Using Gnome Ornament

When combined, red and white will combine to create a more inviting room atmosphere. To achieve Christmas living room decorations this year, you can try to put the appropriate ornaments and be dominated by bold red colors. Try using two stuffed gnomes that you can place right behind the couch you’re currently using. Because the sofa you use has an earth tone color, it’s a good idea to complete it with a throw blanket which is dominated by red as well. Try to choose it with a pattern that matches the Christmas theme, for example, you use a throw blanket with a deer pattern. After this red accent has been installed properly, the decoration of this living room will be more festive to welcome your guests or family who come to the house. Red Gnome Ornament from @nonsolocasa2

Christmas Ball Wreath Design

Buy and assemble some Christmas balls that you have at home to make as a Christmas ornament design that you can hang on an empty wall. Because this ornament will be used at Christmas, try to choose and use a Christmas ball that is dominated by a shiny red color. Just make this material as a wreath design that can be combined directly with the evergreen Christmas tree in the corner of the room. This hanging wreath can be used as a statement room because it has a different color and is bolder than the other interiors around it. You can try other additional red colors on some of the use of candle pillars that can be placed right in the console table area and round coffee table in this room. Christmas Ball Wreath Wall Decor from @nilayaa

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Red Accent Christmas Tree Ideas

This Christmas slinger which is used as the main ingredient of this Christmas tree design has a shiny silver color that you can combine directly with some bold red ribbons. This touch of red makes your Christmas tree design more lively and festive. Try to put the Christmas tree in the corner of the room so it doesn’t interfere with your movement because of its large and tall design. These two color schemes will blend beautifully into the other Christmas decorations that surround the room. Not only on the Christmas tree, but you can also try this red accent on the throw blanket which can be applied directly to the sofa with a neutral color so that it will look bolder and ready to be made as a statement for this living room. Red Ribbon and Christmas Ball Decor from @ourhomebb

Festive Look Christmas Garland

If you have a passion for decorating your Christmas-themed home with an abundance of sparkle, then this front porch area might be just the thing for your style. An arch dominated by red and festive materials provides the perfect color contrast when combined directly with the shiplap front porch wall which is dominated by white. This Christmas ball that comes with a striped and plain white pattern will be perfected with a touch of red ribbon with a fairly long size. When you install it right in front of the door, the existence of this arch can be used as a warm and festive welcome for guests who come to the house. Make this arch design yourself according to the design you want. Front Porch Christmas Garland from @reginagustdesigns

Throw Pillow and Blanket on the Sofa

An easy way that you can do to liven up the atmosphere of a white Christmas living room is to include accessories or interiors with a splash of red. Try this red on throw pillows and throw blankets that are applied directly to the white sofa in this room. Pillows and throw blankets in red are suitable as the focal point of the room. Also perfect this living room with a Christmas tree design that is quite large and tall, put it right in the corner of the room so it doesn’t interfere with your space. Because the decoration of this living room is dominated by white shades, the addition of red is a smart choice that you can easily try right now. Throw Pillow and Blanket on the Sofa from @lynnaeraquelhome

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Christmas Stockings Fireplace Decoration

Red accents that are applied in one of the rooms of your house can be used as an early welcome for Christmas celebrations this year. Try using some stockings hanging in the fireplace area so that it will instantly emphasize the Christmas theme. Don’t just use one stocking, try to use it in sufficient quantities so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Hang it right in the fireplace area using nails in a neat arrangement and spacing. These decorative items are easier to get at special Christmas craft stores or you can buy them online at very affordable prices. The Christmas tree stand that is perfected with string light gives a dramatic impression. Red Stockings Fireplace Decoration from @wowilovethat

Red Touch Christmas Living Room

You can try the red accents that are applied to this Christmas living room in several different interiors or accessories. In this way, your living room decoration will feel more attractive, not monotonous and look more alive throughout the day. For the application of this bold color, you can try it on a knitted yarn, curtain and throw blanket placed on a plain white sofa. All the colors in this room will work well together to welcome Christmas this year. The presence of a touch of gold on the string light wrapped around the Christmas tree in the corner of the room adds a warm feel to your living room decor. Get this string light easily at a low price, now you can buy it online so it’s more practical and doesn’t make you complicated. Red Touch Color Interior Living Room from @christmas_trees_inlove

Statement Santa Claus in the Entryway Decor

In addition to adding color to the room, Santa Claus, which is dominated by a combination of red and white colors, can also be used as decoration or decorative items that are very suitable when applied to a Christmas-themed room. Apply this Christmas theme to a room that is often visited by your friends or guests who come to the house so that it can be used as a festive and attention-grabbing initial welcome. For example, you apply to entryway decorations with the use of classic interiors with a touch of shiny gold color. The red color in this Santa Claus ornament is perfected with a matching flower arrangement that you can place right on the console table. You can try all of this to the maximum and perfectly. Santa Claus for Entryway Decoration from @myhomedecor9

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Throw Chunky Blanket Design

Consider applying a Christmas theme in bedroom decorations that are dominated by neutral colors. Here you can enter bold colors such as red to have a contrasting color combination that makes this bedroom not monotonous and very festive. Red is one of the best color choices that is suitable to be tried on the throw blanket to be applied directly to the bed which is lined with plain white bedding. This throw pillow, which is perfected with the words Merry Christmas, can be placed right in the middle of the bedding to enhance the throw pillow with a plaid pattern that has a combination of red and white as well. This flower arrangement under the bed is a sweet finishing touch that you can try. Throw Chunky Blanket Design from @jodie.thedesigntwins

Red Touch Color Curtain Bathroom

To add privacy in your bathroom, it’s a good idea to install a curtain that is wide and long enough. Because this curtain will be installed in a Christmas themed bathroom, you can choose and use it with a choice of red and white colors that are perfected with a plaids pattern. The existence of the red and white curtain is enhanced by a mini Christmas tree placed on the white countertop area. Just make this mini Christmas tree from evergreen material so you can design it yourself easily and cheaply. Don’t forget to end this Christmas bathroom decoration with a wooden merry sign that you can hang on the wall, or rather above the curtain that you install. This curtain adds color to the room while diverting the eye view that is too monotonous and boring. Red Color Dominant Curtain Bathroom from @ourcozycottage


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