15 Decorative Jar Lighting Designs for Your Winter Home Decor

Small decorative lighting in a table, rack, window, or fireplace can be a sweet thing to complete the decoration including for your winter decoration. For small, varied, and affordable decorative lighting, you can choose jar lighting. There are varied shapes and sizes of the jar and you can choose the ones that you like. Then, for the light source itself, there will some choices where you can have a candle, string light, fairy light, bulb, and more. After all, the main point of all of those things is about the accessories and ornaments to be added to decorate the jar. The materials are varied and the focus is on how you can arrange the accessories and ornaments so that you can create such pretty winter decorative lighting. Check the following ideas.

Simple DIY Mason Jar Lantern

Work on an easy DIY project that’s sure to have a touch that’s perfect for this winter season. For example, you can reuse old jars as winter lighting ideas that can be re-decorated with some of the right ornaments. Pinecones, hemp rope and snowy evergreens are a combination that you can try on the lid of this bottle jar with a neat and perfect arrangement. Next, put the white salt snow into the jar along with a candle so that it has an attractive and functional appearance. Besides being able to be used as a decorative item, this DIY mason jar lantern can also be used as additional lighting in a room in a house that needs it. DIY Mason Jar Lantern with Evergreen Decor from @jennyatdapperhouse

Candle Light Jars with Winter Decoration

Candlelight jars with a winter look can be completed with snowy accents on the outer surface of these jars. The surface of this jar is coated with a white lace fabric which adds an elegant impression and will certainly never go out of style. The candle pillar that is inserted into this glass jar can be seen from the outside because it has a transparent surface. Not quite up here, you can also decorate the top of the jar with pinecones and evergreens that have been attached to a small hemp rope. After you have the perfect look, you can place it as a dining table decoration, this Christmas ball with a bold red color makes the white table surface look more alive. Candle Light Jars with Winter Decoration from @moemax_de

Dramatic Glass Jar Winter Scene Lighting

Lighting with this gold color gives a warm impression and is very suitable when used as an early winter welcome this year. For now, you can try it directly on a winter jar lighting that you can decorate to the maximum so that it can also be used as one of the focal points of the room. So that this mason jar lighting doesn’t look too plain, then you can insert a white mini Christmas tree that is perfected with string light accents that can be obtained easily and cheaply. A kitchen countertop area is an important place and you can put this lighting jar here together with an evergreen garland that frames the glass window area in your kitchen decor. Glass Jar Winter Scene Lighting from @danslelakehouse

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Snowy Salt Mason Jar Lighting Ideas

Are you going to reuse old jars as winter jar lighting this year? If so, then you can wash it first so that it has a clean and shiny surface. The next decoration you can do is to coat the winter jar with snowy salt accents which can be applied using adhesive glue so that it sticks more firmly and doesn’t come off easily from the jar when used throughout this winter. Finish off this winter jar look with a snowflake pattern of more than one white color so that it covers the entire surface of the jar evenly. Just turn on this jar lighting according to the room lighting you need, yellow lighting is the best choice to give a warm feeling that you can get instantly. Snowy Salt Mason Jar Lighting Ideas from @domesticheights

Winter Wonderland Jar Lighting

Two to four mini bottlebrush Christmas trees that are inserted into this mason jar can be perfected with lighting accents so that their presence in a room will be more multifunctional. This Christmas tree ornament combined with a fairly large village presents a wonderland theme in the jar lighting that is used today. Put everything neatly in order to have a more eye-catching look. The size is not too big, making it easy for you to move it to another place when needed. Don’t put this winter jar lighting in a room that is often visited by your guests or family so that it can be used as a different view and at the same time you can show off the DIY work that you do yourself. Winter Wonderland Jar Lighting from @andy91164

Glitter Snowflake for Jar Lighting Decor

The snowflake accent that will be applied to the surface of the winter jar lighting should have a more attractive surface so it doesn’t look plain and boring. For example, you can choose and install snowflake glitter so that it has a more sparkly surface. Just put these snowflake accents on the outer surface of the lighting jar in a neat and even arrangement, they come in a variety of different sizes so they are very varied. White lighting is a smart choice that you can use, because winter jar lighting will work better when the atmosphere in the room starts to feel glassy, so it adds lighting that is very easy to use as needed. Glitter Snowflake for Jar Ligting Decor from @lucyslovelylife9

DIY Winter Candle Jar Design

One of the advantages that you can get when making your own winter candle jar lighting at home is that you can design it yourself according to what is expected. Now you can try using a 3D butterfly pattern to decorate the outer surface of this lighting jar. Place it in a room that is used to relax as additional lighting that gives a warm impression. When you fill this jar with aromatherapy candles, its presence will function more, apart from being additional lighting, it can also be used as aromatherapy to make your rest or relaxing day more relaxed. Get this 3D butterfly online, and install it using strong adhesive glue. DIY Winter Candle Jar Design from @dostidecordrama

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Snowflake and Pinecone Lighting Design

Look at the transparent glass mason jar that is perfected with this winter decorative item, doesn’t it look interesting and a must-try? Just try it with a simple look and here you can decorate the lighting jar according to the budget you have. The initial decoration that you can do is to fill the mason jar with snowflake ornaments, pinecones, salt snowy, village lighting and string light accents to complete the overall appearance. Arrange all these winter ornaments in a mason jar in a neat arrangement to have a more attractive final appearance. The village accent here also brings orange lighting that adds an instant warm impression. Just put this winter lighting jar in one of the areas frequently visited by your guests. Snowflake and Pinecone Lighting Design from @hey.its.andie

Mini Winter DIY Project Lighting

Candles are a winter favorite. You can make it a more attractive display by putting it in a mini jar but having a fairly high size. For the right winter decoration, you can use white sand and some medium sized pinecones. The presence of white sand accents makes the candle pillar higher. After that you can place it on the dining table which will be used as additional lighting that gives a warm feel to your home room. This pinecones accent can be obtained easily in the backyard garden without having to buy it so it saves more on your budget, you can try it now easily. Mini Winter DIY Project Candle Lighting from @home_decor_and_living

Winter Village Scene Jar Lighting

One of my favorite DIY dining table decoration ideas for winter is to make a beautiful village scene jar lighting. This DIY project is great for making a wooden dining table look more eye-catching. Just put this village scene jar lighting on a round tray surrounded by pinecone ornaments, mint leaves and a beautiful textured ceramic vase. After everything has been arranged properly and optimally, you can make it a centerpiece decoration that is suitable for a touch of the winter theme. Just use this jar lighting when the weather in the room starts to feel cold or starts to look dark. Winter Village Scene Jar Lighting from @acton.life.and.home

Little Transparent Glass Jar Lighting

This rustic look candle in a mini glass jar makes a lovely accent for this year’s winter décor. The existence of almost any room requires festive holiday lighting. When you are going to make it as a centerpiece decoration, you can make more than one decorative lighting jar so that it can be made as a statement in one of the rooms of your house. Pinecones and red berries that are applied to the top surface of this glass jar become a natural decoration that is very appropriate when used when winter arrives. The snowy salt in this transparent glass jar adds the perfect winter color. Glass Jar Lighting with Pinecones Decor from @michizinha

Cool Christmas Tree and Rabbit Decoration

Not only using a mason jar with a transparent white color, for now you can try it with other colors such as blue for a more unique and different winter jar lighting look. To emphasize the touch of winter, you can insert two mini Christmas trees made of bottlebrush material so that they have a stiffer surface and make it easier for you to put them in this jar. Before this mini Christmas tree is inserted, you can add a layer of white salt snow which is perfected with a cute and adorable rabbit ornament. The main lighting used in this jar lighting is a string light so it has a low price. When this string light is turned on, the resulting lighting is a blue color which seems very cool. DIY Winter Jar with Christmas Tree and Rabbit Design from @reverdailleurs

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Modern Look Winter Jar Lighting

Raindeer is one of the best patterns that you can try to emphasize the winter theme in a jar lighting that can be used right now. Just make this pattern with a large size so that it can cover the lighting jar as a whole. So that the final look you get is not too plain, you can add a snowflake patterned ribbon accent and two jingle bells with vintage gold color. These two additional ornaments will work well together and of course add a charming texture to your winter jar lighting. String light with white lighting is the lighting idea of choice that you can easily put in this large enough glass jar. Modern Winter Jar Lighting with Reindeer Pattern from @przedszkolneinspiracje.pl

Snowy DIY Winter Jar with Natural Accent

A candle pillar that is inserted into this mason jar will be one of the winter lightings that adds a warm feel to the room around it. Because this mason jar lighting will be used in winter, the addition of a snowy accent on the outer surface of the jar is a smart idea that you can do right now. Apply this snowy salt thoroughly with a fairly thick size. Next, a slice of citrus and cinnamon is added as a natural garnish that you can apply to the top of this jar using a piece of hemp rope which is quite sturdy. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also put this mason jar lighting on a wood coaster slice so it’s easier to move and of course, your hands are also protected from the heat of the outer surface of the jar lighting that is used. Snowy Winter Jar with Slice Citrus and Cinnamon from @these_reveries

Beautiful Handmade Winter Jar Ideas

No need to buy winter jar lighting this year, now you can make your own with materials you already have in your home. The surface of the mason jar which is coated with snowy white accents can be perfected with a medium-sized village, tree and snowflake pattern. All patterns that are applied try to have harmony and suitability with a touch of winter. Then select and use only candle lighting to produce warmer and more charming lighting. After everything is installed properly and perfectly then you can put it in a room that is often visited by your guests so that it can be used as a beautiful different view. Handmade Winter Jar Ideas from @simonsnightmare

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