10 Best Living Room Decor with Fireplace for a Cozy Winter

When people ask about which room is the most important to be added with the fireplace, then the answer will be the living room. It is true that the living room is not a private room, but it always becomes the room where you can enjoy the moment together with your loved ones. Anyway, if you have a fireplace in your living room, there are things that you should consider to prepare the fireplace during winter. It won’t be only about the function but also for the decoration so that your fireplace can be used to beautify your living room decoration at once. Related to winter decorations, you can use the evergreen garland or wreath that will characterize the winter really well. Then, you can also use candles, snowflakes, and more. For the detailed decoration arrangement, you can see the following references.

White Themed Winter Living Room Ideas

You can complete the nuances of a winter living room that is dominated by white color with the use of the right interior and furniture. Try to have a fireplace design in this room as one of the interior options that can warm the room when the weather in this area feels colder. In this living room you can also gather with family or visiting guests. The fireplace design that has been painted in white is complemented by a wooden mantle decorated with an evergreen garland that is still green and fresh. Turn on the fireplace only when you need it. The existence of candlesticks and candle lanterns in the fireplace area is the right lighting idea and of course brings a warm feel too, choose and use more than one for maximum. White Themed Winter Living Room from @homeonspringwood

Classic Look Winter Fireplace Design

This fireplace design with a square shaped appearance is perfected with a classic style that gives a more eye-catching finish. Because the look of this fireplace has a classic style, you can combine it with matching furniture, for example, you can choose an ottoman table and chairs made of brown synthetic leather. The existence of a fireplace in this winter living room adds a warm feel that can be obtained according to the needs of the room’s warmth. Don’t forget to add some additional warm fabrics to be used as blanket accents that can be applied on chairs and sofas. Finish this living room with a rug layered in a bohemian pattern with a touch of neutral. Classic Look Winter Fireplace Design from @inhouse_inspiration

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Warm Living Room with Stone Fireplace

An easy way that you can do to warm your winter living room is to add a fireplace as an interior that will work well this season. This stone fireplace design has a harder surface and is certainly not easily porous when used for a long period of time. In addition, the stone material used also adds a natural feel that you can combine directly with the mini evergreen Christmas tree in the wooden beams area of ​​the fireplace. Put a few pieces of firewood into this fireplace for preparations that you can do before this fireplace is used. You can try this fireplace design right now. The neutral color in this fireplace design will also make it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around it. Simple Living Room with Stone Fireplace from @dining_delight

Modern Farmhouse Winter Fireplace

The fireplace is one of the important interiors that must be owned in a house with a winter theme. Currently you can apply a fireplace design to a room that is often visited by your guests so that it can be used more optimally when you gather together. Its modern design with a layer of plain white paint adds an elegant impression that will never fail. So that it doesn’t look too boring, you can add a coat decoration with a small evergreen garland which is perfected with pinecones ornaments. Finish this winter fireplace design with a canvas painting with a deer pattern that is large and wide enough to be used as a statement room. Having a coffee table placed right in front of the fireplace is a furniture idea that you can complete with sofas and chairs around it. Modern Farmhouse Winter Fireplace from @velveteenandgrace

Traditional Vibes Living Room and Fireplace

Pay attention to the layout of your fireplace in the winter living room decoration so that it can function better and optimally. Here you can apply a traditional theme by using wood in the fireplace design that is used. Furthermore, some of this wood can be repainted with white which will give an elegant impression. Some decorations are also needed so as not to give a monotonous and boring look. Here you can use a chair with velvet material that has been perfected with a throw blanket with a plaids pattern. The velvet material used has a softer and warmer surface so it is highly recommended to try. Small ornaments in the form of gold reindeer, mini DIY Christmas tree and two garland beads and white pom-poms are the finishing touches that will perfectly decorate the fireplace mantle. Traditional Living Room and Fireplace from @sheamausserdesigns

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Simple Look Vintage Winter Living Room

Look at the evergreen garland design which is equipped with string light accents, doesn’t it look unique and attract attention? Yes, you can hang it right in the area around the fireplace as a decoration that will never fail. When this fireplace design is in the winter living room, its existence can be made as a room statement that is able to make the room temperature feel more comfortable, warm and dramatic. Not only garland, but here you can also hang some knitted stockings with a fairly thick material. Furthermore, the lighting in the room, which is dominated by orange tones, gives a dramatic and romantic impression, you can copy this winter’s living room decoration right now. The use of a brick fireplace and brown leather chairs gives a touch of vintage and classic themes at the same time. Vintage Style Living Room with Fireplace Look from @christmasmaniac

Shabby Chic Black and White Living Room

The black and white that dominates this winter’s living room provides a shabby chic finish that will never fail to try all year round. Although this living room decoration looks simple, you can maximize its comfort by using a fireplace design that is dominated by a harmonious color, namely white. To emphasize the winter theme in this room, you can hang a winter bunting right in front of the fireplace along with an evegreen garland design and several mini Christmas trees with more than one number. This fireplace area can be used as a new focal point in your room and of course will be a different view that will be of maximum benefit. You can try a rug layer with a bohemian pattern as an additional pattern so that this living room doesn’t look too plain and boring. Shabby Chic Winter Living Room Decor from @thethriftedcottage

Modern and Minimalist Winter Style

The living room is a room that is used to gather with family during winter or other seasons, therefore in this room you can decorate it optimally and of course with the right selection of furniture or interior. The existence of a fireplace in this room is very much needed as an accent to warm the room temperature so that it has a fairly stable temperature. Right in front of this fireplace you can arrange a sofa or chair as a sitting area that can be used by anyone who wants to relax or rest with a warmer room temperature. It’s not enough to stop here, so that this fireplace design has a more modern and minimalist final look, you can repaint it with plain white, then the fireplace mantle can be decorated with a snowy evergreen garland and several candlesticks of various different sizes. You can try it easily and lively. Modern and Minimalist Style from @thewhitesnextdoor

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Brick Fireplace for Neutral Living Room Decor

The vintage impression can be obtained instantly when you apply it to some interior parts in the winter living room. Because this winter cannot be separated from the presence of a fireplace, this vintage look can only be applied to this heating accent section. This fireplace which is dominated by shabby chic colored bricks can be completed with a mantle decoration that can be completed with a few candle pillars, an evergreen garland and a small wreath that is hung on the wall. Next to the fireplace in the winter area of the living room, there is an empty area that you can use to put a storage ladder that can be used to hang some blankets so that this room still looks neat and organized. Brick Fireplace for Neutral Living Room from @thefrugalhomemaker

Combination of Fireplace with Faux Fur Fabric

The fireplace design that is applied in the living room does not seem to provide maximum warmth when you don’t add some throw blankets that can be placed on the chair or sofa that is used in this room. Not only blankets and fireplaces, here you can also add some throw pillows as additional heating accents that make your sitting area more comfortable to use throughout the day because it has a soft and soft surface. When you have a fireplace design that is dominated by plain white, then you can add a decorative item that can be hung right on the wall above this fireplace. Deer antlers with natural wood materials can be made yourself so that it saves more on the budget. A blanket with faux fur and woven yarn is the right choice that can be used this winter. Combination of Fireplace with Faux Fur Blanket from @templeandwebster

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