8 Small Indoor Garden Ideas for Fascinating Room Design

For people who live in a small apartment or house, having a garden is only on their dream. The best way to have plants is only by creating indoor garden. Exploring each empty space as an indoor garden can improve your room decoration. Just get ready to prepare some pebbles, pots, or stones that usually used to create small indoor garden. Look at these eight small indoor garden ideas;

8 Sophisticated Mantel Decor Ideas For All Season

Nowadays, any part of a room can be design into more awesome look, included just mantel fire place. Give some accessories just like mirror, arts, or even, wallpaper to upgrade fire place decoration. Furthermore, it makes this room more comfortable to take a rest after long day work. Have chit chat will all family or just sitting in front of fire place at winter will be more adorable. See further mantel decor ideas that will be great for all season as follow;

8 Fantastic Cooking Space Designs With Colorful Painting

Colorful kitchen will directly recharge your energy. This cooking space triggers your spirit to face any activities today. Furthermore, bright color always looks mind blowing. However, pay attention to mix and match the colors without make it becomes crowded. Let see these colorful cooking space ideas for further inspirations; Yellow Rustic Farmhouse This cooking space looks bright with… Read More »