Author: Toni Setyobudi

20 Creative DIY Classroom Extra Storage Ideas by Using the Recycled Material to be Environmentally Friendly

Interior Design • 44 Comments

Students will feel bored with a monotonous classroom, so, in order to create a room that is more ch…
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20 Affordable Small Apartment Decoration Ideas to Give You a Cozy Living


As we want to have more available space, we have to save the space in order to maximize the minimal…
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20 Mesmerizing Ceiling Ideas with Some Pattern and Lighting to Beautify Your Home Interior Design

Interior Design • 49 Comments

The ceiling also has a function in beautifying a room. There are 2 important things that must be co…
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56 Luxurious Yet Sturdy Teak Wood Furniture for Your Timeless Home Decoration

Furniture, Interior Design • One Comment

We all surely expect durable furniture for our house. Some interior designers give opinion that tea…
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21 Unique Curtain Ideas to be Applied in Certain Home Styles

Interior Design

You may think that curtain is only something common that doesn’t have any potential to bring certai…
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45 Timeless Furniture Trends You Must Have to Decorate Your Home

Furniture • 50 Comments

In selecting the right furniture, you have to consider the theme or concept of your home, whether i…
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20 Easy Boho Touch for Your Summer Home Decoration

Home Decoration • 45 Comments

In decorating parts of the house, first, you have to prepare the concept that you want to apply the…
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57 Affordable Garden Redesign Ideas to Welcome The Delight of Summer

Garden and Exterior • 166 Comments

It was a good deal of work, but definitely well worth it. You are able to use anything you chance t…
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