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24 Garden Landscape Ideas: English Garden

Garden and Exterior • 226 Comments

Not only the interior house design that has various styles, but a garden landscape also has its own…
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21 Things to Do Before Planning a Garden Landscape

Garden and Exterior • 91 Comments

Planning a garden landscape should involve research, preparation, and a team of worker that will ma…
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25 Easy Garden Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

Garden and Exterior • 18 Comments

Doing the garden landscaping shouldn’t be a hassle at all. The process can also be inexpensive once…
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24 Dreamy Ideas for Boho Patio Dining Rooms

Garden and Exterior • 920 Comments

Bring your dinner party to the outdoor by making a boho dining room in the patio. You can have a se…
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25 Small Outdoor Patio Ideas to Transform the Space

Garden and Exterior • 10 Comments

A small outdoor patio can sometimes limit your options in furniture and other additions enriching t…
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24 Ideas to Try for a Cool Outdoor Fireplace

Garden and Exterior • 614 Comments

Besides placing it indoors, an outdoor firepit is also an excellent addition for those who love to …
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The 22 Elements in Designing a Garden Landscape

Garden and Exterior • 1,356 Comments

The best landscape garden design ideas are not only about composing plants, but also planning its w…
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23 Garden Landscape Idea: Zen Garden

Garden and Exterior • 1,864 Comments

Boost the appearance of your garden by applying Zen-inspired landscape garden design ideas.
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22 Summer Flower to Brighten Your Cottage Garden Ideas

Garden and Exterior • 951 Comments

Summer is time for bright colors. Add vibrant highlight to your cottage garden ideas with these sum…
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22 Easy and Unique DIY Wooden Fence Designs

Garden and Exterior • 397 Comments

DIY fence can be amazing, especially if you’ve had fun making one. To help keep the excitement aliv…
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21 Cute and Creative Terrarium Ideas

Garden and Exterior, Home Decoration • 697 Comments

You can invest more effort and creativity to make your personal miniature garden even more beautifu…
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21 Garden Landscape Idea: Butterfly Garden

Garden and Exterior • 643 Comments

A butterfly garden is one of the most excellent landscape garden design ideas that integrate the ri…
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Bonkei and Saikei, Japanese Garden Landscape Art

Garden and Exterior • 1,072 Comments

Gardening can also be in the form of art. Bonkei and saikei are some of mini landscape garden idea…
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20 Ways to Deal with Rocky Soil on Your Garden Landscape

Garden and Exterior • 390 Comments

Having rocky soil can be tricky. Still, there are garden drainage ideas and planting tips that you …
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16 Tips in Creating a Garden Landscape for Small Front Yard

Garden and Exterior • 635 Comments

It is not hard to work with a small front yard. With the right layout and a good choice of plants, …
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