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21 Cute and Creative Terrarium Ideas

Garden and Exterior, Home Decoration • 58 Comments

You can invest more effort and creativity to make your personal miniature garden even more beautifu…
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21 Garden Landscape Idea: Butterfly Garden

Garden and Exterior • 182 Comments

A butterfly garden is one of the most excellent landscape garden design ideas that integrate the ri…
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Bonkei and Saikei, Japanese Garden Landscape Art

Garden and Exterior • 152 Comments

Gardening can also be in the form of art. Bonkei and saikei are some of mini landscape garden idea…
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20 Ways to Deal with Rocky Soil on Your Garden Landscape

Garden and Exterior • 162 Comments

Having rocky soil can be tricky. Still, there are garden drainage ideas and planting tips that you …
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16 Tips in Creating a Garden Landscape for Small Front Yard

Garden and Exterior • 77 Comments

It is not hard to work with a small front yard. With the right layout and a good choice of plants, …
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Here’s How to Make Your Porch Look Elegant

Garden and Exterior • 98 Comments

Outdoor experience is what porch is all about. Enhance the experience and make your house look more…
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Modern Rustic Decor for Your Garden: Tips for Beginners

Garden and Exterior • 109 Comments

Who says that your garden can’t implement modern rustic decor? With these simple tips, that green a…
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8 Main Things to Consider for Your Proper Garden Decoration

Garden and Exterior • 134 Comments

The existence of a garden at home would make the air around cooler. However, making a cozy garden d…
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21 Nifty Yet Functional Garden Path Ideas

Garden and Exterior • 2 Comments

In case you want to have the perfect cozy garden decoration, make sure that you provide the garden …
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20 Enticing Water Fountain Designs for Your Garden

Garden and Exterior • 60 Comments

The fountain is one form of the existence of the element of water in a minimalist home. Furthermore…
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21 Pretty Creative Outdoor Planter Ideas for Your Garden

Garden and Exterior • 112 Comments

An attractive home garden is not only seen from the accessories and designs, but also from various …
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50 Cozy Garden Decoration Ideas to Chill

Garden and Exterior • 281 Comments

Having a garden is such a blessing since not all people have the chance to have caused by the limit…
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30 Stand Out Porch Decoration Ideas this Winter

Garden and Exterior • 68 Comments

The terrace is the part of the house that guests first see and visit. So we have to decorate the te…
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20 Decent Outdoor Winter Hot Tub Design Ideas

Garden and Exterior • 138 Comments

Soaking in an outdoor hot tub is a very enjoyable activity. Especially in winter, soaking in hot wa…
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24 Going Classic: Start with These Vintage Garden Designs Now

Garden and Exterior • 75 Comments

It’s time for a little bit of old-school feeling right in your garden. Take your chance now with th…
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