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Having blooming houseplants are another great ideas to add beauty of nature inside the house, especially if they have good fragrance. But you need to know how to take care of your plants, so they will grow well at home. For example, never tip tea and coffee into plant containers especially if it contain of sugar. The sugar left in the compost make it an ideal breeding ground for flies. 

Recycling something that you already have is always more satisfying than buying the new one. With that in mind, we bring you these 8 creative and innovative gardening ideas using old windows below. One of the coolest aspects of it is the often startling contrast and surprise they bring to the nominally green space of yours. When glass, mirrors, or simply angular frames are juxtaposed with natural surroundings, the resulting imagery can be striking.

Decorating your garden is a fun way to do. With the right decoration, whether it is big or small, bold or subtle, it is akin to accessorizing with jewelry. Again, it is so fun and can completely enhance appearances. When choosing to accessorize your garden, first you have to think about just what types of items you will want to see. Color, shape and size are all important considerations. The options are endless, so check out these 8 unique and playful garden decoration ideas to grab everyone’s attention below to spice up your garden space. Enjoy!

Garden needs a beautiful decoration. Even if you only have a small space of garden, worry not, only with a few steps and re-purposed stuff, you still can decorate your garden; flower tower. Flower tower is one of brilliant way to brighten up your space. It can be put inside or outside of the house. It is a great way to add some color, and the height really helps you maximize your space and they’re perfect for those who have smaller yards or who don’t want to spend a lot of time caring for a big garden. Check out these 8 flower tower ideas to brighten up your space below. 

Allergy sufferers have to be more careful while planting a flower. They have to consider whether or not the flower will cause allergy effect such hay fever, sneezing, nausea, or even itchy. Furthermore, they have to choose the flower that will not make them allergy. However, those flowers should make their garden looks inviting as well. Take a look at the flowers below that are save for allergy sufferers; Purple Columbine Flowers Columbine comes with its beauty color of purple, blue, or pink. This flower has much pollen. However, no need to worry because the bird and insect will take them into flipped back spurs. So, you will be save from nausea. Coleus Anand Purohit With colorful leaves, this flower gives your more than beauty. Feel free to choose as indoor or outdoor plant. Further, don’t forget to give it more water and sunlight to keep it grows well. It…

Why not creating something for children that will make them happy? Just like build a treehouse for them at your backyard. However, it needs large space to build a treehouse for children. Then, you have to spend more budget and time, but you will get amazing result. They will enjoy the time playing at treehouse with useful activities. Take a look further at wooden tree house designs below;

Wood pallet help used for any indoor or outdoor decoration. Not only because it easy to find but also less budget. So, some people use wood pallet to decorate their home easily. However, you need to show your creativity to use wood pallet to avoid monotonous outdoor decoration. Beautiful Summer Outdoor Pallet Bench DIY Improve your outdoor living by a beautiful pallet bench. Paint with some colors to make it look more eye-grabbing. Moreover, give some pillows will make this bench more interesting. See how beautiful sunset this morning at the bench with your spouse. Beautiful Planter Box Planter box looks great for small garden space. Put it under the window to have beautiful view every time you open it. Moreover, it helps you who want to have garden but don’t have any place to plant flowers. Wood Pallet Garden Cart Show your cabbages, pumpkins, or any kind of fruit…

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